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I Hate Politics

Updated on May 19, 2017
Pericles, Athenian Politician, Orator, General and Statesman.
Pericles, Athenian Politician, Orator, General and Statesman.

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”


I am going to let you all in on a little secret. I hate politics. I hate the people who love politics because they honestly can’t talk about anything or do anything that does not include politics. I hate the fact politics is now everywhere, from our movies, music to sports. Remember when those places were supposed to be places of escape. Not anymore! We get 24/7 hate, viral propaganda and soulless commentary from people who do not know what the f--- they are talking about. Politics has taken the place of religion for many.

When I was a kid I never dreamed I’d be sitting here with a cup of coffee writing a diatribe against this pervasive garbage that has sunk in everywhere like a deeply imbedded plague. I wanted to be a rock singer. I had been born with a tremendous voice and was taking lessons. I had a dream of being an actress to. Then I got sick, and lost my voice and that dream with it. The fact that I couldn’t even be allowed to fail at it was the part that hurt the most at the time and sometimes still hurts. A person should be allowed to fail, right? That’s what life is about failing and rising again after a fail.

Perfect example of the global elite and establishment: John Kerry, politician and former Secretary of State and Ben Affleck so called movie star.
Perfect example of the global elite and establishment: John Kerry, politician and former Secretary of State and Ben Affleck so called movie star.

Along comes the 1990’s and by 2000 I realized maybe I had to get involved in something I talked about a lot with people with whom I disagreed. These were people who lost faith and embraced the lefts lies and then tried to tyrannically assert themselves and their amorality on the rest of us. So off I went to DC, to work for a 501 c3, then for the House Majority Leader and then a job through Presidential Personnel in a small agency attached to the Department of Labor and OSHA. The dream jobs were always at Justice or Defense but I was content where I was. At least I was doing something.

What I learned while racing around Capitol Hill and DC is that politics attracts a very particular kind of individual. They are more driven by their own ambitions than in doing what is right for the country. I was there because I felt I had to be. If anything at least to be a witness to what was going on and how things worked. Let me tell you all something, in DC nothing works because the people in charge and I am not talking about elected lackeys I am talking about bureaucrat’s, don’t want it to work.

Politics was entertaining, stress inducing and ever moving. I suppose with the digital age and the internet/social media it moves even faster now. Some of the people I met like my former boss, House Majority Leader, Dick Armey, former congressman Jim Rogan, Kellyann Conway and a few others were and are amazing people that should be leading our country. Others, whose names won’t be mentioned, are the reason why we are in the world of hurt and hate that we are in now. Those people honestly don’t give two cares about you, me or anybody. They are there strictly to enrich themselves and they are entrenched like fly larvae on garbage in the bureaucracy, the political parties and their own districts. And trust me the worst night mare for them is Donald Trump in the White House because despite his billionaire status, he speaks like us, he lives like us and he knows them too well. They know it to. He kicked at the hornets’ nest of the establishment and they want him gone.

ESPN lost viewers because they couldn't let go of politics. And Colin Kaepernick lost respect from all over the league and fans. Cops watch football to.
ESPN lost viewers because they couldn't let go of politics. And Colin Kaepernick lost respect from all over the league and fans. Cops watch football to.

See, you have to be one of them. You have to be accepted by the establishment. If you are a Hollywood actor, a US Senator, a College Professor or a media personality you are part of the global elite. If you are a commercial fisherman, a factory worker, a law enforcement officer, a farmer, a sanitation worker or anyone whose life is considered menial by them you are not one of them. And do not dare to get involved in politics. No peasant you are scum and you will remain scum. Your opinion will be the opinion we preach to you through partisan grandstanding, film scripts, and media propaganda. Any other ideas you may have will be proscribed. It is that way because that’s the way these elites want it. That is why politics is smeared like bad lip stick over everything and everybody.

