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I Felt Like I Won the Lottery Tuesday Night

Updated on November 10, 2016

After listening to and reading about the despair, angst, and anxiety of those who seem ready to “chuck it in” after Tuesday’s presidential election, I felt compelled to provide a response from the other side—those of us who have been despondent every single day since the election of Barack Obama as president.

Democrats are opining with outraged and pained rhetoric about their fear for themselves, for others they do not even know, and situations that they think might happen. The most fervent and hysterical diatribes are about situations that will never happen; but, because there could even be a .0001% possibility that some scenario proposed by such “unbiased and fair” (retch) sources such as CNN, MSNBC, Al Sharpton, or Miley Cyrus may happen, America is doomed. These “warriors for everyone except conservatives” must “speak out” because racist, xenophobic, homophobic, (and every other –obic) right-wing conservatives only think about themselves—unlike the tolerant, peaceful, and everyone-is-entitled-to-their-opinion-if-it-agrees-with-us Democrats.

The anxiety felt by many Americans in 2008 after the election of a community organizer whose platform was to “fundamentally change America” was real. He never communicated his plans for this change, yet the masses elected him anyway. We were left anxious over his intentions…but not for long. His ideas for the future of this country soon became evident, and even after witnessing the harm he was causing, in 2012 he was reelected.

We watched this man go on a world-wide apology tour where he blamed America for most of the ills of the world. He went on national TV and took the side of the “thugs” over our police officers minutes after an event happened with few, if any, facts. His Justice Department inserted itself into every high-profile shooting, insinuating that they would stop the apparent slaughter of innocent and law-abiding African Americans taking place daily on our streets—stoking racial tensions and doing nothing after rioters destroyed cities and terrorized citizens.

Targeting conservative groups to prevent them from mobilizing before the 2012 elections. Shoving Obamacare down our throats in the early morning hours and repeatedly lying to the American people. Forcing schools to allow members of the opposite sex into restrooms and locker rooms of the other gender—or face losing federal funding. Using illegal executive orders to circumvent our rules of law to get what he wanted.

Trillions spent on “shovel ready jobs” and we have nothing to show for it, except for a debt so great it will remain on the backs of our descendants for generations. Downplaying the rate of Americans out of the workforce—the highest since the Great Depression. Showing more concern for illegal aliens than Americans (oh, the passion in his voice): dismantling our southern border and flooding our country with individuals who are bringing in diseases that were, or were nearly, eradicated; bankrupting school districts and health care systems. Encouraging sanctuary cities and illegal aliens to vote.

Decimating our military. Firing generals and commanders who disagreed with him. Allowing trans genders to openly serve in the military. Making taxpayers pay for military sex-reassignment surgeries—even for a man serving a 35-year sentence at Fort Leavenworth military prison. Using taxpayer dollars for sex-reassignment surgeries, but doing nothing for America’s heroes—our veterans. Thousands dying while waiting for care, and after showing fake outrage, failing to punish those who lied about the waiting times so they would receive bonuses.

Insinuating that four Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi over a YouTube video. Refusing to call the major problem facing this world (according to him, climate change) for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism. Stating that "Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” Claiming that there has not been a terrorist attack on US soil since he became president: hello, Boston Marathon anyone? Fort Hood? Facts can be right in front of his face and he chooses to ignore them—as will many Democrats.

Listening to Obama praise Islam with such passion every chance he can, while criticizing and demeaning Christians. Bankrupting a woman because she refused to make a cake with pro-homosexual wording, yet a Muslim truck driver, who was fired for refusing to deliver beer, was awarded $240,000.

Eight long years we have had to endure him: never once hearing love or passion for this country in his voice; being advised that our Constitution is a “fluid document”; and being called every name in the book if we disagreed with his policies. We suffered in silence while the main-stream media, Democrats, progressives, and even those in this country illegally, mocked and ridiculed us:

  • We need to enforce our immigration laws, and I do not want my hard-earned tax dollars used to support illegal aliens—RACIST!
  • Obama’s policies have hurt me—YOU ARE ONLY SAYING THAT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!
  • Our money should be spent on our veterans, not illegal aliens—BIGOT!
  • Marriage is between one man and one woman—HOMOPHOBIC!
  • Babies feel pain when aborted—YOU RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST!
  • I do not want my tax dollars used to support abortion—YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE!
  • Illegal immigrant felons should be deported—AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN!
  • I do not want my daughter to have to undress in a school locker room with a male—INTOLERANT RIGHT-WING BASTARD!

And what did we do during those eight years? Endured many nights trying to fall asleep while our minds tried to comprehend what was happening. Kept silent while listening to someone without a job boast about their $25 per month insurance premium with $300 deductible, while remembering the interview of a working father with cancer whose insurance was going from $300 per month to $1,700 per month, forcing him to drop the coverage so he could feed his family. Near tears reading the stories about coal miners who were losing their jobs and homes, entire towns across America going to ruin. Repulsed that girls were being video recorded in bathrooms and dressing rooms to appease men who “felt woman” that day. Outraged watching Obama stand in the Rose Garden with the family of Bowe Bergdahl, trying to convince us he was a hero, and whitewashing what had happened in Afghanistan. Stunned when he called the terrorist act at Fort Hood “workplace violence.” Frustrated at his immediate calls to not attribute any act of terrorism to Islam, but, immediately after a police shooting of an African American, insinuate that the shooting was proof of systemic racism in America.

We had to sit back and watch with our own eyes Obama’s attempts to fundamentally transform America. We just hoped and prayed that we were not alone, we were not too late, and that because of the foresight of our founding fathers we would one day unite to reverse the social, moral, and financial destruction of our country taking place right before our eyes.

As for myself, I prayed a lot to God. I told him that not all Americans were turning their backs on Him. I told Him we needed Him now more than ever—that the sole reason we had been so prosperous as a country was because He has blessed us. I prayed to Him to please help other Americans come to the realization that the path we have been on for eight years will be our ruin—and guess what, He answered the prayers of millions of Americans. I felt like I won the lottery Tuesday night.

To those who are unhappy about the election results—I know how you feel—it happened to us twice, but without the riots or violence. Whereas many of you are despondent over “what ifs”, we have been despondent these past eight years from the reality of watching Obama do whatever he wanted to transform our country—watching our worst nightmares come true—while Democrats cheered him on and praised him as a messiah.

We Americans have spoken: white, black, Latino, men, women, young and old. Obama’s policies have hurt hardworking Americans, and Hillary Clinton ran on continuing those policies. The thought of her continuing his fundamental transformation of America was more than we could bear—the damage he had already inflicted could possibly be reversed—but in four or eight more years—we would be doomed.

So, shed your tears as we have done for the past eight years. Learn to suck it up like we have been doing daily for eight years. You thought that hard working Americans would tolerate wealth redistribution to pay for decades the costs of housing, food, college, cell phone, and healthcare for individuals who did not work. That we would accept corruption at the highest level of our government. That we would be forced to accept the ideologies of one man with a pen and a phone. That we would sit by and watch the dismantling of our Constitution, and the ripping away of our rights, to appease the desires of those who want an “anything goes” society. You thought wrong.

God Bless America and God Bless our next President, Donald J. Trump.


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    • profile image

      Sanxuary 18 months ago

      I have no idea if your page is pro Democrat, Republican or if you our happy the whole thing is rigged by a forked nosed lunatic.

    • profile image

      Jorge Luis Borges 18 months ago

      Incredibly well cited. It is as if you had an infinite library at your fingertips, and then chose not to use it.

    • profile image

      henry janicki 18 months ago

      great article, I will be your first follower, you killed it