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I Never Metamorphis Men Didn't Eventually Destroy.

Updated on March 15, 2011


I Never Metamorphis Men Didn't Eventually Destroy.



Peace is ever

the elusive buterfly,

it slips from our grasp

even when we think

it is ours to hold

and study its beauty.

Perhaps it is because

we have always

slapped at it, crushed 

and crippled it

in our vain attempts to keep it.

90 years ago it was

coccooned in the


fluttering hearts of all the world,

every human being was sure

it would be around forever

but it could not abide

the nectar in men's hearts

The urge for world conquest,

the greed, the hatred,

returned to rule

and so it fled again which

brought many more wars.

We are sadly still caterpillars

feeding on the bounty

of any and all that we

feel would be profitable.

The best example is the

foothold in the Middle East,

we have secured through

six years of bloodshed

just to have a close proximity

to their oil in case it is denied us.

Thousands have perished,

many more thousands

maimed forever, 

all to oil the palms

of big business,

and  to sate the glut of

a nation that suckles

hourly at the outdated habits

of fossil fuel addiction.


The butterflies still float

and settle over the poppies,

that have bloomed for

so long over Flander's Fields,

they grace the flowered

graves at Arlington,

the mounded trenches

dotted with wildflowers

at Buchenwsald, Daucha,

Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

but they cannot grace the 

wilting hearts of men

 until they learn to share

peace in a far more gentle

and accomodating way,

then their endless tragic

butchering of each other

in the pursuit of its loveliness.


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