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Warning! Scammer in South East London...

Updated on July 28, 2017

If a tall white guy by the name of "Mark" approaches you with a sob story about loosing his wallet and needing to get a train home to Hastings, do not give him any money... Just say "no" and walk away!

On Saturday July 8th, 2017 at approx.12:50pm I was walking towards Penge East train station on Newlands Park, SE26. I was approached by a tall (approx. 6ft) white man in his 30's wearing a clean white t-shirt and reflective sunglasses. He had blondish-brown hair which looked clean, styled and well kept. He had a South London accent and he appeared to be a confident speaker. He started by say "I'm not gonna rob you or anything like that"...

Point of contact. 0.25 miles from Penge East station.
Point of contact. 0.25 miles from Penge East station.

I thought he might want directions but he proceeded to explain his predicament, how he had lost his wallet and needed to get a train home. He also said that he had been walking around for 2 hours asking people for help but no one would give him the time of day. I offered to give him a £5 note as I did not have any smaller change but he said he needed to get a train home to Hastings which would cost £32.50. I told him I did not carry that kind of cash and he asked if I could withdraw some more money from a cash point at Penge East train station, even going as far as telling me that he would reimburse me if I was charged any extra for making the withdrawal. I live in the area so I told him that there isn't a cash machine at the station.


This is the number "Mark" uses as part of his scam.

I asked him if he needed to make a phone call but he said the only thing he had on him was his phone and that he had already called his brother who had no idea how to get to him to pick him up. I asked if he had been out partying last night as it did seem a bit odd that he was so far from home, but he told me he was an electrician who had come here to price up a job for someone. I believed his sob story and felt sorry for him so I told him to wait while I went into my parents house to see if they had any cash. I managed to scrape together the £32.50 for him and he promised to pay me back. He took my phone number and texted me straight away with his name "Mark". He said he would pay the money back into my PayPal account.

"Marcus" or "Mark" Salisbury

Are aliases he may use when spinning his web of lies.

After he left I looked his number up online and found this web page... and the rest is history. I do not consider myself as a naive person and I rarely give anything to complete strangers, but this guy was extremely convincing. Fortunately for me I can afford to take a hit this time, but I would like to see this scumbag dealt with sooner rather than later. I have read one comment on the above website which states "Please be aware especially young women." I am in my early 30's and I was on my own at the time, so I totally agree with the above statement. This also says a lot about the type of criminal he is. I have been told that the police cannot do anything as it is not a criminal offense to ask for money, but surely if he is fraudulently obtaining money from people on a regular basis, he is committing an offense? All the police need do is trace his phone number to find this lowlife and arrest him for fraud.

This con-man has reportedly been operating in the London area since April 2017

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Below are some known areas that "Mark" has targeted...

This hit was reported on 08/07/2017

A markerNewlands Park -
London SE26, UK
get directions

Near Penge East Train Station in South East London.

This hit was reported on 14/06/2017

A markerTesco Express -
127-143 Borough High St, London SE1 1NP, UK
get directions

This hit was reported on 25/05/2017

A markerDeptford Bridge -
London SE8, UK
get directions

This hit was reported on 24/05/2017

A markerNew Kent Road -
New Kent Rd, London, UK
get directions

This hit was reported on 21/05/2017

A markerTesco Superstore -
277 Kennington Ln, Lambeth, London SE11, UK
get directions

This was reported on 21/05/2017

If you have any information on this con-man, please add your comments below...

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