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People with a addiction problem need help not a jail cell!

Updated on August 5, 2016


As with many people I suffer from addiction. One thing I think needs to be said is Addiction is Addiction, I do not believe that any one addiction is worse than another. It bothers me when I tell people my addiction and you see instant judgement and disappointment. While they smoke, drink, gamble, caffeine, or junk food some of the more accepted addictions. As for me I suffer from a few like smoking, caffeine, and I love junk food though I try and limit my self It helps being Vegan. That being said my real addiction's the ones I cant make it through the day with out are Heroin, and Meth. Now these are the two that Instantly have people making up there mind that I am a bad person.

Now that its all out in the open we can get started. Addiction can be more than just drugs, people some times suffer from addiction that ruins there life. Yet they have never done a drug in there life. Also you have people who we all look up too Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, George W Bush, or most of our top Musicians. So It is clear that you can use drugs with out addiction. People who have a addictive personality or addiction in the jeans from they parents will get addicted to something unless this is treated or at some point the pattern is broken. As for me My mom, dad, brother, and sister are also addicts we have all be addicted to the same thing pain killers, Its not limited to them but that is the strongest one we all suffer from.

Since I was young I've done just about every type of drug there is and I would guess the only reason there are some missing from my list is because I didnt have a chance to try them. I started with weed in elementary school. That was I used till High school then it was ecstasy, and alcohol. Then after school all of those were still used from time to time along with mushrooms, acid, MDMA (same as ecstasy kinda), Meth, Heroin, Xanax, coke, and im sure there is more but you get the point. All of these drugs I used with out getting addicted of all of those the last ones i tried were heroin, and meth both of which hooked me more heroin than meth.

Now all of this said after everything I tried with out getting addicted it wasn't till i tried what both my parents were addicted to that i finally got hooked. I believe that addiction is a disease and needs to be treated as such. We have a terrible system in the United states addict's get locked up then released and go right back to using because the issue there addiction was ignored. We are getting to a point that we need to have a serious talk about how bad the drug problem is in the United states, yet we are un willing to admit our failure in are useless war on drugs. As it is the cost of treatment centers are sky high and the free ones are for the most part a joke. We need to stop this cycle and not lock up people who need help from some one who is trained to deal with them

I will be talking about this more as we go on and ill put up some poles, and statistics on our topic. My main point of doing this is to try and make some of you under stand a couple of thing like how people who suffer from addiction need professional help, and that jail is just giving them more contacts and making them have no reason to stay clean they were forced with being taught to deal with there problems. Also not all of us are bad yes I have used fake pee to get/keep job but i have never stolen from any one, I have worked a full time job since i was 16 and feel if i want to come and use drugs why should that matter, you an be a drunk and now in most state smoke weed now but that's were we draw the line. We accept the most deadly drug in america Alcohol is a good thing and people who are drunk are ok, the truth is that no

Do we as a country need to stop the war on drugs.

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1970 (The start of the war on drugs)

The Longest War In American History

After more than 40 years and at least $1 trillion, America’s so-called “war on drugs“ ranks as the longest-running, most expensive and least effective war effort by the American government. Four decades after Richard Nixon declared that “America’s public enemy No. 1 in the United States is drug abuse,” drug use continues unabated, the prison population has increased six fold to over two million inmates (half a million of whom are there for nonviolent drug offenses), SWAT team raids for minor drug offenses have become more common, and in the process, billions of tax dollars have been squandered. Say's John W. Whitehead Attorney, President of The Rutherford Institute, and author of ‘Battlefield America’.

This is also a Civil war that we are fighting on our home soil innocent people are dying every day millions of people are being locked up in prison. For what because they do something that even the government cant tell you what ones are good or bad. All of are legal drugs were either illigel at one point or they are just a pharmacy version of a illegal one that we say is ok. They we let people like pharmaceutical reps in to bribe the doctors into mass prescribing this drug or that drug. We let them get away with this? We let the people who brought us Oxycontin put tv add's out saying it wasnt addictive and ask you doctor about it, They should be help responcable for this type of blaten lying yet they are not because they also pay off our government so they look away being bought buy special interest 3rd party lobbyist

We as a people need to say enough is enough. We are sick of watching our sisters, brothers, mothers, and father being lock up over this none sense. We are sick of innocent cops,and people dying over this. The cartel works and a supply and demand basis, If we stop contributing to keep out fellow american down and in the same repetitive cycle then we can fix this. We can change the way this works get people help not contribute to the problem.

Some estimates say that in the US (beyond just the federal government), we spend over $51 billion total on the Drug War. We’ve spent over a trillion dollars since the beginning of the War on Drugs, during Richard Nixon’s presidency. I have also read that a judge in New York is sending drug users who come to court to treatment instead of jail and it is saving the government money. Its cheaper for us to do the right thing yet we still wont. Hopefully this catches on. They failed to stop the people during Prohibition and they are clearly failing now. The war on drugs need to be over. We need to come up with a new system that is in place to help people. Locking people up for non violent crimes is not the answer. The longer this goes on the more innocent people get hurt on both sides of this. We as a nation need to be united not fighting each other but standing together helping each other when we need help. Be there for you fellow Americans.

After hearing all of this do you think we should lock people up for drugs or give the treatment?

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