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INDIA - A Politician's Land.

Updated on July 27, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Money Power = MP = Member of Parliament.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka was summoned to Delhi as he was distributing prime land all over Karnataka to anyone in his family or in his cabinet.

There was Joy with opposition parties that the chief minister was going to get a boot from his boss.

What did the chief minister do,he said he is going to Delhi and took his private car and went to his private house in Dollars Colony where people paid for the land they took in Dollars to build their homes.He had informed all his men to come here to discuss what he would do and show his money power and muscle power and threaten his bosses at Delhi that if he is asked to quit he would tell them they would be sorry for their decision and that he will see that their party would lose power.

The next day he took a chopper to go and meet Sai Baba at Puttaparthi and to take Sai Baba's blessings as his chief minister's position he had was to go.He wanted to go from their to Delhi but could not get a ticket and lo there was our Prime Minister's plane and even Prime Minister had come to take the blessings of Sai Baba as his chair was also on fire with Supreme Court and more than hundreds of MPs shouting in the parliament later on.What a generosity of our Prime Minister and what a humble request from Karnataka's Chief Minister who wanted a seat in Prime Minister's plane and it was granted immediately by the enemy of his party.

Again what was the Chief Minister of Karnataka planned,he wanted to cool his head in Kashmir and visit a temple there to take blessings of a very powerful goddess as his future was at stake.

Further he came to Delhi and was going from one political boss to another boss house to tell them that it was not his future that was at stake but it was theirs at stake if they did not support him in keeping his position undisturbed.This Chief Minister is no more a Chief Minister in spite of his efforts to show he had the support of his community and no one could do anything.Any way he had to quit not only as Chief Minister but also had to quit the party to form his own in his state since he had money and men to support his corrupt dealings.His visit to dozens of temples did not help him.

All the Bosses of the Chief Minister's party had discussed and were of the same openian in mind and body that it was indeed their future at stake as 2G scam and land grabbing scam and shouting was going on in the parliament and they had better work there by shouting at Rs.2,000 a day just for a few minutes of shouting.There was no time to go in to a small Scam of just Rs.5,000 crore when there was Rs.1,76,439 Crore Scam and they must care two hoots for a land scam of just Rs.5,000 Crores.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka was back with a Black Coat and Black Magic he did and lo there was a tremendous home coming given to him at the Air Port. Now what is he up to to Finish all his predecessor by exposing the scams that they could hide when they were in power.

All TV channels were in haste to go on their channel what ever news was given to them only for a day.The next day they all turned their camera to words Gold Medals scam. Yes it will be and you can except a Gold Scam soon as the closed gold mine in Karnataka is shut due to mismanagement.Every one was taking Gold home and no one complained with the result their was no Gold.The Govt did not know what happened to the Gold that was there all the 100 years.They said OK shut the mine and pay all the employees their salary for the rest of their term and ask them to go home.The Gold mine is now shut,but wait same private party has come to take up the Gold Mining again by another GOLD SCAM.The Superman will go to temples.again to get blessings from various temples was the rumor that was going round.That did not happen.The Superman soon was in Jail and out of jail on medical grounds.This was the procedure followed by big politicians in India.

There are hundreds of local political parties in Indian States.This Chief Minister lost no time in taking a decision to form his own political party.

List of Political Parties in India - 2014.

Name of the Party.
Number of MP's.
Party Position.
Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP Year of formation 1980 )
282 in 543
Govt in Power.
Indian National Congress.( 1895 year of forming )
44 in 543
Lost their Power to BJP
Communist Party of India Marxist ( 1964 Year of forming )
9 in 543
No Power
Communist Party Of India ( 1925 year of forming )
1 in 543
No Power
Bahujan Samaj Party ( 1984 Year of Forming )
0 in 543
No Power
Nationalist Congress Party ( 1999 Year of Forming )
6 in 543
No Power
TO HAVE A 2nd in Power any of the Party must have 10% of 543 or 55 MP's since no party has 55 MP's No One has even the power of being in Opposition to the Govt as per our constitution and this 2014 election people of India have rejected all the parti

6 to 2 for India if the Present Election Commission considers as the 4 parties are Unwanted by People of India Democratically.

WITH the BJP registering a thumping win, four parties — the CPM, CPI, NCP and BSP — could face the risk of losing their status as National parties, bringing down the number of National parties from six to just two. The other two National parties are the BJP and Congress.

According to the rules, a political party is eligible to be a National party if it secures at least six per cent of the total votes polled in four states and wins four seats in the Lok Sabha election or if it wins at least two per cent of the total seats in the Lok Sabha (11) from not less than three states.

These four National parties, however, do not fulfill any of these two criteria this time.

