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A Woman is not a Goddess!

Updated on November 10, 2015

A woman is simply a lady, a female. I presume that is what most dictionaries will tell you. A deity on the other hand is a deity, an idol or a spirit. A goddess then is a supernatural being who is way above humans. A man is simply a bloke, a chap, a gentleman; in other words, he is any other normal guy. A human being is a person, an individual or a creature. Clearly then, the goddess is above all human beings including men and women.

So, back to women; women are people, right? Can you really categorise women? Can you say all women are bitches, goddesses, blondes or whatever? No! Yet, all women are human beings. Yes, they sometimes manage herculean tasks such as taking shit through years and years, giving birth to a child, working like an ass and many more but well, they are human beings whether we treat them like human beings or not is upon us.

They are not divine. We characterise them as divine to channelize our own guilt. They sacrifice literally everything for us and some women have lives that are worse than pet dogs. The men know it and hence, they call these women goddesses because it places them above the other human beings. A goddess can do more things than human beings and hence, it is only fair that the woman works her ass off throughout her life because she is a goddess.

Well, the hard hitting truth is that she isn’t a goddess. She gets tired of the work. She gets frustrated like normal office workers do. Unlike them, she can’t take an off, leave everything and walk away. She feels the pain when she takes a beating because she isn’t a goddess. She feels hurt when you mistreat her or speak rudely to her. She feels everything because she is a human being and not a goddess. You have entrapped both yourself and her in this divine net wherein she thinks sacrifice and happiness of the family is the purpose of her life and you worship her because she goes beyond herself to satisfy you and the family. She completely ignores herself.

If women were goddesses and had supernatural powers, they would never slog hours and hours; they’d just wave a magic wand. However, they sap their energy out like all other human beings do when they work. Sadly, not only do they not get paid for their work, but they are also never thanked. They are only repeatedly told they are goddesses who keep the family going. For how long are the men and women going to live under this illusion?

Also, this isn’t respect. This is just a pathway to channelize your guilt of never sharing her workload and never being around her. This is why women going to offices who don’t contribute to household work are looked down upon. For, they are not giving more than they should and hence, can’t be called goddesses. Similarly, women who don’t want children, don’t want to get married, drink, have sex are looked down upon. How can a goddess behave like that?

Can normal human beings existing on earth in the form of women be respected just because they are normal human beings in the form of women? Do they need to go a lot more than an extra mile to gain respect from the society? Aren’t women individuals first and family members later?

A lot of feminists are rejected on the grounds of pseudo-feminism. Pseudo-feminism in lay terms is when women look down upon men and say that they are better than men and hence, they deserve more respect. How different is pseudo-feminism from the theory that women are goddesses?

Respect is when you admire someone or hold a high opinion of someone. So, does this mean that it is mandatory for women to demean themselves and slog their lives out in order to be worshipped as goddesses or in other words to achieve the guilty reverence of their families and society alike?

Anyone who is a good human being and causes no harm to society should be treated with respect, right? So, do mortal women who aren’t goddesses deserve respect? Or do they need to clean the house, cook, earn money if they want to, take the beatings of their husband, listen coyly to the in-laws, have sex and produce children in order to qualify and fall under the criteria of respected women? Oh! Did I mention not talk to boys, cover their bodies and not go out with friends all the time? If they do, the society will look down upon them and not respect them. They cannot be called goddesses no.

There have been more than enough instances where a woman’s respect is said to lie in her body, a woman is compare to goddesses of Hindu mythology. A large number of Bollywood movies have a dialogue which goes something like men insult the same women they pray to. Well, they pray to goddesses but they insult human beings if they don’t behave like goddesses.

The final decision then lies upon the women. Do we wish to accept our human bodies and live a normal life or do we want the status of goddesses? The former will give us a happy life of our own choice and with a little fight, even respect. The latter will give us a status of respect but a distressed life with absolutely no choices of our own. The power lies with us.


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