Think about it this way: Wouldn’t it be more fun if we could talk about issues and how to fix the problems? Of course! There is no reason why most of us cannot sit down and communicate like normal people. Here’s an example, my oldest brother, Bill Netzer Jr. was a true hippy. My big brother was born in 1943, just before the baby boom began. You could literally talk to him about anything and unlike others he would listen and you listened to him. In fact he was for taking California and dividing it up into six states because it had become unmanageable to govern. This was in January of 2001 when he said that. Bill was a real liberal and talking to him about issues without idiotic politics felt like we could actually get somewhere. But now days? If you were to bring that up to people in California with DS behind their names the leftist melt down would be epic. These meltdowns are fun to watch but pointless.

Politics hasn’t just ruined movies and the audience’s relationships with movie stars. The ones who remain mostly silent still bring us to the box office. The ones who don’t, fine you have a microphone Ziggy have at it but don’t expect those of us you just insulted in the heartland that you so awesomely call FLY OVER COUNTRY to flock to your latest vanity movie. And because Hollywood is global now these idiots don’t realize and pretend not to care that their fans in the US have become disenchanted and out right hostile to them. You’d think a narcissist would want everybody to love them. Not these people. Humphrey Bogart was one of the biggest liberals in Hollywood but he never insulted people who disagreed with him in the same way John Wayne on the other side never insulted people who disagreed with him. But they were grownups. We cannot say the same about Leo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, or Meryl Streep. I think my favorite moment of actress stupidity from the last year had to be when Streep lectured people on watching the College Football National Championship and why we shouldn’t watch it but instead culture ourselves with theater and or ballet or something. Hey Meryl, pretentious much? Look don’t get me wrong you are a great talent and I respect you. I even like you, but jeez lady, do you realize how completely obnoxious you sounded? What’s wrong with college football for crying out loud? My reaction was the reaction of every blue collar man and woman and many white collar people who heard her spew that screed. My reaction was up yours bring out the nachos, and wheres my crappy domestic beer.

American Pharoah don't know politics. He cares about carrots. And mares. A professional athlete.
American Pharoah don't know politics. He cares about carrots. And mares. A professional athlete.

Sports have been assaulted by politics. ESPN has lost a ton of its audience because of their never ending quest over the last few years to shove insane freaks like Bruce Jenner down our throats, as well as celebrating cop haters like Colin Kaepernick. Sports are supposed to be an escape from politics. Now days you can’t watch a football player being interviewed without some moron reporter asking a player like Aaron Rogers how he feels about LGBT issues or anthropomorphic climate change. He’s a football player you dolt not a pundit and what you, you dolt just asked him HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL! This is why horse racing is my favorite sport. A doltish reporter cannot ask American Pharoah or California Chrome or Always Dreaming about irrelevant issues. Horses are more serious than humans.

In the end I hate politics now more than ever. I hate it because it ruins relationships, solves no problems and creates a climate of hate. Its ruined movies, music and our culture because the people in the culture can't just create, they have to dictate. From Black Lives Matter to this stupidity of Antifa, to the fear and loathing of the global elite for the people and the division and tribalism they created with in our own country to stay in power it’s all dangerous for our country and the world. Politics is poison. Politics is weaponized tyranny and for the sake of our country and the planet we have to overcome it and start communicating again and realize we have so much more in common with each other than we think. I hate politics but I won’t stop commenting or being involved because I know everything about what I stated here is true and I know I am involved whether I want to be or not. But I still hate politics.


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      20 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Stephanie.....Bravo!! I cannot applaud you enthusiastically enough to make it matter here~~but trust that a standing ovation is in order! HATE politics?? OMG, if only the word, "hate" said it all, but it lacks in power and significance.

      Of course politics doesn't exist without......wait for it.....POLITICIANS!! 1.) It's too early to drag my soap box out of the closet. 2.) If I let loose here & now, the full release of my disgust, anger & total disrespect would quickly get me kicked outta here & locked up, I suppose! 3,) I'm so very tired and worn down, being the "alleged boss" with zero power, over the thieves, liars, narcissists, &, yeah sure: Work for US?? Let me know when to stop laughing

      ( or am I crying? It's hard to tell anymore.)

      This is a dynamite, light it up and dump it on Washington!! Peace, Paula


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