However, one more criteria to be a National political party — being recognized as a state party in at least four states — could come to their rescue. Sources in EC said if party fails to fulfill conditions of being a National party, it is given an opportunity to make a representation as to why the status should not be withdrawn, following which a final decision is taken.

Let ma start with reasons why people got fed up with congress and how the congress ignored very few things if they had a good Railway Minister who at-least traveled in the train once in a while and talked to people on what were their hardships in the trains.Reasons as to why such a tragedy happened.Let me take one important issue amoung several and firstly my preference goes to poor people who travel in trains and by Bus on National Highways.

Why people of India rejected 4 National Parties.

Never in the history of Indian politics and in 14 general elections held since India got independence no party which came in to being as a National Party was rejected by any people of any state being elected as Member of Parliament as per the rules that was made to get the title that the party is a National Party.The reason for such a awesome change which shook the world are many many mistakes and over confidence of the Indian National Congress politicians and their arrogance which resulted them in getting their money power as their power to win by any means by bribing the voters each time there was a general election.These politicians greed for money made them more hungry to retain their power rather than serving people.All most all the party politicians who were branded as unbeatable in general election were beaten by the same people who voted them to power again and again hoping they will improve the conditions which was getting deteriorated year after year.

Key Railway managed by Govt and Issues affecting citizens - Inputs on Root Causes.

1. Lack of cleanliness of coaches/ stations/ toilets.
2. Unhygienic Food.
3. Difficult online/offline ticket booking systems.
4. Lack of safety on tracks – accidents happen far too often.
5. Corruption and discretion with Traveling Ticket Examiner.
6. Lack of timeliness of all the trains.
7. Crowding of stations / platforms by people without travel and platform tickets.Homeless people using Railway Stations as their night shelter.Porters demanding exorbitant charges for carrying the baggage of senior citizens.Non display of Names on trains in reserved category.People occupying wrong seats and refusing to vacate.Unauthorized vendors entering the compartments dressed shabbily and keeping their eatery for sale from a open basket in front of our face and shouting at us to buy.Getting in to the compartment being very hard for super senior citizens due to the platforms being very low.Trains stopping away from plat form at small stations.Trains switching off the lights during nights when we see our train standing with out lights.Traveling Ticket Examiners coming just be-four train departure.Porters entering the compartments and obstructing travelers who want to alight from the train.

These are the few most disturbing and problematic continuous unchecked by authorities and the Station Master not bothering to be present.

Many Station Masters at many stations not present wearing their full uniforms if it is a uniform. are many issues plaguing our fully govt controlled No.1 organization in the WORLD.

1. Who is on the TRAIN responsible for Lack of cleanliness in the TRAIN ? We have to identify the PERSON who has to be made responsible after giving the INPUTS of MAN/MATERIAL / Machines.

2 It may be the TTE/ TC or somebody who is / are traveling on the TRAIN.



5 These CHARTS should be MONITORED by the PERSON responsible, whose signatures and the Operator should sign also as per TIME PLAN.

6 The similar amended system should be applied on the Platforms and Walk-ways in the Stations.

7 For cleanliness Indian mentality of using public place is
responsible.Contractors do not provide required cleanliness material to his
staff, Labour has its own mentality not to do the things in proper way.
Remedy--Strict discipline at every level.

8 .Involve passengers from few coaches with seat numbers which should be
changed every day, to make comment on quality of food.

9.This requires help of I.T people. It is surprising that in India all
bank branches are connected to each other but Railways can not make a
better system of booking tickets.

10 .This is a difficult thing. During one of journey in AC II, one gentleman
said proudly said that he offered TTE Rs 1000, over and above the ticket
to allot him a berth ,reason explained that it is still much cheaper than
air ticket. Remedy- -Very strict punishment to TTE by deploying decoy

11. Remember Gorge Fanadeze, the then Railway Minister words, It requires
to become Railway Minister , Why trains get delayed. he said spare Railways for it.
they also want the trains to go on time.There was a South Indian Railway Minister who made the train go right on time till such time he was the Railway Minister..

12. Only major junctions and state capitals require a better and strict
management. Remedy - Put the cost of special Railway Platform ticket
equal to airport lounge.Political leaders should be told that platform is
not a place to welcome their leaders.

13 .For Safety of passengers why did they not use of continuous taking video cameras so the Driver can see any problem on the track to take the decision to apply the brakes..

Named scandals in India from 1948 to 2014.

