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I am Troy Davis, I was buried on October 1st

Updated on April 15, 2012

Related in a special way

This morning I logged in to read an email from the NAACP: "Yesterday Troy Davis was laid to rest."

Of course, I never knew him, nor I am related to him, but in a way, I do feel that part of me, there's a part of my history, of what makes me, that died with him.

As I'm writing this there are people that still defend the goodness of a judicial system that states to an individual "you need to prove your innocence". What was Troy Davis found guilty for?

A post in Facebook reads: "If the court system found that Troy Davis was guilty, he sure got what he deserved". My answer to him goes something like: "So, never mind court proceedings, or the death of Troy (R.I.P) let's talk about a simple thinking process. You are saying that if the data that leads you to a conclusion is faulty, missing or dubious, your conclusion still stands corrected?

I got no replies to that. But it doesn't make a difference, at least not for Troy. Not for his immediate family. What is the point of fighting for civil rights if, in the end, they still kill you and arrest you for claiming justice?

Civil liberties are a fantasy

In any event, my heart goes out to the brethren of Savannah's Jonesville Baptist Church, in the city of Savannah, State of Georgia, where more than a thousand gathered to bid farewell to Mr. Troy Davis and to express their condolences to his family.

We will all talk and post about this for a few days, and then we will move on. When our turn comes, maybe the media will also cover our story, people will talk about us...

And then they'll move on too. An endless merry go round of violation of nonexistent civil liberties.

But we don't want to read this. We don't want to think that, in all fairness, is not true that we really live in a democracy. That we just have enough space to be entertained. To feel free. But we are not free. Slavery has not been abolished but transformed.

It is more likely for you to go to jail for claiming your rights than it is for actually committing a crime. Because this is not about the good of the people, but the good of the few.

And if the few have enough people eating crumbles of their gains, then they have created a shield that will preserve the status quo.

Those are the ones that see in these kind of postings a heresy, when in fact, one is posting to denounce the abuse of a government toward those that have deposited their faith in them.

A government whose merrymen end up richer, and whose servants end up poorer.

That is not a democracy, that is almost feudalism. In so much we are embedded in pharmaceutical superstitions, with the very media that won't cover significant events telling you again and again there is something wrong with you, and the whatnot of the latest gossip.

Listen closely, Obama lies... they all do.

Where do we stand? Where do I stand?

The reason they keep selling you on a dream is because of our pennies and bits of dollars, and of course, our blinded belief and negligence. Time and time again we hope on someone to be up there for the rest of us. That is never going to happen. They are not in those positions because of you, but because of them. They are there to make sure their bread makes it to the table.

They will cut funds on Medicare in a greater percentage than they will cut funds on Defense, why? Because taking care of your health is not sound business, but military contracts are. Taking care of areas like Detroit, Washington DC, South Georgia, South Mississippi, New York, New Jersey (north of the Turnpike) is not sound business.

Making sure there is justice for all is too expensive, is a fairy tale. In fact, it is justice for the few. The system is rigged to favor the 1%. It is not about religion, or race, or location. This is about the haves versus the have nots.

Troy Davis had none. So do I. We sure are related in a very special way.

Some part of me was buried yesterday, some part of us. May the part that lives in us never allow the dream to die.


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    • shea duane profile image

      shea duane 

      7 years ago from new jersey

      I think capital punishment is cruel and unusual. How can it not be? Before Troy Davis was killed, my son asked me, "Is he guilty?" I answered, "I don't think so, but the point is that he is a human being and should be treated as such." You're right, the haves are winning... May Troy Davis rest in peace.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I totally agree with you CrazyGata. There was much too much doubt in this case to execute someone. Most of the witnesses recanted. There is far too much injustice and inequality in our criminal justice system. This execution went through because the Governor did not want to be seen as soft on crime and because African-Americans are not going to support him anyhow. His decision was pathetic and criminal.


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