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The ID Cards Debate - A Dangerous and Expensive Scam?

Updated on December 15, 2010

Most people don't care about the ID cards issue. Very few people even think about it, how it will affect them, what it means to live in a country with the system. Some people even think it is a good idea! On the surface, it appears to have benefits, combating crime, identifying the wrong-doers, making your country safer? But when you really think about it, the benefit is small to non-existent, the cost exorbitant and the dangers very real. So... listen to what The Budgie tells you...

A detailed study by the London School of Economics reveals that the cost of the ID database and ID Cards system could be £19 billion. This would be a true poll tax of over £300 for every adult in Britain. Even if the government does not charge the full cost for an ID card, we will pay for it in further taxation. And every time you change any of your personal details you will be charged again.


A few years ago the House of Lords insisted the government provides a cost/benefit analysis. For the government this is a problem: the costs are high and the benefits are elusive or non-existent. A compulsory national ID database will not allow the police to anticipate and thereby stop crime or terrorism. Criminals will by-pass the system that the law abiding cannot. So it is useless for crime prevention.


Worse, like every other database the ID database will have some incorrect and corrupted data. This means that you or I, and other innocent people, will be trapped by false, absent or duplicate identities. Even worse than that, there will be nothing to stop our government, in the UK or the EU, from using the data to control us or to hound its opponents.

Not like this any more!
Not like this any more!
More like this and far more dangerous!
More like this and far more dangerous!

Buying it Back

Unless subject to extremes - brainwashing or severe mental illness - our identity is our own. Our friends, acquaintances and relations know who we are. Our identities cannot, in fact, get stolen despite what the ID propagandists claim. What may get stolen are the personal details which are kept by a bank or a government agency on a database, usually at the behest of the government itself. So "stolen identities" are a problem largely created by those who will impose the database state upon us whether we want it or not.


The government aims to steal the complete personal identity of each British person and then rent it back to us for £300. What a scam - no wonder the government wants to keep this quiet. If you do not like the database state join "No2ID"

Post Script

Of course with the recent elections and new set of blood sucking little parasites (poly meaning many and tics being blood sucking little creatures) this has been shelved for the time being. How long for is anybodies guess. In the usual manner of politicians rebuffed by the people they serve, I'm sure we'll see this again, just in a slightly different form, and again, and again, and again... until we get the 'right' answer.


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