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Hypocrisy in Trump's Immigration Policy

Updated on March 9, 2018
Back in 1998
Back in 1998
The infamous swimsuit shoot, a high point in her career
The infamous swimsuit shoot, a high point in her career

The Trump presidency is full of hypocrisy. His nature is to say one thing, yet mean something else. So, it should be no surprise that even the immigration policy President Trump seems to want has hypocrisy also.

The First Lady

Melania Trump, America's first lady, formerly Melania Knauss, also had to deal with the American immigration policies and paperwork back in 2000. This Slovenian model with piercing eyes was dating Donald Trump back then. She was no supermodel or a person with gifted abilities or remotely famous. She was just a model going to shoots and earning a living. Yet, she was granted a Green Card in 2001 based on the EB-1 visa. She had modeled for Camel cigarettes and her major gig was in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in a string bikini hugging a whale. Her sponsor was Donald Trump.

The EB-1 Visa

One can call this visa the "best of the best" visas. Called the "extraordinary ability" visa, it is for those truly famous world renowned researchers or teachers, Oscar winning actresses with world acclaim, and those who are truly well known or have extraordinary abilities. Thus, just how Melania Knauss got a Green Card using this category (because she does not have extraordinary abilities) begs this question of many now debating the immigration policy.

According to the Washington Post, in 2001, only five EB-1 visas were granted to people from Solvenia, Melania Trump was one of them! And, of the one million visas issued that year, only 3376 were of this EB-1 visa, making many asking questions about just how did she get a Green Card under this visa type and within one year. Many visas and Green Cards take years to get.

While Trump's attorney, Wildes, states that Melania was fully qualified for the EB-1, current and former immigration officials who have seen Melania's 2001 resume, differ. As they state, there is nothing that would meet the stringent requirements for the visa in her background.

EB-1 Requirements

An immigrant has to provide evidence of a major award or meet at least three out of 10 criteria. Among them: evidence of commercial successes in the performing arts, evidence of work displayed at artistic exhibitions and evidence of original contributions to a field. How would modeling fit in?? One could say performing arts or artistic exhibitions, but was she really that exceptional winning awards? Did she contribute to the modeling world? Worse, not more than 2% of those in their field would qualify for the EB-1, according to immigration experts.

And, what of Melania's parents who now have permanent residence status in America? Most likely, it was through "chain migration" which is much faster because family members can obtain it through family members. In this case, once Melania got it, she petitioned for her parents. The funny thing is, President Trump has said he is determined to stop "chain migration", for all the Mexicans and others.

Melania's parents seem to have got permanent status by 2007 and residing in of all places, Mar-a-Lago, the president's second White House! More ironic is that Melania's parents were not rich. In Slovenia, Viktor Knavs, now 73, worked as a chauffeur and car salesman. Amalija Knavs, now 71, was a pattern maker at a textile factory.

So, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that through inner dealings of some sort, Donald Trump sponsored his GF in 2000 using the EB-1 status, which she did not have the status for. Yet, a year later or so, she obtains permanent status because of the Trump connection. To make matters worse, they were not even married then, which would have been easier. It just sounds all a bit suspicious and privileged.

Such hypocrisy from President Trump and his White House.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 6 weeks ago from Orange County California

      Perry A

      Is obsessed with something that may or may not have happened in 2005 before Trump was president.


      What crime has dropped?

      Most crimes are not reported to police, and most reported crimes are not solved. In its annual survey, BJS asks victims of crime whether they reported that crime to police. In 2016, only 42% of the violent crime tracked by BJS was reported to police. And in the much more common category of property crime, only about a third (36%) was reported. There are a variety of reasons crime might not be reported, including a feeling that police “would not or could not do anything to help” or that the crime is “a personal issue or too trivial to report,” according to BJS.

