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I Scream But No One hears.

Updated on December 7, 2009

I scream but no one hears me.


  - -


 / O \

I scream but no one hears me
boys are dying over there
being maimed and blown to pieces
babysitting, taking care.

Of the thousands of Iraqis
who'd have done it on their own
if our Commander-in-grief from Texas
hadn't sent their armies home.

He disbanded all their soldiers
now our men are forced to train
thousands who are not as qualified
and it makes our boys remain.

in unarmored Humvees they patrol
cause the money was not spent
in their rush to find mass weapons
unprepared our young men went.

Roadside bombs and snipers sniping
and most have no body armor
people say bush is the right man
and that I am an alarmer.

but men drown in the Tigris river
where's the safety lines, life jackets
are they short on those over there too
should we send some funds to back it.

I've heard the troops are running out
of bullets there as well
is this a place for your dear sons
dying in this hapless hell.

They've overcharged them for the food
and gasoline, it's wrong
by a company dick cheney ran
where I'm sure his stocks still strong.

bush had four years to catch old bin
so far he's caught my wrath
he promised he would get him
then he took another path.

I scream but no one hears me
while the screams of men who've died
will echo through the ages
asking if you ever tried....

to figure out if things were just
a wee but skewed and then
take steps to throw their killers out
and find some better men.

don't leave you pro-bush crap here
what's above is not a lie,
It's all facts that were uncovered
by some military guys.

who care more about their soldiers
then about how georgie looks
and these facts are what will make it
into future history books.

where old george will be a footnote
much like lyndon johnson was
just a blurb inside the index
written there to give men pause.

so that they will look at leaders
a lot closer then before
and make sure the troops have ways out
when they send them off to war.

In nine years you'll read this poem again
and I will still be screaming
cause our boys will still be dying there
"God I wish that I was dreaming.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III


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