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Money Making Scams

Updated on November 25, 2011

Yep Fellow hubbers.. I received the email this morning! I have inherited 16.5 Million dollars from an unknown relative in Africa.. Who would have thought! 16.5 Million waits for me in the First National Bank of South Africa. A Mr. Darwin Frame became concerned when two people came in claiming to be me to get my loot ! That was just nice of him to think of me and drop me a line!. he even included a phone number I could call...

Well I wish anyway! :) The following is a collection of letters my boyfriend keeps getting on his e-mail.. I don't know what list he got on but they keep coming in...

Some things I seem to notice that are similar about these emails are the fact they are all wordy and don't make much sense and most of them originate in some far off land. I suppose this is to prevent us from tracking them down. Below are some of the emails copied form my collection. I put these on theis site to raise awareness to the scammers.

If you do receive one of these emails, please do not respond. Someone somewhere has a plan to get your hard earned money. If you have fallen victim to one of these scams or want more information please contact your better business bureau. I have included some links below!!!  If you suspect  a scam you can go to the Federal Trade Commission's website and search the company to see if they are under investigation.

The e-mail




Postal Address: P.O. BOX 7791

Date 20th April 2009.

Our Ref: FNB/OHG/OXD1/2009


Fax line: +27-86-604-4861 AND TEL: + +27-71-413-4370


Attn: Beneficiary,


Definitely, I know that this letter will be a surprising one to you. Firstly, I will like to introduce myself formally as MR DARWIN FRAME, a manager with the First National bank of South Africa (FNB).


I am officially contacting you today because your Inheritance Funds valued at USD$16.5M has been converted into COMMERCIAL TRADING MONETARY INSTRUMENT and sent to the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK last week  last week, because you did not forward your Claim in time as the Right beneficiary.

The reason why we had to do that is some men came to my office recently in person and said that they were here to collect the Inheritance Bill Sum of (USD 16.5) which rightfully belongs to you, on your Behalf.


At this development I asked them who authorized them to come down To South Africa for the Collection of this Payment and they told me that you asked them to come and collect this Funds on your Behalf. In-fact this was the biggest shock that this Bank have ever Received so far because your Inheritance Funds bill instrument was just sent to the Reserve Bank no quite long, yet you sent these men to come and collect this Funds on your behalf without notifying us.


We in this Bank do not understand why you sent these men to come and Collect your Funds on your behalf. If actually you want them to help you collect your Inheritance Bill Sum, at least you should have informed me as the manager of the bank.


They actually tendered some Vital Documents, which proved that you actually sent them for the Collection of these Funds. Honestly, it really baffles me that you took such decision without my consent. Here is the Document, which they tendered to this Bank today:






Actually, these Documents, which they tendered to this Noble Bank, are a clear Proof that you sent them to Collect this Funds for you. Finally, I told them to come back within the next thirty days and they promised to come back. As the Governor of this Noble Bank, I was supposed to Release this Fund to them but I refused to do so because I wanted to hear from you first.


Due to the Nature of my job, I will not want to make any mistake in Releasing this Funds to anyone except you whom is the Recognized Bonafide Beneficiary to this Funds according to the one of our late customers that willed the money to you.


Kindly clarify us on this issue before we start processing this Payment to these foreigners whom came on your behalf. In receipt of this Confidential Letter, you are required to send an email letting us know what actually is happening and your stand on this issue. Or you can call this Bank immediately you receive this Confidential Letter. You can reach me on my private phone number: +27-71-413-4370 as soon as you gets this email.


Please note to include your telephone number and fax for fast communication.







Now this one promises a five million dollar ATM card.  And look they actually had a board meeting on  my boyfriend to discuss giving him the finances. 

