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I Stand for THIS..stop bitchin and do it legally, Immigration

Updated on July 7, 2015
Graduation 2009. A proud momment for a legal immigrant and US citizen. Copyright 2010 AwBuchen
Graduation 2009. A proud momment for a legal immigrant and US citizen. Copyright 2010 AwBuchen

Do you live in a state directly effected by illegal immigration IE: CA, AZ, NM, TX?

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I Stand for THIS!

I’m not prejudice or a bigot although I do admit bigoted comments about drivers in my state or people that have cut me off in the grocery store. I’m not perfect, I frequently sin and God and I will talk about that when I see him. But I’m sick and tired of listening to the constant whining by Mexican Illegal’s.

What the hell is happening to people these days? Have you turned on the TV lately and seen any news involving Arizona and SB1070? Do you live in one of the States most affected by immigration issues IE: California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas? Have you been a victim or know a victim of a violent crime that was perpetrated by an illegal Mexican? Then maybe your stake in this is higher than someone in NY who has only seen an illegal alien on the news.

The world has changed allot in the last 50 years but what hasn’t changed is the desire by many people all over the world to become American citizens. The USA is still the old melting pot of culture it was when all those ship loads of people landed at Ellis Island. Those proud people that came through immigration to a new land of opportunity called America. These people came from all walks of life, from the well to do, to the dirt poor farmers of Ireland, all of them had paid their passage and were processed through immigration, unlike the Mexican illegals of today.

I asked have you watched the news. Do you see the faces of the Latino people as they hold their signs proclaiming all Arizonians are bigots and the law SB1070 is racial profiling? What kind of crap is that when a race of people supports coming to a country illegally and then asks for amnesty for those illegal’s and then calls all those in opposition racists and racial profilers. It’s as if you can’t say Mexican without stirring their resentment, but what do they have to be resentful of? They are the ones here illegally not us Americans.

Half the argument I hear from them is “well it’s so bad in Mexico we wanted a new start” If that’s so why did you opt to start off illegally? Why not have spent the $3000 - $5000 dollars you spent on the Coyote that brought you over the border on legal immigration? Is it because you have something to hide like a violent criminal past? Or is it you just don’t respect American justice and believe doing it any other way but the correct way is better?

Today I saw photographs of a popular illegal crossing near Tucson and those photo’s explained allot, do a search on Google for Tucson illegal crossing; you’ll see what I mean about disrespect for another country. The images of trash piled high in washes where illegals dump their garbage before entering our cities. That’s the kind of respect we are getting from these people asking for us to look the other way and grant them amnesty.

The Dream Act is a joke. Again it’s a reward for a criminal activity or a result of a criminal activity and that makes it against our Constitution. Our law of the land is explicit about immigration, those laws and the subsequent Federal and State immigration laws are in place, and as laws need to be followed by every race and individual. Asking that some be allowed to side step those laws is in itself illegal. If a child of an illegal has been criminally free of charges and has held relatively good grades so far then they must return to Mexico and apply for a pardon due to the indiscretions and illegal act of their parents. If granted then apply for either student visas or enter the lottery for permanent residency like every other immigrant from around the world. The parents of any child should be deported and be required to wait the required number of years and apply for their pardons and then apply through proper channels for admittance to the USA failure to do this should be dealt with as criminal and punishable.

That’s the only fair way to do anything about the illegal issue from Mexico. They are criminals and are here illegally under our immigration laws Constitutional, Federal and State and must follow the laws as anyone else would have to. So its time to wipe your faces of the oppressed looks and the “who us” attitudes and step up to the plate. You didn’t think twice about coming here illegally now don’t think twice of going back and doing it the legal way if your even worthy of admittance.

Stop looking for handouts and a free ride. There’s and old saying for illegal aliens “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” If everyone else for the “majority” can do it legally why shouldn’t you?


The logical conclusion on the immigration issue is to follow the existing laws on immigration. Those here illegally must be removed, those here that have committed capital offenses should be dealt with capitally. Children used ans anchors must be stopped and legislation updated to fill any gaps in the law allowing such exploitation in the future. And finally the border between the two countries calls out for a stronger more secure border, ensuring the safety of American citizens.

Have you been a victim or know a victim of a violent crime committed by a Mexican Illegal?

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Do you support SB 1070?

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