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IMMIGRANTS SOON FIND OUT UK IS NO PARADISE. East Europeans yearn for home !

Updated on January 14, 2014


The UK, like USA is often portrayed as some magical country where each and everyone living there has the highest standard of living and opportunity available. This rose coloured view is especially appealing to those living in European countries who have managed, by whatever means, to secure membership of the European Union.

Membership means open border access to individuals who so wish and as such, many have been tempted to leave behind their own countries and to come here in search of a better life.

They are, of course , not alone. Feeble managing of Immigration since the end of World War Two back in the mid 1940"s by successive UK Governments has substantially changed the face of the UK and not always for the better. What began as a way of bringing in workers to do the jobs Brits did not want to do, soon escalated into a free for all bringing with it the apparent and virtual collapse of the UK structure as had been known for centuries.

From all parts of the worls legal and often illegal entry has been secured by nationals from other countries. As a result, parts of our towns and cities are now virtually foreign areas for most Brits who keep being subjected to cries from Politicians to "EMBRACE DIVERSITY". The reality that many foreign imports have clung together in the less attractive parts of our towns and cities and have established their own imported values within their communities which often resemble ghettos is lost on the political grandees and their accolytes but not on the ordinary Brit.


Ignoring the window dressing the harsh reality of life in the UK is that for many things have altered but little and that is especially true for many immigrants who find to their sheer dismay and disbelief that the UKis not a land brimming with milk and honey and where everyone is provided with a home, food and support 24/7 by the "Nanny State".

Of course, there are still too many cases where benefits are arrived at illegally and this lies at the root of the anger of indigenous Brits to immigrants, especially those from the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa and Eastern Europe. To say the issues are like a smouldering pot being stirred constantly and set to explode is to underestmiate the size of the problem.


Seen through an immigrants eyes, the situation is one of dismay and disbelief as exemplified in an excellent TV programme focussing on just one street in Britain"s Second City, Birmingham. This street in a magnificent microcosm sums up all that is wrong with UK at the present time.

The "RESIDENTS"are in a large part a transitory selection of humanity gone wrong. Indigenous dwellers sqeezing whatever they can out of the State to avoid their biggest fear, that of actually working to provide for their own living are prominent alongside the other Flotsam and Jetsam of previous immigration from places like Ireland. Add in some of Carribean origin, Indian Sub Continent etc and watch them drag each other down to their own rubbish infested gutters. It is difficult to find any sympathy for such idle, obese ,tobacco, alcohol and drug infested beings who are architects of their own downfallen condition.

This is no new thing for Britain has always held a strong "UNDERCLASS" for centuries and what we see here is the modern manifestation of just that. However, in the midst of all this squalor there is now a new group for whom it is impossible not to feel some sympathy for.

The East Europeans, Romanians, Bulgarians and Polish, Lithuanian etc etc, seem to be the new victims of politcal incompetency assisted by their own lack of education and sense of reality.

Clearly, living 14 people in a house designed for a normal family is not part of the dream pictured to them of the UK in the land of their birth. They have paid out, or are in punitive contracts leaving them penniless in a foreign land to People Traffickers and/or Gangmasters

Promised a rosey future by such exploiters, men leave family behind to come here and earn money to send back to look after family. In fact they end up working 16 hour days in fields for virtually nothing. There is little for food, mattresses to sleep on are dragged in from the rubbish strewn street and they are trapped unable to return to the place from whence they came.

Attempts to escape the clutches of the Gangmasters often lead only to a further deterioration in their circumstances with one man and his friends fleeing to London to sleep under the stars in the vain hope that they could secure regular work.

This is the clear picture of how misquided do gooders and incompetent politicians have brought misery to individuals and seriosly compromised the very society they were elected to both sustain and improve. This is UK TODAY. The UK those in High Office do not want the world to know about.


It is left ,as ever, to observors of the scene to seek to try and focus attention on the particular problems of the day. However, let the impression not be forged that UK Society today is in anyway worse than in earlier times. "The poor are always with us " Down the ages that has been the reality. Modern UK has a different conception of "poor" to those of previous times but essentially whilst things clearly change they remain the same as the "RICH" progress as ever and the "POOR" find new ways to drag themselves down to the level expected of them

250 NOT OUT.

This Hub brings up my total to 250 since I began to use this method of communication. I write not for gain or material advancement but to exercise my thoughts and use of language to bring to others who may be so interested, aspects that engage me personally. Thus, many of my Hubs catalogue my battle with Cancer {NON-hODGKINS} in 2010/11 from which, thankfully I remain in remission.

Other aspects of Health often feature in other Hubs, hopefully bringing information of advances brought about by medical research, though it amuses us all that my best read Hub by a Country Mile came about from my discovery that a suffere had allieviated his Arthritis symptoms by using pur copper coins in his insolves and thus saving himself a tidy sum as well !That is the type of tale I like, though, as seen in this Hub, the tougher side of life cannot be ignored.

So, onward and upward to the next 250. If you have been, thank you for reading. After all that is the only thing that really makes it all worthwhile.


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