      Most of the crimes that are reported to police, meanwhile, are not solved, at least using an FBI measure known as the “clearance rate.” That’s the share of cases each year that are closed, or “cleared,” through the arrest, charging and referral of a suspect for prosecution. In 2016, police nationwide cleared 46% of violent crimes that were reported to them. For property crimes, the national clearance rate was 18%.

      Using Parkland as an example, the local and FBI law enforcement isn't doing their job. And CA recycles convicted felons by keeping them from being deported.

      And do we really want people from south of Mexico to invade the country. While Mexico doesn't want them, why should we get them.?

      Gangs like Guatamala's MS 13 came in through our open border, and now they are infesting Long Island NY.

      To just get into the MS13 gang the candidate has to Kill.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 6 weeks ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      "Trump’s demagoguery about immigration has completely ignored the realities that crime has been falling for decades and the undocumented population leveled off years ago." The Brookings Institute, April 6, 2018

      So why are we about to spend millions of dollars and waste the time and resources of the National Guard?

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 months ago

      The thought that Trump was able to get his then GF perm residence using EB-1 raises all sorts of question about how did he do it? Trump now admits he did have an affair with Stormy Daniels via arbitration, when he always lied about it just before the 2016 election. His character is dishonest and deceitful. I regret ever voting for him.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 months ago from Orange County California


      And none of this is current, and none of it is about president Trump, is it?

      It is like the people quoting from the bible a 2000 year old document.

      Perhaps, you should question the George W Bush presidency to see why it was allowed to happen?


    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 months ago from Orange County California


      You are going to stick with Melania versus millions of illegal aliens, and then they want to bring in the rest of their family. And also millions of Muslim refugees all of these unvetted.

      And costing the country and the states billions of dollars.

      Melania didn't cost the country a dime.

      There is a major difference in magnitude.

      And it was all legal for Melania.

      Trump wasn't president when he did it for her, was he?

      The immigration system under Obama wasn't enforced, and yet the democrats don't like the merit system.

      And how many people have been killed or injured because of the illegal alien crossing an open border, that is OK by the democrats because they want them to vote.

      And don't say that many of them don't vote, because in California with is 38 million people doesn't allow voters to provide a valid photo ID. In fact, we allow illegal aliens to get driver licenses, and Gov Brown will also give them sanctuary when they commit a felony, so they won't be deported.

      Still sticking with your Anti Trump story?

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 months ago

      Trump supporters tend to look the other way for all the deceit and bad behavior and feel that whatever good he does, is better. There should be no reason why Melania got an, EB-1 visa. The question is how did she get it and how did Trump influence this. This is a perfect example that shows how the immigration system is corrupt and unfair.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 months ago from Orange County California


      With the tens of millions of illegal aliens, and the millions of Muslim refugees not only let into the country but given free education, free medical, welfare, even voting privileges, not to mention that many of the illegal aliens became felons. You are writing this about a visa.

      What is your point, millions of unvetted illegals and Muslim refugees against Slovania.

      Kind of ridiculous, and that was 17 years ago. What have you found during his presidency?

      You are truly the Anti Trumper.

      del if u wish

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Good, Trump is a wheeler-dealer and its known to all. Its about time he was sacked as US president. America deserves someone better.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 2 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      We have a president who has never paid attention to laws....why are immigrants held to a higher standard?

    • GoldenRod LM profile image

      John R Wilsdon 2 months ago from Superior, Arizona USA

      To some extent, I think the United States teaches immigrants that they don't have to pay attention to the law. By not enforcing immigration law for so many years, we have the unintended (or intended) consequence of massive illegal immigration. The problem with all of this is that newly arrived illegal immigrants learn that the law is to be avoided.

      Another issue is immigrants from repressive regimes. Life in those places requires that a person "fiddle" in order to survive. So I think one might classify the tendency to look at law as something irrelevant as cultural. Sad to say, it's a big problem, especially in a wealthy nation founded on law and order.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 2 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      So what do we do when the president is a hater???

