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The Real Racism In America

Updated on November 24, 2010

I was raised to be tolerant of people from all walks of life, but I was not raised to be tolerant of rampant hypocrisy. Some of the most hypocritical people today, in my opinion, are those who seem to spend the most time bemoaning the "fact" that they are the victims of constant prejudice and racial bias. Sure, what I have to say may seem like I'm being the racist...but only to someone who is closed-minded and discriminatory toward alternate viewpoints.

Racism has been around as long as there have been different races to be biased toward. Dating back to pre-biblical times, the denigration of a person because of their differences from you is not a novel concept and didn't begin when African Americans first set foot on North American soil. Well-educated persons of color will have to concede certain points here.

It always amazes me when some African Americans complain about how downtrodden and oppressed they are because their ancestors (from hundreds of years ago whose names they don't even know) were slaves. Americans enslaved them. Americans kept them in chains. Americans supposedly now "owe" them something for this. This is a lazy, and ignorant, mentality. The Dutch were actually the ones that shipped Africans to the New World and sold them to the newly empowered ex-British in their happy new homeland. Why isn't it the Dutch, then, that owe them and enslaved them?

Also, I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but us honkies were slaves once, too. In merry ol' England, it was called an "indentured servant" but it still amounted to slavery. Wow, I guess the British owe us for decades of oppression and impoverished servitude! In part, that's why the founding fathers of our allegedly "great" nation hopped on some rickety boats, spent months at sea, and landed on America's fair shores to start new escape the tyranny and injustice dealt to them at the hands of their patriarchs. The bizarre thing about that was that once they escaped, they set up cultural, financial, judicial, and social systems modeled after British ones.

Most of the media presents racism as being white versus black, with Caucasians being the evil and dictatorial "bad guys" that are filled with nothing but hate, hate, hate. Start paying attention and you'll realize that the ones who are doing the most complaining about being discriminated against are actually the ones who are doing the most discriminating.

For example...

The Miss America pageant is open to persons of all ethnic backgrounds. The BLACK Miss American pageant is open only to African American contestants. Do we dare attempt to limit entrants to the Miss American pageant to only Caucasians? Oh no, that would be racist!

Flip through the TV channels and you'll eventually come to BET if you have cable. Black Entertainment Television. All black, all the time. It's rare to even see the socially acceptable "token" on shows on BET. Is there a WET (White Entertainment Channel)? Of course not, that would be racist! And when African Americans feel that our "white" TV shows are too white, they complain and out comes "token" to make sure we have equal opportunity representation for persons of other colors.

The NAACP is, of course, race restricted for African Americans only. Is there an NAAWP? Absolutely not! That would be racist!

A high school in California had a big media frenzy a few years ago when a white student wanted to start a Caucasian Club because the school already had an African American, Jewish, Japanese, and Native American one. Was she allowed to do so? NO! She was told it would be RACIST to do so!

The only "club" Americans have ever been "allowed" to have that was exclusively white was the Ku Klux Klan, and they ended up screwing themselves out of legitimacy by becoming redneck extremists. (I don't approve of the Klan but their basic tenets when initially formed were reasonable, thought out, and well-drafted...something like America's founding dogma, until Americans themselves twisted it around to suit individual needs and political motivations.)

The proof of the real racism in America is, as they say, in the pudding. And the pudding is black.


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    • profile image

      Black Guilt 5 years ago

      I think that the white man should spray tan his skin black and live as a black man. I promise you black skin will PROTECT the white man.

    • profile image

      Daddy's Princess 7 years ago

      Interesting points in your hub, but one thing that is not correct is your statement regarding the NAACP. Their membership is not race restricted. Anyone can join. There is even a white guy on their leadership committee. He helped a friend of mine (who is white but whose hippie parents are lifetime members LOL) get a scholarship through them. But that being said, you are correct about you could not create an NAAWP.

    • fallenpixie09 profile image

      fallenpixie09 7 years ago

      Thank goodness for someone who finally said this!

    • sarasca profile image

      sarasca 7 years ago from Bristol, VA

      True, the issue isn't "black and white" or even "black versus white." At this point in our current era, it seems that Caucasians are taking a backseat to Hispanics. Spanish is required in many American high schools because of the number of Spanish students that don't speak English and aren't inclined to learn. But do we dare go to another country and demand that they speak our language (English) and teach it in their schools? Even such a simple thing as allowing non-American, non-English speaking persons to dictate what is taught in American high schools is a form of racism. But overall, regardless of what ethnic background you are, it still seems that all of them have preference in America over Caucasians.

    • GodsAngel1 profile image

      GodsAngel1 7 years ago

      You make some good points. Reverse prejudice has become the norm of current trends. There are many opportunities today that are offered only to blacks, because they are black, as well, but for some reason this is not considered discrimination. However, keep in mind that blacks are not the only people that have been discriminated against, or that have turned the tables for themselves. This issue is not as balck and white as it may seem.