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I Almost Became An Atheist Today

Updated on December 9, 2011

I Almost Became An Atheist Today


I almost became,

A devout atheist today.

As I waited for healthcare,

At my nearest V.A.


This time it wasn’t the standing in line,

Or sitting in the chair,

Or the lack of care,

At the V.A. Healthcare.


All I could hear,

All I could see,

Was the fool Pat Robertson,

On the brainwashing TV.


I had not heard such hate,

Come from a preacher-man.

He now wants our children,

To slaughter the children of Iran.


The numbers in Vietnam,

Are still mounting,

It’s over three million,

And still counting.


I’ve spent a lifetime,

Hating that 3 million killing,

Politicians and preachers,

Make the killing sound thrilling.


Business says it’s in our interest,

For those to now die,

As the lawyers pray,

To Satan in the sky.


Another country is in our sights.

Human life will be a statistic.

That, in itself,

Is Satanic, and sadistic.


The liars say "these" are now the people,

That are the worst that’s ever been,

But as we take our arms to take their arms,

We’re committing the greatest sin.


I watch it all again,

As lies of hatred seize us.

And I ask,

“Are we praying to Ares, Thor, or Jesus?”


Are we praying to who says,

“We are our brother’s keeper.”?

Or are we exalting shedding blood,

As we become the Grim Reaper?


I see that preacher-man,

With little but hatred to say,

The politician would kill them all,

If that liar had his way.


They rattle the saber.

They beat the drum of war.

Never caring about the cost,

Or the scar.


Sign the children up for war.

Lose complete sanity.

Mischief is used,

To appeal to your vanity.


“They have weapons as we do!”

Says our “intelligence”.

It’s repeated by fools,

Who exhibit no reverence.


All my life,

I was a soldier on my knees.

Praying to a benevolent God,

Who patiently oversees.


I pray to a God,

Who holds the world in His hand?

And yet my God,

Can’t stop hatred in man.


As I’ve sat in the,

Veteran’s health-care line,

The cold hard facts,

Are easy to find.


The soldier finds bigotry,

Comes in every hue.

But it wasn’t that way,

When he had operations to do.


Eyes can’t hide,

Decades of pain.

Shattering memories,

Saturate like rain.


Bankers, businessmen,

And other scum,

Rattle the saber,

And beat the drum.


Fight for truth, justice, liberty,

The liars all say.

As they write checks,

They will never pay.



I almost became an atheist today,

As I stood in line,

At an overwhelmed V.A.


Pat Robertson,

Was selling his war on TV.

But that Pat knows wars,

Are fought by sinners, like me.


A flash-back reminds me,

Of a firefight, a bomb,

As I dress myself in clothing,

Made in the Republic of Vietnam.


Put a bumper-snicker on your car.

See what it will do for you.

As you trivialize,

What a soldier will do.


I reflect on a benevolent God,

And how “all things will pass”.

But I pray my God,

Puts His foot up Pat’s ass.



~Micky Dee~



My freedom of speech has been denied here.

It doesn't matter to the masses.

You're too busy. It's survival. It's God's work.

You're too busy for true patriotism.

You're too busy for the benevolent God.


Decades of headaches took me back to the Veteran's Hospital. I requested an MRI of my skull because of constant - decades of - pain.

I requested to see a neuro-surgeon.

I specifically asked for an MRI on my skull.

I was in Vietnam. I had two types of malaria - at the same time.

I've been hit and run over by two cars and one pick-up truck while riding my bicycle - at different times.

My injuries are documented and can be with MRIs.

I assumed my request was taken seriously.

I emphasized the MRI on my head.

My neck is well documented as being kaput. They don't make new necks.

I emphsized I wanted an MRI on my head.

Of course - I was not given what I wanted.

My "care provider" insisted I "not have the MRI on my skull".

I was called by the VA one day. There was an MRI appointment cancellation.

I could go in the following day and have the MRI done.

Imagine my surprise at NOT GETTING THE MRI ON MY HEAD.

My neck - that is documented as being so - is crewed up.

They make NO NEW NECKS.

Siuses affect head-aches.

I have studied headaches because I've had them for decades.


But why not the head - while the neck is being MRIed?

My head is always attached to my neck.

My head was in that MRI machine at the same time as my neck - (that is documented as being screwed up).

Why not humor a Veteran"

Not only did I take an appointment on a day where a Veteran cancelled an appointment - I was there so early - I was bumped up an hour earlier.

I was in the patient advocate's office.

The "advocate did not speak to me as she spoke to the people before me.

She did not allow me to speak as she did the people before me.

She did tell me she would speak to my "care-provider's superior".

She called back in a couple days and told me she spoke to my SAME CARE-PROVIDER who refused me the MRI.

She explained that he said if I wasn't satisfied with the way he was treating me, I could see another physician.

This was repeated to me. There was no mistake about the words.

She explained that "the hospital has procedures to go through".

THAT is why there was no MRI on my head.


My head is attached to my neck.

I was granted an appointment to see a neurosurgeon.


The neurosurgeon could not believe - I HAD NOT HAD AN MRI ON MY HEAD.

The neurosurgeoin is a fourth year med-student at DUKE.

Get better than DUKE. Try it.

Parents spend tens of thousands of dollars for just resumes for their kids to get into DUKE.

Bias and prejudice EXISTS in AMERICA in ALL COLORS.

I had the worst care at the Asheville/Oteen VA hospital where I tried for YEARS to change my doctor of execution.

Dr. Chang may have been trying to kill me. He was certainly into torturing me.

And- here - on these hubpages my right to free speech is denied.

And - America doesn't give a flip.

AmeriKa will send their children to the next war that AMeriKan businesses stage for us.

AmeriKa's children will go to war.

AmeriKa's children will go to the VA.


And some AmeriKans still want to tell me how to worship their institutionalized God, teach me false history, and put up with lies about the Vietnam War and many other lies.

I'll continue to identify Satan and continue my fight if it's alone.

We live in AmeriKa.


.~Micky Dee~



1 Marine vs. 30 Cops


The liars and bullies of this world will not deter me.

The lying bullies here on hubpages will not deter me.

The liars of this world will not tell me UNDER WHOM THIS PLANET IS UNDER RIGHT NOW.


No God.

Doesn't matter.

The scriptures are GOD'S TRUTH.

Jesus did NOT own this world HE was offered 2000 years ago and this world and THIS AMERICA is under the evil one right now.

I will not pray to a childish God of business and war.

I will pray to a JESUS

not a Thor.

Not an Ares.

I will have a benevolent God or I will not have a god.


~Micky Dee~


.Don't just do something - sit there!




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