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Problems and Remedies For Government Failures. A White Paper

Updated on September 23, 2015

Accusations and Remedies

Following are the sins and wrongdoings that our Congress has perpetrated against the American public. They are followed by recommendations of actions that need to be done to correct those errors

. These statements were posted by Bill Jamnick, a citizen of the U.S.,currently residing in Michigan. Along with his studied and definite accusations against the Congress, Mr. Jamnick makes specific recommendations as to how best we should approach and solve these problems.

Congressional Criminals??
Congressional Criminals?? | Source

Mr. Bill Jamnick, a graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied Literature and Political Science. Bill served his country as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy. He went on to build a successful career in business. He retired in 2000 as an officer and owner of a major real estate brokerage company in southeastern Michigan. He currently resides in Northern Michigan, where he has become an activist working against the political mismanagement of this country.

Following is Bill Jamnick's White Paper entitled, “I Accuse” and a document referred to as the “Reformation” which is his call to action for citizens interested in joining his agenda.

I ACCUSE ..... The Sins of our Congress


  1. The creation of an apocalyptic level of national debt resulting in the debasement of our currency and credit and making the United States beholden to the Peoples Republic of China.

  2. The callous and calamitous pursuit of trade policies resulting in the loss of entire industries and millions of jobs.

  3. The failure to regulate the banks by negating those regulations put in place during the Great Depression.

  4. Creating a loathsome and Byzantine income tax code whose punishment and reward system allows the Congress to subjugate the citizenry.

  5. Creating a voluntary military so that the majority of the citizenry would not be affected by the use of military force to further the ideas of the political elite.

  6. Failure to secure our borders from illegal entry.

  7. Failure to secure energy independence.

  8. Pursuing a never ending war against drugs that criminalizes large numbers of our citizens because of the vested interest of lawyers, judges, politicians and law enforcement.

  9. Creating horrendous inflation and financial bubbles by their incompetent and unnecessary inveigling into the fields of medicine, housing, and education.

  10. Creating in the guise of protecting the innocent, the uneducated, the disadvantaged, the children, the aged, and the genders, vast tombs of laws and regulations extending their power throughout our society and extorting the citizenry.

Reformation: Steps the public must take to correct the crimes of our Congress

The cited crimes were committed by a dysfunctional and corrupt Congress. It is dysfunctional and corrupt because it maintains the status quo. By its actions, ideologies, and Machiavellian machinations, the Congress has birthed “The Political Class”. The Political Class has only one goal, the survival of a system that allows them to enhance their influence, gain more power, and personal enrichment.

As citizens we can do nothing, and continue to be ruled and subjugated or we can take back our nation and ensure that the political process represents the, “Citizen Class”.

The way to emasculate the Political Class is to force through a, Citizens’ Constitutional Amendment, requiring the following:

  1. Term limits of six years for all federally elected officials including the Executive branch so there are no career politicians.
  2. No more than ten percent of a state’s representatives or fifty percent of a state’s senators may be from the same profession.
  3. A flat income tax so that all citizens pay the same percentage of their income no matter what the source and there are no deductions of any kind. With a flat tax the Political Class loses their ability to divide and conquer and to reward and punish. Should they wish to raise taxes to expand their power they will face all of the citizenry.
  4. A two year balanced budget unless national security is at stake.
  5. A national draft, so that the majority of our citizens are vested when the military is used.
    Laws and regulations are to automatically expire in ten years. In order to continue they must be reviewed, proposed and voted upon again.
  6. If a law or regulation exceeds ten standard pages, it must be approved by a body charged with the task of making sure the length of the document is necessary.
  7. All banks are to be regulated so that none are too big to fail. All banks must hold fifty percent of their own risk instruments.
  8. No financial institution or insurance company may insure something for someone who has no vested interest in what is being insured.
  9. The departments of Housing and Urban Development, Education, and Energy should be eradicated so that the states may take over such functions as they wish.
  10. The department of Homeland security is to be privatized.
  11. All elected officials and government employees are to be subject to the same laws as the citizenry.
  12. Government officials and employees are not to vote in elections in which they have a conflict of interest.
  13. The ethics committee of the Congress is to be selected from the citizenry by the judiciary branch.

    If you agree with the gist of the accusations and the proposed Constitutional Amendment, please add your name below with your e-mail address. Then forward to your contact list and or social network. If you find yourself in agreement with the above, return it to me and forward it to your Representative and Senators. You should state that they should vote for such an amendment or you will replace them with someone who will. This document and “I Accuse” were created by Bill Jamnick who is solely responsible for its content. Comments and remarks are welcome.

Add your name to the list of concerned citizens and pass it on. Do it in the comment section at the end of this hub. By all means, please complete our simple survey below.

Bill Jamnick email:

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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      It is an interesting look at congress and solutions for congress.

      However, it didn't address the size and scope of the government, and how the government employees have job security, good salaries, great benefits, and defined benefits pensions. Each government employee is a tax liability. The people cannot afford to continue this elevation of public employees over the private sector.

      There also needs to be a constitutional amendment to change the Supreme Court decisions to either 6-3 or better yet 7-2. The 5-4 decisions are meaningless, and as they have the same effect as a constitutional amendment, they should be decided with these same percentages.

      Another thing that is missing is to no allow the incumbents to campaign on the public dime. They did this from 2007 through 2008, and they were so absorbed in their campaigning the economy collapsed surprising them. They then threw money at the problem to no avail. Now in 2012 they are doing it again.

      The pork barrel needs to be eliminated. Tagging not allowed.

      If there is a war, you go in there to win, and not negotiate defeat after a military victory. And most of all, you protect, arm and furnish protective equipment to the military, regardless of whether you are against the war or not.

      Stop SS and Medicare by drawing a line at which the wage earners can decide to continue with it till the end, or tally an amount based on their lifetime contributions, and come up with a system for all the wage earners, especially the government workers.

      Devices like 401k, and maybe even the pension plan used by the government workers. The problem with SS and Medicare is that it didn't include everyone, it excluded the government workers. These union government workers then got the people aka government to pay for health benefits, defined benefit pensions.

      SS and Medicare is a TAX with a lie attached.

      Anyway, that is just a few of the issues not discussed.