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IF Newt Gingrich Becomes President....

Updated on January 23, 2012

If Newt Gingrich Becomes President…

If Newt Gingrich becomes President… all the Liberals should take out their ire on CNN, notwithstanding that CNN is the twin brother of MSNBC and that both are in the tank for President Obama. Those of us who are not part of the Fourth Estate know that the question posed by John King of CNN to Newt Gingrich during the recent debate was so way out of place that the well time response and smack-down of Mr. King was relishingly good. It is a testament of how hated the media is… borne out of the long lasting standing ovation and applause that the speaker received for taking John King to the back yard woodshed. The folks knew that the media have historically turned a blind eye to all things embarrassing to Democrats, but have eyes like an eagle when embarrassment happens to Republicans. President Obama in his very own bio said that he used cocaine - imagine that little nugget of a confession by a Republican President. Look how close to the White House John Edwards came when he fathered a child outside the confines of his wife’s bedroom - it took the Enquire, of all medium to break the story.

I am not even going to address President Clinton’s dalliances… but to tell you how hypocritical some Democrats are… it was the current Secretary-of-State Clinton, when she was vying for the Whitehouse of during the campaign, opined that the White-House needed fumigating due the deeds of then President George Bush, the younger – gall I tell you. We live in a America now where the two-by-four protruding from our eyes are ignored, while we vociferously berate our brother and sisters for having irritating lint in them. The modern biased media do not play fair and it is not that Conservatives cotton to what Newt Gingrich did to his ex wives, but it is the fact the media have gotten way with their bias for so long. Newt Gingrich’s response was not so much for that one inappropriate question, but for the legions of ‘bad behavior’ ignored by the media when perpetrated by Liberals.

My little daughter has a saying: ‘who does that’ and Mr. King’s asking Newt Gingrich about such a personal matter warrants parroting my daughter. I have seen people who have supported or they themselves whose wombs are veritable slaughter houses… criticizing Michael Vick; I have seen those of us whose skeletons are riding shotgun on our persons, rotting and fetid, yet judging others for their closeted, emaciated skeletons. The Lord Christ told a parable of a man who was greatly indebted to a wealthy man and the latter was move with compassion and forgave the former - but that same man who was forgiven for his astronomical debts went out and brutally punished someone who owed him way less than he owed. It would be ironic that the very news media, historically on the side of the Liberals, would inadvertently propel Newt Gingrich to the White-House - John King and CNN would surely then go down in infamy… among Liberals. Lest you think that what happened to John King/CNN will change the media, watch the bias media in all its Politically Correct glory blossom during the pending Presidential campaign.


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