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I Am Coming Home To You Mom.

Updated on January 2, 2010


I am coming home to you , Mom.



I am coming home at last Mom,
it is awful dark for me,
in this bag they tagged
and placed me in
where above my soul floats free.

There are other boys around me
they are going home now too
and we're forming a platoon, Ma
that should help us to get through.....

.....The facts that we won't see you
or hold our girls when we get back
or have a life past nineteen
cause we died here in Iraq.

Dad will be real disappointed
cause he begged me not to go
even had tickets to Canada
oh, God, I miss him so.

something took me

down quite quick, Mom
it was almost painless, but
the coffin will be closed Ma
cause that shrapnel's deeply cut.

I just want to say "I love you!"
as you're tossing in your sleep
and the promise that I made you
is one that I now will keep.

I am coming home to you Mom
but not like you dreamed I'd be
I'm another darned statistic
for the land of brave and free.
tell them please remember me.


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