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Updated on March 24, 2016


By Roger Lippman

It is fashionable today to be lukewarm in support of Israel and complain how unfair they are to others. Of course in U.S. politics, support of Israel is a necessity but is the claim by Donald trump that he was grand marshal in a Jewish parade more about publicizing “The Donald” and less about support for Israel? Is his or Hillary’s saying their daughters married a Jewish boy to be taken as an indication of their support for Israel or really just a choice of their offspring for a spouse they loved?

Actually the real issue is how did such a small country become such a central issue for so many years and instill hatred and resentment in so many and thereby result in such total lack of understanding by our leaders?

To answer that, let’s go back to the beginning of the resentment, not against Israel but for the Jewish people. Start with a Jew named Jesus who had among his followers members of his own faith. When he died, the early church leaders feared his followers who were still attending synagogues would not see themselves as being different a different sect so they started a campaign that lasted for more than a Century to distance themselves from other Jews and paint the Jewish faith as being killers of Christ and being of lesser value to God and humanity. That they succeeded can be seen with the killing of hoards of Jews thereafter and specifically during the black plagues in Europe. Seeking a cause for it among people who were ignorant, they blamed Jews and killed or exiled as many of them as they could find. Only King Casmir in Poland welcomed them (his wife was Jewish) and that resulted later in the largest Jewish population in Europe being in Poland until Hitler fixed that.

Resentment against as Jews in the early centuries continued as they were denied citizenship in the old world or denied entry into professions and consigned to be traders or money lenders; then at a whim, they were not paid back for money they loaned because they were Jews. Even good King Richard in England who is written about in the Robin Hood stories, borrowed money from Jews to support his efforts to kill Muslims and then decided not to pay them back.

The antagonism against Jews because of their faith continued in the new world as Father Coughlin, an anti sematic priest, would rouse resentment over and over in his radio programs before world war 11. The fact that his was the most listened to radio program says much about the state of affairs. Henry Ford did his part as well publishing a newspaper in Dearborn, Michigan, accusing the Jews of all nature of crimes.

So it was when Hitler was murdering six million Jews that the State department did its best to keep the Jews of Europe from entering the U.S. In fact when the new United Nations was voting to partition Palestine and create a Jewish state, the U.S. state department urged democratic President Harry S. Truman that we should vote no. Truman did not listen and the U.S. cast an affirmative vote, but not before Russia also did the same. This did not prevent Russia from being one of the most anti sematic countries in the world.

Establishing legally a new State of Israel however did not result in admiration for the Jews or the new State of Israel as we will see.

As for the hatred from Islam, we start with Mohammed in his rise to power. He first was friendly with the numerous Jews of Arabia who lived there in peace and they helped supply him with armaments to fight his enemies. However when the Jews who, after all were only traders in Arabia, as other places, sold to the opposition, Mohammed changed his mind and viewed them as enemies and killed or exiled them from his territory. That then started the hatred from an entire religion that goes on today. It was only intensified with the capture by Israel of the old City of Jerusalem from Jordan and the belief by Muslims worldwide that Israel will demolish the Dome of the Rock, although Israel has said it is absurd.

Now we turn to Israel. Muslims would like to have us believe that Jews have no place in the Middle East. They deny the fact the Jews were the first organized religion to be in that region as Islam did not start until the fifth century. True, the Jews were exiled later and came back but that does not mean that they had no right to return. In fact the country was created as an official nation by the United Nations in its capacity to do such.

They want Israel to give back the land but do not realize that land boundaries of most nations were settled by war and conquest. So, Saudi Arabia was once different small states put together by Ibn Saud’s thugs who were Wahhabis. So too was Jordan created from the fictional mind of others to carve it out and the boundaries of Syria. We have the vassal states of Italy becoming one nation after they all combined. The United States once had parts belong to Mexico, Spain, France and England.

We see much of the conflict in Africa today as being from the nation building by the great powers who put together people of different faiths like Nigeria, Sudan and others while believing they would live forever in peace. Sometimes it took a strong man such as Tito to keep a country together as he did in Yugoslavia. When he died, it disintegrated. So too with Saddam in Iraq and in Libya, among others.

