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Updated on July 28, 2012

Americans are usually fair minded.

Did Mitt Romney's recovery from the London controversy come too late?

He has made some unimaginable remarks about the Olympic Games that have infuriated the British Press, which was a nice bunch of journalists that mainly respected American politicians.

So, how come the presumptive Republican Party candidate for the 2012 presidential election be treated shabbily in a city that proud itself on courtesy, hospitality and respect for strangers?

He has been described in a predominantly conservative paper, the Daily Mail, as "Party Pooper". and the London Times called him "Nowhere Man". Even the tabloid, The Sun, which was very liberal pitched in with "Mitt the Twit", and that was not embarrassing for the RNC only, but for all Americans in general.

The Republican Party had planned Mitt Romney's trip as a strategy to boost his candidacy both at home and abroad, and the attendance of the London Olympics would have been the high point of it (trip). However, what happened was more of a surprise to Romney himself than any body else. It was so "disconcerting".

He knew that he would be heralded with a welcome reception that would be equivalent to that of candidate Barack Obama, when he visited the same city before he became president. Yet, being critical of a host country was not the right thing to do; as he, Romney, has initially done by saying that "London is not ready," for the games.

The opening of the Olympic Games last night was so magical and exciting; no city or even any country could ever put up a show of that kind. It was unique in every sense of the word, showing that London was quite prepared and overly ready to exhibit a spectacular event that would go down in history as being special.

With the Royal Family, headed by Queen Elizabeth ll, playing a major role in the ceremony; with "James Bond" picking her up in a magnificent helicopter at Buckingham Palace to the Olympic Stadium amid a celebration that was quintessential British.

Romney tried to correct himself with many damage control statements; but did all that come too late, and for the British Olympic Committee to forgive his comments that were going to spoil the plans that were afoot for the games to be successful?

In the United States, it would be fair for the media here to play down the fact that Mitt Romney gaffes overseas would hurt him in any way. They would take it that he was politically familiarizing himself with strange surroundings, as he thought the British people were not up to par with modern ways.

They have always done things based on culture and tradition more than on technology and science as in the U.S.; but they could also prove that the Industrial Revolution that has brought so much to present day civilization started in the United Kingdom; and so, they were capable in jumping from one era to another with so much ease.

It would be every American's prayer that the Obama campaign would also forgo the advantage that it would gain from Romney putting his foot in his mouth, and just would continue to run on the high road without mentioning the unfortunate incidents that have happened in London in its political advertising.

They (Americans) realized that there should be fairness in the 2012 general election for everyone to appreciate its outcome.


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