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I am a Racist and I practice racism.

Updated on July 19, 2013

This brother and sister are very mixed race. Maybe not.

I think maybe aliens from outer space are a different race --- but hey, maybe not.
I think maybe aliens from outer space are a different race --- but hey, maybe not. | Source

What do these words mean? What should they mean?

Racist and racism makes good people jump and be repulsed. But these are only words. But the boogey man power we have given racist and racism is extraordinary. When I see the conduct that we take these words to mean, I cringe and get ill. But is that what racism and racist should mean. We have co-opted those words and I suggest the reverse should be used. This is dramatic to prove my point.

Buddhist means what? Capatalism means what? Biologist means what? pragmatism means what?

We put these suffixes in place to mean the study and proficiency or practice and faith in something.

So what the heck happened with racist and racism?


Let me say that this is dedicated to a friend named Lastheart here. To me she is Maria de Santos the Americas. She does not endorse my fanciful flights of delusion but she supports the me in me. And that is what we must do. Support the her in her and the him in him. And glorify our individual beauty.

Yep I have different children with different races. That does not make sense.

Excuse me! Have you ever heard of the human race? I belong to that,,,, at least I think so, but when I see hate, I would rather not. (is a second gen German Mexican a different race that me an adopted child of third generation German Americans who was born black Irish and Italian) And what about my poor youngest born to his Vietnamese mother and a mutt like me?

I do not think there are races of humans. I think that is social political not science. I do not see Homo-sapiens split into subcategories. Tell me if I am wrong.

I mean I get some are dark and some are light and some are taller and some are fatter but I know of no genetic markers or significant physiological traits that could separate by race. Isn't if funny we say "red" man, "yellow" man and black man and my favorite -- "White?" man.

Ok Asianic, Negroid, caucasoid --- bull pucky. I have seen Asians with rounder I than mine, I have seen Negroes with lighter skin than mine -- and some real cocks that were not Caucasian at all ;-)

Is there a race difference here.

Hi, I am Eric and that is my Nina. I hear that we are both humans. How could that be? She is older and smart and I just poop and burp and eat and sleep.
Hi, I am Eric and that is my Nina. I hear that we are both humans. How could that be? She is older and smart and I just poop and burp and eat and sleep. | Source

Let us assume there are races. I can live with that for exterior reasons.

So what I do is study races. I love it. And I somewhat worship all they got. Not quite like a god but like something to be revered. Like ancestor worship. I suppose that is my ism. Or is it the fact like to assimilate and practice that is my ism or is that my ist?

On our base human condition I love races. I try to find differences and diversity that I can celebrate. And I like to find nuances and preferences and reverences that I can bet on on incorporate.

But my favorite is when something like a Tibetian type Chinese acts like a Rwandan. Now that is cool and tough.

I just love animals of the earth. And by golly jingles that includes man.

Here is a list of races that should be included.

New York People




Really super duper almost translucent black people.

Really really pale Asians

People who are Red

Mutts. Hey we earned it.

Those deep Brezhnev looking Russkies

Someone who just plain looks Jewish, Likewise with Arabs.

How about Rastafarians? Tre cool.





Sports heroes

I think you get my point.

So are you like me that practices Racism?

boy o boy I hope so. I travel alot. I like my countries. I spend most my time walking or of course sleeping while visiting. That is funny huh. But I like either a mountain of shoreline or people to spend my days with. I like animals too. And I love botany, and weather.

But I reckon I like people most of all. From the fountain of Trevee(sp) to the Yellowstone geysers to NY and Puebla and Saigon and Hong Kong and New Delhi and Sydney and Moscow, Cairo and Oslo, I like em all. And so many more. But not the place, the space of my people who are your people who are our people who are us and we.

Do you like races, then you are a racist and welcome

Do you like to see the differences in people and celebrate them?

See results

I am a conservative warmongering bastard but I love this stuff. I guess I am just a lover.

So join me my friends in being true to the racist and racism card.

I love race. I love your race. I love my race. I love my children's races and my wife's and my cousins and I hope to keep learning about them. I want there to be China Towns and Cajuns and places like Quartier Pigalle, or Nepal or Appalachia.

We are all the children of this earth. Let us learn and appreciate.


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