Israel was created by the United Nations over 60 years ago and yet there are many wanting a do-over. Lest us nor forget upon its creation, all the Arab nations declared war on the new state and were joined in by Muslim, non Arab, countries worldwide. It was however left to the nearby countries of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon to attack. Financial support came from Saudi Arabia, the center of the right wing Wahhabis. It should be noted that Jordan was a reluctant joiner as their King was friendly with the new Jewish state but nevertheless invaded anyway because his assassination would have followed had he not. Jordan was the best trained army of all with British leaders and equipment. They were the only ones who came out ahead at armistice time, obtaining the old city of Jerusalem, the holiest of all sites in Israel. All others lost territory and ended their invasion worse off. The first war was followed by two more wars with attacks by the Arabs. Each time they lost and Israel then regained the old city of Jerusalem. Finally Jordan made peace and established diplomatic relations. There has been no fighting from Jordan since.

Egypt made peace but only after their president, Anwar Sadat, came to Israel. What would have been real peace was killed with his assignation by his own people and all other Egyptian leaders since have maintained a cold peace. In fact, recently an Egyptian legislator met with an Israeli and was thrown out of his government for doing so.

That leaves us with the Palestinians and why world leaders today and most of those running for U.S. president are naïve. Those not old enough won’t remember that upon failure of the big Arab countries to throw the Jews into the sea, Yasser Arafat and more of his ilk decided to carry on campaigns of revenge against the world. For those with rose colored glasses, here are a few examples: the Greek cruise ship Aquileia Lora, where we witnessed on video an elderly man in a wheel chair being pushed overboard because his crime was he was Jewish. The Olympics in Germany and an entire Israel wresting team was assassinated. The kidnapping of a plane and its being flown to Uganda so Idi Amin could pretend he was Israel’s friend while secretly helping the hijackers and keeping the Israelis until they were rescued by Israel. Yet, there is more. Airplane after airplane was either hijacked or destroyed by Arafat and others. We saw the TWA plane blown up. The world reaction was to condemn these events and do nothing more.

Meanwhile Muslim countries did all they could—and still do—to ostracize Israel in the United Nations. Everyone knew it had to end somewhere so Israel decided to experiment and allowed Yasser Arafat, the terrorist, to come from his exile in Tunisia to the two Palestinian territories that they had set up, upon condition that a real peace could be entered into. Of course Arafat agreed. Now for those do-gooders who see the world as some other reality, witness what happened since; over and over promises were made by the Palestinians and never kept. Over and over Israel was prevailed upon to make concessions and having made them, achieved nothing. But they are asked to do more.

Many argued the United States should do more. Jimmy Carter, invited Arafat and Begin to Washington and they agreed to peace. In fact Arafat was given a Nobel peace prize. He left the U.S., went back home and it was business as usual. He admitted if he tried to establish peach, he would be assassinated. So he took his award, became a hero and resumed. Arafat and his PLO were so corrupt that in Gaza, they voted him out and elected Hamas, an international terrorist organization, over and over, even though they campaigned on destruction of their Israeli neighbor. That campaign continues even today with thousands of Missiles rained down on Israeli citizens and tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel to cause death and destruction. For it’s part the West Bank is active in rock throwing and penetrating Israel when the opportunity presents itself.

More and more there are the kinds of attacks seen by the Fanatic Islamists in Europe. The world reaction? Muted. After all, what is a missile launched these days unless it happened in Europe or the United States. So the world insists that until Israel gives more, there will be no real peace. How many presidents have tried to settle it? All. How many have failed? All.

Now we have Donald Trump who insists he is a real deal maker and he will be neutral in his dealing with the parties. Has there ever been more naivety? People criticized George Bush for invading Iraq and not realizing that once Saddam was overthrown the population would explode just as with Yugoslavia because the people would argue about religion. However that is the fault of the experts who are not real experts at all. Now however we are faced even with Liberal Jews in America saying Israel must do more. Give more, sacrifice more and help the Palestinians. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is funding them and each person who martyrs himself will be rewarded not only in heaven but with his family getting money.

Not one president has taken the Saudi’s to task as the world needed oil. Yet the Royal family is as naïve as the rest. Having unleashed the Wahhabi’s to rouse Muslims around the world and foment violence, they have created ISIL or ISIS and they not only want to kill Jews, Christians and other Moslems but overthrow the Royal family of Saudi Arabia when they get a chance. It is inevitable.

Faced with this and the fact that Donald wants to show he is the best deal maker in the world, he proposes trying play Let’s make a Deal with Israel and the Palestinians when one side has never wanted peace. The one undeniable fact is that if the Palestinians wanted peace in the last 60 plus years, they could have had it. It will not happen. Shocking but true. It will not happen with the Wahhabis nor with ISIS. Why? Am I being pessimistic? No, realistic.

