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Updated on October 29, 2010


        We live in a society where are minds are conceptually-restrained by distractions/psychological bullying/electronic-harassment.  You can get feelings that IF you continue to do THIS, THEN you are compromising your Love for someone who means everything to you.  The problem with giving in to this sort of thing is that it can be used to successfully corral your mind into a tinier and tinier sphere of movement.  You become limited in the way you think without even knowing how you've been "jailed". 

     The answer:  DELETE THE SUBLIMINAL COMMAND AND REPLACE IT WITH A DIFFERENT RULE.  This is different than simply breaking the rules without regard for the effects it might have on your feelings toward others who matter to you.  You simply invoke the IF-THEN-ISN'T RULE.  You aren't a machine.  If-Then commands are how computers are programmed.  To avoid becoming an "electronic zombie", CHANGE the rules......don't just break them!

      You might get the feeling that if you do something that feels pleasurable, you are sending "bad energy" towards someone you deeply care about.  What I do is simply RE-WRITE THE RULES AND THEN FOLLOW THEM PERFECTLY.  This way, our natural affections are preserved without losing all of our emotional color.  Here's a good one: last night i was playing Halo Reach with my brother.  At some point, my ears rang and what it made me feel like was THIS:  "IF you keep fighting, you don't love your brother".  I simply went in and RE-WROTE the rule to say: "IF you DON"T fight at your very best, you don't love your brother!"  I went on to fight for him, nailing the enemy and dying heroically to protect him.  This way, we preserve our "fighting instinct" AND our "Love for our genetic relatives instinct". 

      You see, our society wants Love to be generic and directed towards everyone.  I've got no problem with this, but it also is working on BREAKING DOWN OUR AGGRESSIVE INSTINCTS.  If you combine it with the ANTI-SEX element of the programming, you are psychologically-castrating men just like you would neutering a dog.  This, of course is a slippery slope leading to something that nobody in their right mind wants.  Sure, neutering all men would make for a more peaceful world.........BUT IS THAT A WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN?  My answer is a resounding NO! 

      Bending the rules or RE-WRITING them allows us to use this "Social Programming" to do THE OPPOSITE of castrating us, we learn to fight for THOSE WE LOVE.  Ever notice how a lot of people are missing that Love they SHOULD have for their genetic relatives?  I sure have.  This Utopia is not only a bore, it's completely UN-NATURAL.  Let's bring back the good old values that once was what America was all about.  Let's concentrate our Love on those whom we SHOULD LOVE and keep our FIGHTING INSTINCTS.   This will lead to more people questioning the nature of our new society and then making their OWN rules, instead of being "programmed" like some kind of Android!  


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 7 years ago

      This is for Rafken. It's true what you say about being "true to your rules". I agree on this. You must possess quite a bit of strength to not have been swayed by social programming.

      When the energy hits me with 100% of what they can dish out, it is like running electricity through my mind with a wire like they did back in the 1950's. You remember things so clearly that it is like you are there: back in Middle School, sometimes even back to being 2. The key is that the memory gives this "juice" someplace to go, instead of overloading the mind and producing an electronically-stimulated "takeover".

      They also seem to give you credit for giving up pleasure to do what YOU feel is right. This is probably another reason you are still here and not marching to external brain/body stimulation!

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 7 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      I always try to follow "The Rules". However, those rules are MY rules. Rules that have been tatooed deep inside my being, by my parents, beliefs and upbringing. These rules cannot be changed by new technology, no matter how fancy. Yes, technology can make your responses to situations quicker and easier but, they are still your responses.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 7 years ago

      This is for someonewhoknows. To program yourself, just say it to yourself in your own mind. You may need to invoke something you BELIEVE IN to get this done. Each person has different things they believe you've got to find your inner-child/adolescent and find out what he/she truly WORSHIPS for lack of a better word. I invoke God quite frequently to re-write my rules, because I believe in Him. I also believe in MUSIC. It's like finding your "power-animal"!

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I find much of what you say to be true.However in your hub you don't really say how we should go about reprograming ourselves.