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Updated on December 3, 2011

Where are they heading?

The circumstances in which the Republican Party finds itself in the political arena are not favorable.

The three top front runners in the party's nomination race have all been counted out before they even started; or somewhat.

Cain has tangled himself with some sexual harassment indictments, Romney seemed to be unelectable, or so his colleagues were harping on, and Gingrich has a weight problem, which the media were about to seize on.

Yet, the field of candidates the party is presenting has some qualified people, such as Santorum, Huntsman, Bachmann; but their party is not really paying any, or very little attention to them.

Santorum is a straightforward conservative; Huntsman has diplomatic credentials, and Bachmann can get women to throw their weight behind the party, in terms of their votes.

The Democratic Party, however, is playing it cool, and saying that there is no (Republican) nomination as yet, and therefore its leaders can rest on their oars for now. It has branded the Republican Party as a party of "NO", hoping that will stick and win the next batch of electoral battles for their party.

The Republicans in the United States Congress have also been portrayed as defending the rich, as they were shielding the wealthy, in terms of governmental policies, such as the extension of the Bush tax breaks; but at the same time, they were holding off President Barack Obama's pay roll tax cut that would benefit the Middle class and working people.

The media, which has a lot of power, have not weighed in yet, as to whom or what party they would support; but they were very influential, and considering the spot that the Republican Party found itself, in the spectrum of national politics, it would need its friends in the journalistic sector to do something substantially dramatic before the party fell into a ditch; so to speak.

The Democrats will then take the opportunity in becoming the majority in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives in the next round of elections, and even claim a second term for President Obama.

A major part of the electorate, most of whom calling themselves as Independents, are still sitting on the fence; and they are waiting to see which party has the best interest of the nation at heart.

Well, the sad economic conditions in the country are improving for the better, and the gruesome unemployment numbers are receding; and all that are collectively becoming a credit for Obama and his party. The president's foreign policy is thriving; and what more can America ask for.

Nevertheless, Americans are betting on whether the improvements in the economy and unemployment will continue, as much of their decision will depend on those essentials (things), while they are casting their vote in any future election; and particularly, in the forthcoming presidential election.

The Republicans are still in the fight; they are not going to give up that easily; however, they better come up with a viable nominee to be the party's banner carrier, who is ready to lead.


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    • Evan G Rogers profile image

      Evan G Rogers 6 years ago from Dublin, Ohio

      Most independents that I've met have gone to Ron Paul - the only third party candidate who can win.

    • gadfly profile image

      gadfly 6 years ago from Ojai, California

      I am an independent, from a political perspective, and I take exception to what you have written. Michelle Bachmann's low ratings are accountable to the fact that she is a blithering fool (incidentally, I am a feminist supporter, believing that there is no genetic exception for intelligence between men and women -- Jennifer Granholm and Elizabeth Warren are two examples of exceptionally bright women in politics). M. Bachmann recently stated that she would close the U.S. Embassy in Iran, not comprehending that the embassy there has been shuttered since 1979 -- over 30 years ago! Out of the three that you have named as potential viable candidates, Jon Huntsman is the only one with any intelligence at all -- it seems that the Republican Party prefers people who think with their "gut" (e.g. "W"); God help us all if we get another one of those leading the country.

    • profile image

      R. J. Lefebvre 6 years ago


      I find your hub interesting of our political environment. Perhaps we should consider a third party to dampen political behavior of the two existing. Check out Grover Norquist and Alec Corp (on the internet)to recognize where we are heading, where power is priority