Generation after generation of Muslims have been raised believing that Israel and in most cases, Jews, are their enemy. When the World Trade Centers were blown up, no one in the world thought it was anyone other than Muslims who did it, unless you are Muslim. We celebrated the Arab spring in Egypt (unless you were like me who said nothing positive is going to come out of it) until we saw the young “students” molest CBS correspondent Lara Logan when she was on the street reporting. We witnessed them being interviewed by Barbara Walters about 9-11 and all said it was not done by Muslims but either by the CIA or the Israelis. Why such denial? Education! Ingrained in them from day one was hatred. So they do not want peace with Israel, they want death and destruction. Iran, not Arab, but Muslim, took the $150 Billion dollars we gave them and changed not one iota of their addenda. Recent missiles fired by them in tests were all labeled stating Israel must be destroyed. Can everyone not see what they plan? Hitler wrote his manifesto for all to read. The world ignored him. No one would do that unless he was a madman. NO, the Iranians would not do that unless the people in “ real “ control were madmen. I rest my case.

By the way, this is not just an argument for Israel but acknowledgment that ISIS and Al Qaeda are as much against western values as of Israel. It does not end with Israel for most. It only starts there.

Donald cannot think he will outwit the Palestinians. They offer vague promises and do nothing. True peace would have meant to rebuild, rise up but they were not educated that way. Donald is no better than Barack Obama in his understanding the region. A new report from our intelligence agency revealed that prisoners released from Guantanamo by our president were involved in recent terrorist acts. Releasing them to other countries was to show how humane we were. Was it worth it?

Now we look to the recent horrific events in Brussels and wonder how could the fanatics do it? Again, the world is in denial. Let all the people from Syria and other Muslim countries in when they are fed a diet of hate from the day they were born and what do you expect? I am not indicting Islam. Plenty of Muslims in the U.S. are good people but expose them to clerics who do to them what the Priests did to Christians against the Jews in early times and what is the outcome? Young Muslims here feel the west is against them so they hate us and turn radical as the radicals continue to do things that turn us against them more. It is a never ending cycle.

In the U.S. we have failed is to realize however that young people educated in the west who can rise as far as their skills will take them, choose however to join ISIS because they feel it is their duty. ISIS may rape women, kill everyone that does not believe as they do, destroy antiquity, tax people for everything and yet it is okay to young minds here because ISIS is seen as the heroes. Who has failed? Perhaps older and wiser Muslims here who did not stand out and preach to them that trying to destroy the world to be a martyr is insane. Japanese pilots did it near the end of World War 11, believing in killing themselves for Emperor Hirohito, the living God. Only many generations after did they realize that it was wrong. Even Hirohito had to admit he was not the living God for it to happen.

The west has only one true friend in the middle east. Surprise, surprise, it is Israel. They just want to keep their freedom and have as much right to it as all of us. You cannot negotiate with enemies who have no desire to change. It had never worked and never will. Do we have any other semi friends in the area? Jordan of course but it is weak, vulnerable to attack, not only by Syria but by the ever increasing Palestinian population now over 50 percent as the Hashemite’s have become a minority in their own country. We arm them and help them but we know any day it can change. The rest: Egypt, which is a tinderbox and no friend to Israel; Syria: of course not; Lebanon, definitely not with Hezbollah trying to destroy Israel and helping Assad in Syria; Libya? Now you are joking. We already know about Iran. Okay, how about he other Gulf States? Too small to mean anything. Leave the region and go to Turkey and see them helping to overthrow ISIS while killing as many Kurds in the process as they can and being an enemy of Israel. Go further away to Pakistan and recall that Bin Laden was hiding there with tacit support of the government while they played with us in support of our efforts in Afghanistan.

No my friends, we can canvass the world and get back to very few that are true allies like Israel. Hillary cannot even say who the enemy is as she does not want to identify ISIS, or anyone else. There is little chance we will learn our lesson in the U.S. and Islam is too strong in Europe now to make much of a dent into the problem. Belgium, the heart of NATO, is now the center of ISIS in Europe. Who would have thought? Open boarders, no checking, turn the other cheek, what are the realities? We need to educate our young people better to understand what will happen on the current path and hope that in two or three generations from now, if the world has survived, that some of those young people will be in a position to change things. Meanwhile we can only watch our world leaders talk about things and hope while continuing on the same path.


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