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 1:57:36 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract file presently on my desk and found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation giving to you in respect to your contract payment.After the Board meeting held in Abuja,we have resolved in finding a solution to this problem.We have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America,Africa and Asia Pacific.This is part of an ion/mandate passed by the Senate in respect to overseas contract payment and debt re-scheduling.And also the Nigerian Government is using this mean to rewards all the citizens of the United states and all part of Europe including Asia,Australia, South America, Antartica e.t.c
and all those who have lost their funds in either scam, or an uncompleted business, or otherwise.If you are interested to receive your ATM card which will be credited with the sum of five million dollars before it is been sent to you then you are to contact us immediately

We will credit and send to you this ATM CARD approved in your name which you will use to withdraw your money via ATM MACHINE in any part of the world,and the maximum weekly limit is also stated alongside the documents that will come along with the card. And also note that the Nigerian Government has taken care of the shipping fee of your ATM

If you like to receive your fund this way,Kindly contact me with the following informations below.

(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Full residential address:
(3) Phone:
(4) Occupation.:
(5) personal identification.

If the informations requested is sent we will direct you to the dhl courier company to contact Mr John Anderson for the delivery of this card and if he is requesting for another shipping fee, You will have to report him to me immediately. When you receive your ATM card, you have to alert me so that we can give you process of how to activate and make use of.

After you might have started making use of your ATM card, you can reward my firm one way or the other you knows best.

Thanks for your co-operation.


Dr.Braide Akingbola
Director(Swift Card Payment Center)

 Chevron is giving away a million dollars!  I wonder who won?  Feel free to contact Flora and see what she says...

Sigh  I guess everyone needs a job!

Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 12:15:29 PM
Subject: Contact Transfer Dept.

We wish to notify you that this email address is entitled to A
substantial amount of 1,000,000.00 usd by CHEVRON OIL AWARD 09

Mr. Morgan Ray

with your Details as stated below:


 Now I actually hada friend who got a letter in the mail with official UK lottery logo stating he had won 7 million.  I contacted the UK lottery by email.  They stated they had no such contest and asked for a scanned document of the mail....

 Congratulations. 2009 Winners Result!

Ticket Number: 023-1111-790-458
Batch Number: 082/19/ZY36
Reference Number: UK/5420Z6/08

The UK E-LOTTERY wishes to inform you that you have won

in our final online Sweepstakes International program held in

To file for your claim, please contact online claims agent:
Name: Mr.Laurence Cole 

Thomasshi Alexander Velez.
NOTE:Ensure that you file your claim to:
Once more Congratulations,2009 Winner!

 From: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 10:39:44 AM

ATTN; Email Owner,
This is to inform you that you have just
been approved of a cash prize of £552,000.00
You are to contact the online claims agent.
Name: Mr. Laurence Cole

Sir. Richard K. Lloyd(Online Cordinator)

How to spot a scam

First of all if the offer they are making is too good to be true, then it is!. Beware of any piece of email that offers you large sums of money.

Look at where the letter is from. If it is based out of the US then forget, especailly if it is from Nigeria.

Look at the email address. This is usually a dead give away. I remember one email that was going around had supposedly been sent from the the Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Paulson. Of course this was sent from his Yahoo account. Anyone can make up a Yahoo account.  If you notice in one of the letters above Chevron has a yahoo account!!!

Be wary of any letter asking of your personal information. Do not give out your social security number at all. Any personal information can be taken and used against you. You may have heard of the word "phishing" It means someone is trying to get your personal information.

Do not Click on any links sent to you in a scam eamil. This is may install a virus that can get your personal information.

If you have been receiving a Lot of these emails I suggest you start looking at your credit report as a precaution. Link is below


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I got these scams after signing to one of the christian DATING SITES, boy that looked real living! They said i have inherited USD3.8m, i could be a millionaire :)

      but they missed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      8 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Great info. I also have a hub on scams

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Boy, I wish I had inherited millions like you, lol!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i wonder where they get their names from? Darwin Frame isn't exactly a common name - but it IS the name of Brisbane's (Australia) best coffee barista! I bet he feels cheated!


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