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I Hate Hillary

Updated on November 15, 2015

Hillary the Liar

One of the biggest reasons as to why people are not a fan of Hillary is that she seems to be afraid of the truth. Let's talk about some of Hillary's biggest lies. We can't cover them all. We don't have the time nor the resources. The best thing about it is that there is no sign of these lies stopping. As long as Hillary is around she will make foolish lies up in order to boost her image. As you will read on this page there is no limitation to what she will say in order to improve her image and she is not afraid of the consequences as she has already been caught many time.

One thing that Hillary does is leads people to think she is more like them when she is, in fact, not at all like them. For instance Hillary likes to create stories that will make her seem more relateable with the middle class. One example of this was when Bill finished his presidency they had to struggle to make ends meet. She stated that with their mortgages and Chelsea's education it was very difficult to make it through these tough times. Seriously? Yes, seriously Hillary said these things.

Let's talk about another crazy tale by Hillary. This one is more in line with the Brian Williams variety. She said that while in Bosnia her plane was under sniper fire. Later video surfaced of her casually strolling off of her airplane and into the airport. In due time she was forced into an embarrassing admission of creating this story.

They Think They Know Me

Evil  Hillary
Evil Hillary | Source

Hillary in 2016

Hillary is looking to capitalize on the thin crop of presidential candidates for the 2016 election. In the Democrat party there is no real threat to overtake her. That does not mean there will not be controversy along the way.

First off, after a previous debate it was widely spread that she won the debate. CNN created polls that went on and on about how Hillary was the clear winner and how everyone is in her corner. The only problem with that is that it simply was not the case. All independent polls had Bernie Sanders as the clear cut winner. Poll after poll showed that the majority of all viewers were feeling the Bern. Why would this happen? Well, Hillary happens to have CNN in her back pocket. Yes. Poor, struggle to get by Hillary has so many connections at CNN there is no way she will ever lose a debate on that network, no matter how bad she actually loses it.

Another thing that gives Hillary a great chance to capitalize on becoming the President of the United States of America is the fact that there is no clear cut winner in the GOP. On top of that, there are many candidates lacking experience. For instance, at the time of the creation on this site, Donald Trump is the leading candidate. While Trump has shown to be a very strong businessman he has exactly 0 experience in politics. He is presenting himself in many positive ways, but getting someone who has absolutely no experience to win an election against the Hillary Clinton brand is going to be no easy task. The GOP needs someone like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz to step up and take charge of the party, but at this time that has just not happened yet.

That said, there is still plenty of time. As time goes on there will be someone in the party who will eventually take charge and lead the way and show the country a strong alternative to this evil former first lady named Hillary.

Pictured below are Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. Two candidates who have just not been able to gather the momentum needed to take charge of the party, but they have solid ideas and will continue to evolve as the primaries draw nearer.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio

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More Hillary Lies

Still need to hear some more Hillary lies? Don't worry, we will never run out.

Hillary claimed to have played a big role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process. She claimed that her role in the peace process could be described as "instrumental." As time went on she was accused of severely exaggerating this story. As time went on she went and let it disappear and focused on some new avenues in order to improve her perception with the public.

But wait that's not all. How much time do you have? We can fill any amount of time with Hillary lies. When the World Trade Center explosions happen it wasn't enough for Hillary to simply send condolences and grieve like the rest of the world. She had to make her daughter a part of the action. She claimed that Chelsea had to duck away into a coffee shop to gain shelter from the explosions. Like the other lies already discussed in this story, it was simply let to slide away and hope that everyone forgets about it.

Oh and maybe you heard about those emails? You know, the emails. The emails that she lied about and then they were proven to be there. I don't need to go on much more about this. As Bernie called them "those damn emails!"

In closer, is this really someone you trust to put the entire country in her hands? This is not someone that just made a lie and got caught and regretted it deeply. This has been going on for years and there is a lot of data backing up that she is not afraid to lie. We simply cannot allow someone that lacks in credibility like this and cannot be trusted to take over the presidency.

Hillary - Lies

I'm calling out you!

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Hillary's lies

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