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I’ll be Dead by then

Updated on October 16, 2012

An Original Essay -

© By Drew A. Blanc - JKP

Do I Have the Purples ?

My name is Hetcher. That's correct, spelled H-e-t-c-h-e-r. Some people assume or confuse my name with (when they first encounter me) the more traditional Latin name, Hector. In this unusual anomaly of given names you can also have, “Hechter.” Which is pronounced just like the original Latinized Greek name, Hektor. Interesting you might think, or not – Or maybe you really don't care. Possibly you are just plain confused, which is understandable. Confusion defines my perception of life up until now -

Here's a good one for ya. How about this - I have a very good friend of mine who's name really is Hector and when we hang out, well, that's a long story or more appropriately, stories that really have nothing to do with why, I know, I'll be dead by then - -

No one really knows why my mother named me Hetcher. It's definitely not a common name. She had me out of marriage when she was 20. I never knew her. My only connection to her is a fellow musician friend of hers Toby. Her name, which I rarely use when talking about her, was Lilly, her nickname for Lillian. She was named after that famous movie star Lillian Gish. Or I was told.

It seems life is a series of such declared stories, happenings and the repercussions from them. These in turn are cause for the directions and choices one makes traipsing through the obscurity.

They say you will know when your time is up. First of all, who is “they?” And where did they come about this knowledge? For me, some of the clues that made it crystal clear were; a pack of cigarettes surpassed the price of a gallon of gas and Governor Rick Perry said he was running for President of the United States of America. I knew my time was close at hand. The world, as I had known it, was now irretrievably finished.

The guy is a Texas Joke - A hypocrite, slick trickster and a sham. He is another reason why non-Christians despise Christian political views, because he says one thing and in reality lives his life just the opposite –

Republicans are just like Democrats – Any old gang of Democrats can replace a posse of Republicans. They are both a bunch of hooligans. They go into office on translucent promises giving Americans a thread of hope. Then come the alibis, the explanations, justifications and rationalizations - And guess what, nothing has changed – Hello Primrose path!

The primary colors: red, blue and yellow – Take this pallet and mix what ever color you choose – it’s a personal thing. Mine, a concoction of the blues with the blood red of life and wala you have purple. I do indeed have the purple’s and I’ll be dead by then -


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    • profile image

      Dabob 6 years ago

      Provocative. Makes one wonder who is running the show. I have always believed that the entire world is run by a small handful of manipulators. Old Perry is probably one of the puppets with lots of strings attached.

    • EpowerGuy profile image

      EpowerGuy 6 years ago from Benicia, CA

      Such sick humor. Love it. It too reminds me of ... oh never mind ... without any public health care, we'll all be dead by then. Keep up the wordsmithing.