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I Feel I'm Being Penalized For Being Childless

Updated on July 2, 2012

The first time I felt penalized for not having a child was when I did my income tax and discovered I wasn't allowed to check Head Of Household for my filing status, when I am the head of my household. Every other form I fill out [save for my Income Tax Return] I have to check the little box that says Head Of Household. I was so incensed them penalizing me when I checked the Head Of Household box I wrote them a nasty letter back. A very big piece of advice. Don't write the IRS a nasty letter, because they went over all of my past tax returns looking for something to get me for. My argument was since they wrote me back after I'd filed my return as Head Of Household to inform me I was eligible for an Earned Income Tax refund that I didn't file for. So why didn't they inform me at the point I wasn't eligible to file for Head Of Household. And let's hope the IRS doesn't read this or they'll be after me again, after I finally got them off my back after two years of trouble from them for writing a nasty letter to them.

The definition for Head Of Household is to be the one who pays all the bills. Check. Who makes all the decisions for the household. Check. But because I don't have a child, I don't have a household to be the head of. I'm simply single. And thus I'm deserving of a lesser deduction than someone with a child or some kind of dependent who is officially declared to have a household.

The same thing happened when I became unemployed, was turned down for unemployment and went online to fill out an application for help from Community Action [which is the name that welfare has taken on in my state]. I found out I was eligible for food stamps and limited healthcare and that was it. I saw something called Emergency Aid, which helps when you're in danger of having your utilities turned off and is a one time payment. But that's only available for people who have children. In short, I'm eligible for no financial aid whatsoever. The ironic thing is my situation may be far dire than someone who has children.

I live in a town with no transportation. I spent all my money to get my car fixed and two weeks later the alternator went so I can't even start the car now. I've gotten a warning that my electricity will be shut off. The only jobs in the small town I live in are waitress and cashier jobs and they won't hire me because I'm too educated and they feel I'll quit as soon as I can get something better. The only jobs I'm being offered are in a town 10 miles away and I have no way to get to them so I have to refuse them. But it doesn't matter how dire and hopeless my situation is, because I don't have a child, no aid is available to me to help me.

I know a lot of groups are discriminated against, but single without child is a group I don't think anyone is speaking out against. You don't hear, at least I haven't, the way people without children are penalized and not treated the same as someone with a child. That even if you're single and your situation is more dire than someone who has a child, there's no help available for you because you don't have a child.

Aid should be available to everyone regardless if they have children or not. Just because you don't have a child doesn't mean you don't need help just as much as someone who does have a child. It's a bias against anyone who is single without a child and the government is getting away with it because no one is speaking out against it.


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    • rex michaels profile image

      rex michaels 5 years ago

      Very good article, I have to agree with you for the most part; everyone needs help in varying degrees. I suppose the thinking on the government's part is children come first because they do not have the means to make their own decisions. My thinking is if you need help you should receive it regardless of whether you have a child or not, but that is just my opinion. Your hub gives us all somthing to think about.