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I am Not Cool

Updated on March 15, 2015

It's cool to be Uncool

I dedicate this blog In support of a recent trending topic on Instagram call I am Not cool.

This trend is raising awareness about social media and its way of hiding an individual’s imperfections. We post pictures of our lavish lifestyles but yet, not our fears, failures or hurts. The movement, I Am not cool, is making it known to everyone that it is okay to be uncool.

Everyday our youth are faced with competition amongst their peers. Everyone wants to have the latest pair of Jordan’s or the newest iPhone. We create a standard in society and insinuate with our actions that if a person does not have what everyone else has they are considered “lame” or poor. We have failed to teach the importance of being original individuals. We create a façade for our lives, covering up the imperfections and hiding everything we don’t want others to see or know. We pretend well like everything is going great in our lives when really we are breaking down inside and losing a grip on life. We need more people to be raw and authentic when it comes to transparency in social media.

If we have everyone trying to maintain some sort of social status, who then, will be the one to address the actual problems that we face on a day to day basis? We find ourselves covering up and wearing masks to prevent others from knowing our real issues, when really it is okay and sometimes necessary to open up and be yourself with others. You never know if you’re dealing with an issue that someone else has either gone through or currently experiencing. Most times, the trials and tribulations that we encounter have nothing to do with us, but more to do with what we can pass along to generations to come. We should spread the message of transparency; It’s Cool to Be Uncool.

Our young men and women are watching our phony glamourous lifestyles and try to mirror what they do not understand. I made it a personal vow to never become envious of what I see on social media, simply because, I do not know what a person had to do to get what they have. I do not make a variation between status classes because I know that just because a person drives a Rolls Royce doesn’t necessarily mean they have an education, it just means they have good taste and a lot of money. We cannot take everything we see on social media so literally all of the time. A picture says a millions words but you never know what’s hiding in the background.

Some days I don’t feel 100%. As a woman and a mother I go through days of just blah! I’m okay with wearing my hair in a ponytail, dressed in sweat pants, a loose shirt and an old pair of gym shoes because I am completely content with who I am and what I have. No one knows the gravity of my “plate” and if I feel like running errands dressed comfortably, I will do so. When it’s time for me to get dressed I know how to work magic baby, but the point is, I am not out trying to impress anyone! Of course I want more out of life, but I also know that being grateful with what I have now will only cause me to be more appreciative of what is to come. If I ran around trying to compete with everyone for this that or the other, I will never fully focus on my personal goals or aspirations because I’m constantly trying to outdo the next individual. At that point I am no longer me, I am now who society says I have to be.

Spread the message, it’s cool to be uncool! We don’t have to pretend like our lives are perfect, anyone with common sense would know that this could not be true. Don’t stress about the things that you do not have, if it were meant for you to have you would certainly have it. Social media tends to exaggerate our lifestyles never really providing the realness of ourselves, essentially hiding who we really are. Our young men and women are following our example that we set out. We are showing them that they should hide who they really are and always keep up with the newest trend. I’ll be the first to say I am Uncool! I may be a beautiful swan but I also have real life issues that I have to overcome. I am not perfect & I don’t want anyone to ever assume that is the message I am trying to send out. My message is simple, if you’re going to be anything be the best. With that being said you can only be the best YOU that you can possibly be. Learn yourself and love yourself and always remember it’s cool to be uncool!


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    • IWriteyouRead profile imageAUTHOR

      Kristina Riddle 

      3 years ago from Joliet, Il

      Thanks I appreciate your feedback! I promise to provide more great reads!

    • social thoughts profile image

      social thoughts 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      This article is cool. ;) I like how you get your point across. I had not heard of the "uncool" trend. So, thanks for telling people about it and highlighting the importance of being genuine.


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