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 2 months ago from Canada

      Cape Wind Girl---Which part of anything I said here makes you say "And it's fine with you"? Where did you get this idea that I am taking Trump's side? Read again and be careful what you pin on people---because I have been talking about ALL haters, those against Trump and against ANYBODY ELSE.

      This political emotionalism, as I stated elsewhere, is stemming from people's personal issues which they project in their political favoritism. Small wonder, when even I get accused of beliefs which I never expressed, as that hate just needs an outlet, and anyone is a convenient target. That takes away any further sense of a fair exchange of opinions, so I have nothing further to say in this matter.

    • Readmikenow profile image

      Readmikenow 2 months ago

      Well, if everyone immigrated to the United States using the laws of the land like Melania, we'd have less immigration headaches. Melania's father may not be rich, but his son-in-law is certainly rich. I am always amazed how those on the left can't seem to comprehend there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigrants get to stay, illegal immigrants who have broken US immigration law, have to go. The law abiding stay, the law breakers go. I can tell you immigration to the US is not easy, it takes time and money, but it's not that difficult either. Why illegal immigrants don't go to their country or origin, contact the US Embassy there and start the process legally is beyond me.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 2 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Problem is, this president and this first lady indulge in that hate....spread those conspiracies.

      And it is fine with you.

      Birtherism, Crooked Hillary....sound familiar?

      His kid was pizzagate and obama created isis.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 2 months ago from Canada

      I find it greatly amusing how some people suddenly "know" so much about the private lives of their political figures. Somebody starts a rumor and before you know it---a whole bunch of haters happily take it for a fact.

      Like they are Immigration officials who personally handled Melania's legal status in America. Which reminds me of stories about Hillary "being a member of a sinister cult", and Obama "falsifying his birth certificate".

      Boy, when you people hate---you really hate, and there is no limit to what you will say out of that hate. Even your print and TV won't stop at any fabricated information just to drag someone's name through mud. Your "freedom of speech" really knows no boundaries.

      And, as for those "separated families"---what did they expect when they illegally entered the USA? Why America, or any other country for that matter, needs borders if anyone can walk in and out illegally ---and then be proclaimed "victims of government's cruelty" when told to go back?

      Does it take a rocket scientist to figure how there are laws to be obeyed? And then again---Melania's "illegal" status in America should be investigated and made public by immigration officials, not by private citizens who are just ranting and ranting, making up stories---like the one about little Baron being "mentally ill", or all that other INDECENT crap targeting the president, Hillary, Obama, or anyone else in your political arena.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 2 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Decency? Decency would be to deport her, like he's deporting fathers away from their children, and separating moms from their kids.

      Decency would be NOT saying it's ok for me, not for you.

      And, btw, before she got her hb1, Melania worked on a visit visa, which is also not allowed.

      I guess because she's not Mexican or Haitian, it's ok?

      Please...she is also staying with a cheater, and called his accusers liars...wasnt Hillary Clinton vilified for that?

      The problem is double standards, special treatment, and decades of vilifying people for doing what you do.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 2 months ago from Canada

      Perrya---No one can object to your right to dislike your president's policies---however, would you explain what you have against the First Lady's policies?

      Now, please, don't say it has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with your right to approve or disapprove Donald Trump's choice of his wife. You would never go so low as to badmouth a woman who is in no way affecting your life, right? Or even put down her family some ten thousand miles away.

      It would be like seeing something "mentally wrong" in the behavior of a 10 year old boy looking tired of a long and extremely stressful inauguration procedure. What objective and fair political commenter would ever resort to such low blows of ridiculing a man's family just because he doesn't like him.

      Why all this surprise that he, as an icon of society was able to pull some strings when he needed it? In which country do you live if you don't know it's happening all the time around you, with every past president, every past governor, every past mayor, or chief of name it. It's a part of the "system".

      So, please, stick to your disagreements with Trump and leave his family alone---just for sake of simple human decency.


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