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I Dream of a Time when we can all say 'I love you' to Anyone

Updated on October 18, 2015

Really? The answer is hatred, fear and violence?

I have a hard time picturing a mindset that wants to live in a world where hatred, fear and violence is preferred over peace of mind. Maybe, in a gentle way, you could tell me what is bothering you about the state of peace of mind? Or the very thought of having it?

What is it exactly that you want this gun for? I know there is an energy of fear across the whole world. Would that be your motivation? Is the idea of love and peace so foreign to you that you would give up your freedom and your peace of mind for your fear? If you believe in God, or an intelligent source, or conscious creation, itself, I know you have had the concept of faith introduced to you. Oh ye of little faith, take up your arms to make your life safer.

At the moment my life is a dedication to my dream in the title, I dream of a time when we can all say 'I love you' to Anyone. I have searched my mind and resources for the answer to this conundrum, 'why would anyone choose fear over peace of mind and love? The only explanation for this is that people are unconscious about the fact that they are choosing to promote violence and fear at every moment. My assessment of the situation right now is that I am keenly aware of which I am choosing and I would like to invite you to choose consciously, for yourself, instead of letting fear zap your creativity to fire itself up. What will be on the record of this life when it is done? Will it be "Brought so much love to the world that the world became love?,,, or will it be "I didn't care about all this enough to make it safe to live here?"

Fear has many, many excuses why love is unsafe. It tells us that we could not keep ourselves safe unless we are armed to the teeth. I recently had a short conversation with a no holds barred gun enthusiast on Facebook. He made the point that 'guns don't shoot people, people shoot people' and that mental illness was the cause of all this random school violence across the country. So, I responded by saying, "Should we require a mental health exam before allowing a person to buy a gun, then?" I'll let you know when I hear back from him.

The consciousness, also known as "God" is always showing us things about life, like how good it feels to share love with someone as opposed to how bad it feels to hurt someone. Hatred is the ugly head of fear and leads to things so heinous in this world that most of us could not even imagine it. We are choosing love or fear every moment that passes. We are choosing either knowledge or ignorance, peace or violence, generosity or greed. Each of us is choosing this world at every moment. Please choose wisely....

It is my great happiness to love you,



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