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I won: this is a new day

Updated on November 26, 2016

Winning: by any means necessary

I was born and raised in the South. Living on my family farm, immediately adjacent to the battlefield where the Tennessee Army, under the command of the General Hood, got it back broken. Growing up the way I did, playing around, working and hunting small game animals on a Civil War battlefield, has given me insights into the "First Visit of Mr. Trump to the Civil War town of Franklin, Tennessee" that very few scholars have experienced.

Mr. Trump's visit to Franklin, Tennessee, for the first time, was a landmark event for the city, in a way, because the city accommodated him, with open arms, and thousands of people turned out for his rally at "The Factory," even in a steady, soaking rainfall.

I had a pass, a ticket that I procured from an online source, actually, that would have me to be inside, out of the rain, but being an African American male, even a highly educated one, caused me to feel a bit uncomfortable, even out of place and at risk of harm, walking pass a thousand or so white people, who were wet and unhappy that they could not get inside where it was pleasant to listen to Trump's words as he fired up his people. I, simply stood outside with the rest of the wet people, listening to Trump's words while viewing him through glass windows.

I departed the scene, early, which did not allow me to learn as much as I could have by staying to the end. Many were waiting for Trump to come outside into the rain after making his speech inside, which he has been known to do. To those who were waiting in the rain, the wait to get to meet Trump, face-to-face, was worth getting soaked from head to toe, I suppose. I, however, had made my decision, it was better for me to leave, early, than to risk the possibly of getting hurt by a random "skin-head" or Klansman within the crowd.

"What Did I Learn From the Trump Rally at the Factory in Franklin, Tennessee? using Naturalistic Observation (an accepted Qualitative Research Methodology)"

One of the first things that one learns is a Trump campaign rally is a serious effort to see Mr. Trump win the Presidency of the United States of America. It was not a "fun and games" kind of sloppy effort to get attention and impress the public. From the start, from my observations, Mr. Trump was "in it, to win it." He proclaimed that his goal was to win the White House, not just to out-distance a few Republican candidates. His "movement" would go the distance, "he preached," all the way to the end and win.

Mr. Trump's true followers, standing out in the rain with their children (in many cases), believed Mr. Trump was a Winner too. You could see it on their faces. Actually, most of these people were non-hostile, law-abiding, non-hateful people, toward me, when I was on the scene of the rally. It appeared that they must have been thinking, in their heads, "Any old 60 something year old Black guy who is crazy enough to stand out here in the rain listening to Trump with us must be okay, or half crazy." Anyway, nobody made an attempt to hurt me. I was absolutely safe among the Trump people in Franklin, Tennessee, as far as I know.


As a post-doctorate level researcher, I feel it is necessary to say a few words that will encourage students of political science to approach Trump's rallies in a way that is seriously instead of looking at his rallies in the tradition sense of the meaning of a rally, that is, "a rally is a mass meeting of people making a political protest or showing support for a cause: "a rally attended by around 100,000 people, or so."" Trump's rallies were actually more (as I learned from attending and writing up what I saw at the Factory in Franklin, Tennessee). Actually, Trump's rallies were instrumental in "shaking to the foundation" one of the most powerful political systems in the world. One can easily do a PhD level research study on what effect rallies can have on a political system if they are done well. I encourage some young researcher to complete this task.


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