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I Am A Woman-Physicially, Mentally, and Spiritually

Updated on May 26, 2016

Defining What is a Woman

We never thought there would be a day that we would have to define what is a woman. We assumed that this subject already had a concrete determination. In this system, the sex of an individual is determined by a pair of sex chromosomes(gonosomes). Females have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), and are called the homogametic sex. Males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY), and are called the heterogametic sex.wikipedia

As you can see, women are uniquely different than our male counterpart and produce a chemical called estrogen that is produced by ovaries and is responsible for the characteristics that make us a woman like breasts, menses, and ovulation. Estrogen also enables a women to maintain and bear children once a embryo is fertilized by the male sperm, extrapolating from it either the X OR Y to interface with a women's X, thus determining the offspring's gender, male or female.

Is it possible for some type of chemical imbalance to take place during conception that would make one have the chromosomal makeup necessary to be one gender or the other, but think like the opposite gender in which it was created? No, according to the science of today. It hasn't been proven that this is the case in what you were born, and what you think you are.

Wonderfully Made and Powerfully Equipped!
Wonderfully Made and Powerfully Equipped! | Source

Wonderfully Made, and Proud

Women were created to be the help mate to a man, and in being this helpmate, GOD has bestowed upon us the ability to have children and to supply the nurture, compassion, and understanding that is required to develop the character of the future generations. We have been chosen to be the vessel in which all of mankind is to become; A Society existing with male and females, racially different, culturally strong, and diverse in language.

We have celebrated the diversity which makeup this Society, but it appears that Society isn't satisfied with what we have produced. We have come a long way, and to sit idly by and allow anything to jeopardize what we have accomplished, who we are, what we do, how we do it, and the manner in which we have and will continue to do it, would be suicide.

The Bible tell us that we're wonderfully, and uniquely made, and we should choose to believe that it is so. No one can be a better woman than a woman, and there's nothing, no medicine, no characteristic, and definitely no implant that can change what you are. We should be proud to have been born A Woman, and we should want you to be proud too!

The Struggle Is Real!!!
The Struggle Is Real!!! | Source

The Battlefield

Women for centuries have been used and abused and have had to fight for the right to everything that we have accomplished in 2016. This battle sometimes has even included fighting each other in order to standardize what we women will and will not tolerate among each other.

Women have struggled to obtain the right to earn a fair, comparable, and competitive pay rate among our male peers. We have fought for affordable daycare, healthcare, and housing. We have overcome obstacles of what society has deemed a womanly image and beauty, not to mention the stereotypical perception that women are weak, feeble minded, and incapable of holding our own.

Women have assimilated into societal concepts of fair play, hard work, and still attend to their wifely duties, and in some countries, women have endured sexual exploitation, genital mutilation, rape, and gender specific abortion.

Women have won our right to hold highly esteemed positions within the city, county, state, and have survived the election process to enter the Congress, Senate, Secretary of State for the United States of America, and even the candidacy for The President of the United States of America!

Women for centuries have competed with other women for our relationships, whether it was family, friends, peers, societal, and most importantly, marital love. We have overcome the various obstacles when it comes to weeding out what's strictly dating material and who's a viable candidate for everlasting commitment and companionship.

Sign of The Times-Hate Crime, Hate Speech?

To make things more difficult, if we choose to voice our opinion about womanhood and what it takes to be a woman, despite being a woman, we get a negative label place upon us as if we are in some way wrong for voicing what is our nature.

Hate speech, we should ask ourselves, if we speak against that same likeness which we are, then yes, but how can we obtain a label when we speak against something, or someone who wants to pretend they know about us as a naturally born woman but wants us to believe they are a woman but were genetically not born a woman? It's like a child arguing with it's mother that they feel like a adult, but physically isn't an adult, to a adult who's physically an adult!

Hate Crime, as a individual or business owner, we will be prosecuted for not wanting to indulge or participate in the illusion that some in this Society wants us to agree with as reality! You mean we will be forced and coerced by the law to abide by what we know to be true, but must acknowledge what is false? There's a big difference between accepting a ideology and agreeing with that ideology. We thought this was a Free Society where all are accepted, but we are not all in agreement.

We must remain vigilant to the absolutes that have been established over time, otherwise, we all will pay the consequences for allowing others' to tell us that there are more than one shade of blue, it may be a little darker or a little lighter, but never the less, it's still BLUE!!!

Seeing is Not Believing

It all boils down to the proverbial duck analysis to a degree: If it looks like a duck, quack like a duck, and walk like a duck, it must be a duck!! So shall it be with the prerequisite for what makes a women according to the anatomical analysis: Do you look like a woman, talk like a woman, and walk like a woman, then you must be a woman! Wait, there's more, do you have breast like a woman, have a menses like a woman, got a uterus like a woman and can you reproduce like a woman, then you're not a woman!

Like it's stated above, We should be shocked that we as a Society in 2016 should even have to attempt to vindicate ourselves as to what gender we are, and was born as. If we don't defend who we are today whether we get a bad label(Hater, Intolerant) or it's considered Hate Speech, we will wake up to those in Society's who want to redefine things, as the one's who are different, non-conformist, and become the outcast.

Live or Memorex?

Shall we continue to fight? Or is this an issue?

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