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I don't really think people are born gay but I don't think it's really a choice either.

Updated on April 13, 2011

I think it's probably a psychological thing.

I in know way mean for this to be a gay bashing, bigoted or mean spirited piece. I was just thinking this morning, whilst crunching on my fruity pebbles about the nature of homosexuality. Now I myself am not of that persuasion, though I do recognize that Brad Pitt is a fine looking man and so on. I heard, in the background some sort of MTV campaign about not using certain words or adopting certain attitudes and was a bit off put about the emphasis given to how much the "homosexual lifestyle" is not a choice. I don't doubt that for many it is not. But I mean, really, I bet at least a few people have chosen to be gay. I don't think it would be impossible to be sort of on the fence and just kind of decide to go with being gay.

This however is not my issue. My issue, is why such emphasis on it not being a choice? Who cares if it is? I wouldn't care if someone decided they really liked sodomy and just went with it. Isn't this emphasis just a way of bending to the bigoted attitudes that many people still possess? I feel it would be liberating for the homosexuals (I realize they are not a homogeneous group, I'm just riffing here) to say "Yeah, so what if it is? It's none of your business!"

Personally I don't really jive with the idea that someone is born totally gay. I don't doubt one would come into the world with a disposition to it, but in my, admittedly not well researched, opinion, there must be some sort of psychological element to it as well. I don't mean this to imply the psychological element as something dirty or shameful or to call it a disorder. Many things we do are psychological in nature. Are people born as avid collectors of baseball cards? No, something in their development leads them to enjoy the act of trading and collecting them.

As I watched the effeminate, chin pierced boy with the excellent haircut lament the abuse and discrimination he has suffered over the years, I fully sympathized. I mean, I didn't really because honestly I didn't give two shits about the kid, but I believed and understood. I see no reason for discrimination in any way not directly related to qualification, merit and so on. However when he was asked how long he had been gay by the unseen interviewer his reply of "Always. I was born this way." rang hollow to me. There's no way the kid was lusting after hot dudes when he was one year old. At some point in his life he acquired his tastes and preferences as do we all.

I don't know, maybe I'm off base on this but I felt like sharing my opinion. Whenever I start to wax philosophical in real life, I find it difficult to articulate my views. So this.


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