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I Feel Sorry for America

Updated on February 14, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Their own citizens betray their country

The news is full of stories concerning the issue of illegal immigration that plaques America right now. The governor of New Mexico recently claimed that there was no real border problem and that it was something that was fabricated by President Trump.

Then today I read a new article that clearly stated that the issue was not made up and that many illegals are overwhelming a border crossing in that state. It is a real issue.

Yet so many Americans have turned a blind eye to the problem and pretend the problem does not exist. This betrayal must cut deep for some Americans and those legal immigrants who spent years getting the right visa to enter that country legally.

They fail to follow the law

It doesn’t really matter which political party one belongs to. Failing to follow the law is a grievous offense and the members of both parties have failed to adhere to different laws.

In the immigration case, it is the majority of liberals and Democrats who have taken upon themselves to decide which laws they will abide by and which ones they will ignore. It seems that to those two groups immigration laws have no meaning.

Not only are their actions a slap in the face to the legal immigrants and native citizens of American, It al;so sends a very serious message to the world. That message is that certain American citizens do not care about their country or their country’s laws

Those groups of people are telling the world that it is okay to ignore the laws America has rightfully put in place to protect its borders from those who only want to use the country for their personal gain and refuse to constructively contribute to America’s well-being.

The difference between

The original settlers and the current illegal immigrants now residing or trying to enter America without following the law is very clear. North America did not have immigration laws to violate when the settlers arrived on its shores.

They were not illegal and they came to build a new life and build a strong new nation that allowed certain freedoms they could not get back in their home countries. The illegal immigrants only come for selfish reasons. They want what they can get for themselves at the expense of those who were born in the country and those who came to America legally.

Also, the original settlers were not lawbreakers, looking for welfare and other handouts. Whereas the illegal immigrants are law breakers regardless of the fact that they may live a crime free life once they get settled in the country. They have still violated properly made laws as soon as they cross the border via non-legal means.

The betrayal is a great wound

To live in a society, one must make concessions. They must agree to live by a certain set of rules to make sure that lawlessness does not undermine the purpose behind living collectively. That means laws restricting entrance are needed to make sure the society continues to survive.

For those who do care about the laws of society, they must feel betrayed by their fellow citizens who refuse to adhere to those same laws. They must feel threatened because those not upholding the rule of law do not care about what happens to their fellow citizens and feel exposed to the dangers illegal aliens bring with them.

They also may feel betrayed because the resources that are made available to them and their families, friends and other legal immigrants are being drained to provide for those who do not care about American society and who only come with a selfish purpose.

The wrong message

What makes this betrayal worse, is that those who advocate that the illegal be given a place in American society without following the law are telling the world that American laws do not matter.

They are communicating that American laws are made to be broken when someone decides they do not want to follow the legal code. They are also stating that they do not love their country and America is free game to all who can find a way inside its borders.

That is the important issue in this topic. These groups that support those who violate America’s immigration laws are stating that they do not love their own country nor do they love their fellow legal citizens. They prefer strangers to their own people who work hard, sweat and try to make America survive and be a leader in the current world situation.

What makes it even more sad, is that a lot of the members of those groups who fight for illegal immigration use the Bible to support their arguments. They use verses like ‘love your neighbor...’ & ‘love one another as I have loved you...’ and more to make their argument that the immigration laws should not be adhered to.

Yet at no time did Jesus tell his followers to violate the law. He told them to pay their taxes, to obey their rulers and more. Love also does not tell people to violate the law or bring harm to their neighbor and the liberal’s and democrats’ neighbors are the conservatives and others who want the immigration laws to be obeyed.

What those people who want the immigration law removed or ignored is not an act of love towards America or their fellow Americans. It is an act of hatred and betrayal.Their actions are not noble but far worse, as America is torn apart and ruined.

All it takes is patience

I am not talking about the length of time it takes to successfully navigate the legal immigration process. I am talking about America’s enemies. They do not have to attack the country. All they have to do is wait till many of the people of America destroy the nation for them.

It is not just those who support the violating of immigration laws that will do the trick. It is also the support of evil that is being done right now by the same groups who want illegals to enter the country.

To make America great again, the people need to stop changing the laws to allow evil to be called good, normal and acceptable. They also have to obey and advocate that others obey all American laws.

Illegal immigration does not build a nation, it helps destroy it. Just ask the ancient civilizations that suffered under the Sea People migration n the 12th century BC. It happened then and it will happen to America now.

This is why I feel sorry for America. It is because its people do not care for each other or their country.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      2 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you, that example escaped me but it is a good one to use since America is a republic like Rome was

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Good points. Also, ask the ancient Romans about illegal immigration. Rome fought numerous wars with them until finally succumbing.


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