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I don't like you because you're PURPLE....

Updated on January 31, 2015

I was born DARK SKINNED....Is that my fault?

Beautiful for a Black girl? Beautiful for a Black woman? I really wish that someone would explain to me what this means? I've experienced in my lifetime what most people would consider to be racism. You know, disregard because of your race from another race? But what do we call this type of social inequality driven by those in your own race? I know right? What type of racism is that? I grew up up in two places as a child. Originally in Brooklyn, NY, flying free In the city,

I experienced my first form of racism from my own race in Brooklyn however. In Pre-K, I was told by another student that I was black. I was so confused! He was black too? Now, because I was still a child, I didn't quite understand why this little boy had a tone in his voice that made me feel like I needed to hide under a rock. It was later in the school year that I realized that he was speaking of my dark skinned complexion. It was the feeling of that very moment that began an emotional roller coaster of low self-esteem and self-pity. Why did I feel this way? As a child, I just didn't understand why this other child who was just a little lighter-skinned than I would be so rude about how I looked. From that day on, I grew a complex about my skin color without even knowing how deeply hurt I'd been. Because I'd never encountered this hurt before, I didn't combat the pain. Instead, I allowed it to sink in.

My family moved to South Carolina. Although, I enjoyed living in Brooklyn, a seed of "feeling less than" had been planted in my mind. Moving to the south? Well, that was interesting. I remember coming home everyday telling my mom how much I hated being in South Carolina. I would beg to go back to New York everyday. Well, that of course couldn't happen.

So I lived the life dealt to me the best way I knew how. My life was constantly filled with ridicule about my skin and my unattractive tone. The strength that I gathered from just being silent in my childhood kept me sane most of the time. Attempted suicides were only shared with my father who was constantly there to tell me how beautiful I truly was.

Thank GOD and a reassuring father, that I'm still alive!

BEAUTIFUL for a Black Woman?

I encountered Inter-race racism in every grade in school for as long as I could remember. But it wasn't until college that I had some sort of healing to begin to take place in my heart. OK! In college? Although girls may not get the most healthiest attention from guys, it's still attention right? Well, my college years were great to say the least! There were plenty of guys that appreciated my skin color! Ha! Yes, I thought, I really am as beautiful as I've always thought I was! I was a broadcasting minor and vigorously trained daily to groom as a radio dj on the SCSU station WSB 90.3. Off campus, I worked at two local stations. One in St. George and another station in Holly Hill. Both gospel stations.

At my Holly Hill station, a co-worker after introducing himself to me says, Wow. You're beautiful for a Black girl. I didn't think dark skinned girls were attractive until I met you. You're gorgeous!

My entire grade school career, I've heard how light-skinned was just better. Not only for girls, but also for guys. I have to admit, while I don't entirely like really light-skinned guys, I do love caramel complexioned men. However, I also think the lovely and dark skinned Idris Elba, the actor is just handsome beyond words!

Well, I'm not just beautiful for a Black Woman...I AM BEAUTIFUL | PERIOD

Dark Skinned VS Light Skinned....Fight!?

So my reason for sharing is of course to ask a very serious question to my people? Why do we hate on the skin color of another human being? My teenage years were a wash because I was depressed. Why, It was because I couldn't be accepted among my peers in my own skin.

I learned about Wilie Lynch later on in life. The story of one white man who wrote a letter on how to keep blacks separated during slavery. It's amazing that the discovery of lights versus darks started back then with what I call the "Willie Lynch Mentality". A speech given by Willie Lynch on how to make and keep slaves in 1712 in Virginia was the beginning of our Inter-racial hatred for each other for my people. I strongly believe that. The Light skinned was turned against the Dark skinned on purpose.

Interesting right? This was one of his rules of thumbs to keep slaves in order. What an interesting concept!

Make it stop....But how?

Inter-race racism? This cancer of lowliness began in my childhood. Hence, there is must stop before it starts. This can only be stop in our homes. What we tell our children about love and respect for ONE another? This is vitally important. We must teach our kids early to love all skin tones. Not only all of our skin tones, but our different shapes, sizes, personalities, and respect one another's beliefs.I love my race, people of the world, but more importantly, I've learned to love the skin I'm in.

I've always thought the color purple was a royally beautiful color. A unique and dark rich color just like me. But everyone doesn't like purple as much as I did/do. As a child I just wanted my personal skin tone to be loved just as much as I loved coloring everything purple. Every color in a box of Crayola Crayons are important and significant. Why? It's because they're all different. It's our differences that make us all unique to everyone else. Being unique in your skin is a GOD given gift. Embrace it.

I think every parent should talk about the effect that Willie Lynch has possibly had on our past, present, and future culture. When I have a daughter or a son one day, I want their skin color to be embraced. I don't want to pray that God will give them a lighter skin complexion than I have to ensure they have a better life? I want my children to be proud of the skin that they're in. Let's have a conversation with our children. Let's put an end to sad faces due to ridicule of his/her skin color from our own people. We only want happy little faces, full of confidence and life!

Would you help me stop the ongoing fight of ....Light skin VS Dark skin?

I love you....Every shade of you.

Light Skinned VS Dark Skinned...Fight for the truth

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