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I Double Dog Dare Ya

Updated on March 6, 2017

New ACA Debut This Week

Political Editorial

The long awaited and much anticipated Republican Health Care Package to replace and repeal Obamacare will be introduced this week. Much of it is hush, hush, top secret, classified, mumbo-jumbo.

Rand Paul, Rep. Ken. said, "The only copy we've seen is from the media."

Hmm, sound familiar. Of course they are keeping it under tight wraps. To expose it to the wolves would be allowing criticism and possibly rebuked. The Dems, in all their dishonest practices, did the same thing. Do I really need to post the Pelosi quote again?

Anyway, there were witch hunts then and there will be more now. The only difference is the players are wearing different shoes and the ball is in a different court.

What changes will be made? According to the media, all black males of breading age will be castrated and thrown into forced work camps shoveling coal into Trumps large furnace of fascism. That all gays will be denied Health Care and that the elderly will be turned into Soylent Green. Fire and Brimstone…Oh My!

What we will see, is a repeal of the mandate.

What will be kept? Possibly keeping your children on your plan until they're 106…I mean 26, and the prescription drug portion. And that is about all we can sort of, be sure of. Everything else is up in the air and will be tossed around like confetti at a ticker-tape parade.

Make sure you have plenty of popcorn on hand because this week, and the weeks to come, will be worth the watch.

Sessions and Obamagate

Here we are again. Did he have sexual relations with that woman? Wait, wrong person, wrong party, and no sexual relations…well as far as we know anyway. But if you give the liberal Media time they may come up with a Gay/Russian/Love triangle twist to the whole thing.

Sessions admitted to speaking with the Russians…big deal? Yes. If he lied under oath it is. You see, when your being confirmed for a job as big, as important, as HUGE, as Attorney General, you are expected to be honest, or honest enough, or close to being almost truthful, to make decisions regarding national security. Even if his talks were casual—how’s the family type thing—he still lied.

He is guilty and should step down.

Yeah, that would be a hard pill for Trump to swallow, losing another member of his team. But hey, look on the bright side, if this keeps up he will have a clean cabinet by the end of his first term.

However, and you all knew this would happen, Trump began tweeting again. This time he claims Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the election process.

The Media came to THEIR Presidents defense and shouted foul. The Dems where up in arms. Fire and Brimstone were held in the ready. Even the FBI director, Comey, asked the justice department to reject the claim.

Many made the allocation that this was a ploy to distract attention away from Sessions. Where did they ever get an idea like that? Oh let’s see…Obama maybe…just a guess. He was the king of deflection.

He deflected the blame of the failed Obamacare onto the insurance companies. He didn’t take any of the blame for his parties defeat in the House or Senate in 2012 or for that matter 2016. He takes no credit for the loss of American sovereignty aboard. But, then again, that is typical of any president. Trump is following in those footsteps as well.

Sessions maybe guilty, time will tell.

Obama may or may not have ordered a Watergate style wiretapping of Trump Tower and if he did…what are they going to do, impeach him?

I need more popcorn.

Travel Ban or Actually Not a Ban At All

The new immigration restriction will be signed sometime this week. With it will come a new round of crying and gnashing of teeth. The libs will claim the restrictions are too harsh and that it is discrimination. Get some tissue, pull up your adult diapers, and get over it.

Where were all of you when Obama made restrictions?

Or Clinton? Yeah, remember him.

Both Bushes, and those presidents before him.

Come into this country legally, no problem. Have the right paper work, no problem.

But the Media will most certainly be shouting something irrational and crazy.


No longer are the Dems in complete control. They lost the House, the Senate, and the Whitehouse to the Republicans who have vowed, “To drain the swamp.” A better moto might have been, “Drain the swamp as much as we possibly can and maybe fill it up again and make a sauna out of it…with replicas.”

What gives? Come on now let’s be real. It’s only been a little over a month and Trump supporters are expecting miracles. Democrats are wagging their, na-na-nah fingers, and the Media—remember them—they already have him hung, drawn, and quartered, because of Flynn, Sessions, immigration, the wall, Obamagate, and just about anything and everything he says or tweets. In the case of Bernie Sanders, things he didn’t say.

Fact is he is doing very well for an outsider with no political experience. He is learning on the fly. Rolling with the punches. And standing toe to toe while taking his licks and giving some.

Go Trump…I mean really make America great again. I double dog dare ya…


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      22 months ago from Florida

      Yes, we have a lot to do... we are only 20 Trillion dollars in debt... ACA is literally non-functional after 2017... and jeez, changing the tax situation to allow a more business friendly environment to exist in America shouldn't be a thing our Congress men&women are fighting to stop, no matter what side of the aisle they are on.

      But take note... all this 'Russian conspirator' crap is brought to you by the most delusional and out of touch Politicians in D.C. ... Pelosi has been there for 30 YEARS!!! Pelosi's networth in 2008 was barely 20 million... now she is worth over 60 million! In just her last ten years as a politician she tripled her value! Come on people!

      Just listen to her, to Watters, to Warren, etc. speak... they are lunatics... and yet it is these corrupt, criminal politicians selling you on Trump and his nominations being conspirators?

      Please.... stop listening to the propaganda news sources and the political lunatics that have made themselves multi-millionaires at your expense.

    • Cleve Sylcox profile imageAUTHOR

      Cleve Sylcox 

      22 months ago from St. Charles, Missouri

      If he lied under oath he is guilty. Like you I have not seen the questions, nor have I done an extensive search outside of Google. I hope, and I should have put this in the article, that he is found innocent of any wrong doing. We as a nation need to get rolling and put all the petty squabbling behind us.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      22 months ago from Florida

      On Sessions... what was he asked?

      I've brought this up before... people seem to miss the CONTEXT entirely.

      He was asked if he had (and I'll paraphrase here because I am to lazy to go dig up the actual quotes again) met with or communicated with any Russians ON BEHALF OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN.

      Now if you are suggesting they asked him, did he ever meet with Russians, or something equivalent, and he said no... no way... never seen a Russian in my life. Then please direct me to that series of questions and answers, I've seen none.

      All we have is the CNN, MSNBC types going head over heals yelling "they are Russian conspirators!!!"

      Phew... did you know Podesta received $1 BILLION rubles from Russia... how about Uranium One, know about that?

      Yeah, we had some corrupt politicians making deals with Russia (and China, and Saudi Arabia... and lets not forget Iran) but you know who WASN'T making corrupt deals as a politician with Russia... Trump.

      If he was, lets see the evidence. Same for Sessions, if he was, lets see the evidence. There should be plenty, as both Trump, Sessions and many others were wiretapped and hacked for weeks prior to the election, and after it as well.


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