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Updated on August 15, 2016

India @ 70 : Well age of our country is 70  which means it is very old and meek . Is it so??? Ironically it is the viceversa that's what is  happening to our nation during this period. Our country has gone through wide and dramatic changes that people strongly believed will take more time.The level of Indian economy has  risen well up due to our mindset of opening to globalization and allowing foreign investments to be made . Due to this jobs have been created not only in cities but also remote places of India. People of India have removed their blinkers and have widened their horizons.India is keeping its age old traditions strongly rooted but also has opened up to the culture of west. In fact Indians have learned over the period of time to take both these aspects simultaneously in their lives. Freedom of expression has quite drastically improved from what it used to be and the media has now been given more power to be critical of the ruling government as always the Indian politics as a whole which is a booster as people from all parts of the country have found their medium to reach to the government and also get their work done which otherwise would be difficult  to wake our government . Even the health sector in india has been showing great progress and creating awareness about both General and sexual health in each and every part of the country. Hence India is not only young at heart but also physically agile to achieve great strides in the coming time.

             JAI HIND.


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