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I am Not Political by Merwin

Updated on July 1, 2012

I am Not Political (part one?)

I would like to begin by stating that I am really, not at all, political.

I do not think that any political posture will be able to bring about the promises of a better tomorrow. I don’t think Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians can fix what is broke. If they all worked together for a change, they would still, not be able to reverse the course that this country is on.

In recent months I have been diligently promoting Ron Paul. I have been highly enthusiastic about what he advocates and the methods he uses to present his ideals to us. He is not the lesser of all the available evils that is our government. He is a glowing example of someone who is able to see the appropriate course for liberty and economic health for a country that has a cancer that has masticated.

I would have liked to have seen him get elected… and I still have not given up on that. And. I would love to see others like him get elected to various offices.

But… I am not political, I am someone from the outside of all that, who looks at “us”, and is wondering what is going to happen in our near future. And I see a large variety of likelihoods and the whys and wherefores for each. Can I be wrong about my estimates? Of course!

Allow me please to speculate a little.

Let us imagine that miracles were to happen and Ron Paul was to be nominated as the GOP candidate. There would be so many occurrences that would thwart our/his hopes for a healthier nation, the most likely would be the sitting POTUS would declare Martial Law before the election. This would stop the election from happening and he would remain President until Martial Law was lifted. Or, “they” would assassinate Ron Paul. Or Ron Paul, if elected, would be stifled by corrupt governance. Or, the least likely, “they”, succeeded in turning him by threats to his family or by other means.

These scenarios, granted, are me “tripping”, thanks for tripping with me.

So, what may be my purpose in promoting Ron Paul in the face of all that..? Because when one can see the best presentation of what this country is supposed to represent, he has a duty. Even if the position happens to be “out of the question”, or hopeless, or even impossible, to stand up and say that he or she agrees with that presentation.

I am Not Political ~
Part 2

So if I am not political then what might I be?

According to Politicians, I would be a member of “the private sector”.

Talk about a way to minimize the identity of the people who you are supposed to represent. Talk about marginalizing, and rendering as insignificant as possible, your employers. Talk about making as faceless and nameless as possible, they, which continue to place their hopes in you, the Politician.

Now, that (according to them) we are not even a number. Now, that we have bought and paid for, all the promises that have never been delivered. Now that we, “the private sector” are sufficiently bombarded, bamboozled, and buffaloed, what might be their next step for us, the nameless ones? What do these “Politicians” intend for us, since they have reduced our Constitution to a meaningless scrap of parchment that they feel at liberty to ignore..?

I really don’t know.

It is fairly obvious that they are wholesaling our country out to global concerns. And the global economic community’s only interest in the “ugly Americans”, are as consumers, to keep their people working. It is obvious as well, that our Constitutional Identities as Americans are quickly falling prey to global mandates.

Through all our huge cluster of divided directions and compromised values… the pulling and tugging at our senses of what we consider to be fair play, and right conduct, which is intentional in my opinion, they… our “leaders” want us off balance. They want us confused and in disagreement with one another, so as to make us throw up are hands in frustration and mistrust of our fellow brothers and sisters of “the private sector”. And then, while we have our hands up… we may as well surrender? I think not.

I am not in the least Political.

I am for right conduct, for caring for all people, even for the misguided “Leadership”. I am for hoping, and striving for a better tomorrow. I simply don’t think we will ever have it delivered by those who keep selling us empty containers.

I think we are at the very end of things.

I am fairly certain that mine is the generation that will see the return of Jesus in His Father’s power and glory. I believe that everything will be set right very soon and we will see it come to pass. I believe we all must do our best to discern corrupt behavior and speak against it, and speak (and write) in favor of appropriate conduct whenever we see it.

I will continue as long as I may, to comment about the political, even while I am not a politician.


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