Politicians can fool few people all the time, some people for some time but not all the people all the time.For nearly 65 years politicians went on fooling all the people and in the year 2014 all the politicians except one party were thrown out from politics for 5 years only because one party was wise enough to put up one man who was the chief minister of Gujarat for 15 years contineously who managed his state so well it was the talk of every body.He name was Mr.Narendra Modi.This man who was told to the people of India that he was its candidate for the post of Prime Minister. for the 15th Lok Sabha elections.No other party could put up its candidate against this man.Mr.Narendra Modi went on touring the whole of India and told the people what they had for 65 years and what he will do in 60 months.He convinced young and old men and women that he be given a chance or face the same misery in which they lived and suffered.His forceful speeches in electronic media,and in person in the way he conducted was never done in the history of politics in India.In various states he told the people the variety of .scams,scandals,frauds and corruption from the year 1948 to 2014.

Named scandals in India & Loss to Country.

Name of the Scam & Year.
Loss to the Nation.
Person Responsible.
1948 - Jeep Scandle Case.
Not Given.
Not Given.
1951 - Cycle Import Scam.
Not Given.
Not Given.
1951 - Mundhra Scandle.
Not Given
1956 - BHU funds misappropriation – INR5 million (US$83,000)
INR5 million (US$83,000)
Not Given
1960 - Teja loan scandal
INR220 million (US$3.7 million)[
Not Given
1964 - Pratap Singh Kairon scam
Not Given.
Not Given.
1965 - Kalinga tubes scandal.
Not Given
Not Given.
1971 - Nagarwala scandal.
Never was Truth told.
1974 - Maruti scandal
No correct Information.
No one knows.
1976 - Kuo oil scandal.
INR22 million (US$370,000)
Not Given
1981- Cement Scam.
INR 300 Million
1987 - Bofors Scam.
Not Given
Not Given
1989 - St Kitts forgery.
Not Given.
Not Given.
1992 - 1) Harshad Mehta,2) Securities scam – INR50 billion. Palmolein Oil Import Scam, Kerala & Indian Bank Scandal
1) INR50 Billion-- 2) INR50 billion- 3 ) 13 Billion - 4 Not Given
Not Given
1994 - Sugar import Scam.
Not Given
Not Given
1995 - 1) Meghalya Forest Scam – 2 ) Preferential allotment Scam – INR50 billion (US$830 million)[27] Yugoslav Dinar Scam – INR4 billion (US$66 million)[27] Purulia arms drop case.
1) INR3 Billion.- 2) INR50 Billion 3)INR 4 Billion 4 ) Not Given.
Not Givn
1996 - Sukh Ram Telecom equipment Scandal.- 2 ) C R Bhansali Scam. 3 - Fertiliser import Scam.
1 - Not Given 2 ) INR 11 Billion. 3 ) INR 1.33 Billion.
Sukh Ram convicted for 3 years.
1997 - Jalgaon housing Scam -Cobbler Scam 3Sheregar Scam - Kerala ice cream parlour Sex Scandal
Not Given.
Not Given.
2000 - India-South Africa match fixing Scanda
Not Given.
-Mohammed Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja were banned from cricket for 5 years and 4 years respectively.
2001 - 1 ) Ketan Parekh Securities Scam. 2 ) Calcutta Stock Exchange Scam.
1 - INR320 million (US$5.3 million). 2 ) Not Given.
Ketan Parekh convicted for two years..
2002 - 1)Stamp paper Scam.
INR 2 Billion.
Abdul Karim Telgi - 30 Years Jail.
2003 - HUDCO Scam.
Not Given.
Not Given.

Scams & Frauds from 2004 to 2014.

The List of Scams after 2003 grows as it goes and table will take much space so it is written as text in this sub Hub in a nut shell which is as under -

2004 - ONLY 3 Scams.

1 ) Taj Co-operative Group Housing Scheme scam – INR40 billion - US$660 million -IAS officer Narayan Divakar convicted for 2 years.

2 ) Bihar flood relief scam – INR170 million - US$2.8 million - Sadhu Yadav and others charge framed.

3 ) Oil for food Scam-K. Natwar Singh had to resign from the Cabinet on December 6, 2005.

2006.Only 3 Scams.

1 ) Penny stock Scam.

2 ) Punjab city centre project scam – INR15 billion - US$250 million.

3 ) Uttar Pradesh ayurveda scam – INR260 million - US$4.3 million.

2008.Only 5 Scams.

1 ) Hasan Ali black money controversy.- Hasan Ali Khan is in jail since April 2011 for money laundering.

2 ) State Bank of Saurashtra Scam –INR 950 million - US$16 million.

3 ) Army ration pilferage Scam – INR50 billion - US$830 million - , Lieutenant General SK Sahni jailed for 3 years.

4 ) Paazee Forex Scam – INR 8 billion - US$130 million.

5 ) Cash-at-judge's door Scam.

2009.Only 7 Scams.

1 ) Goa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Scam.

2 ) Rice export Scam – INR25 billion - US$420 million.

3 ) Orissa paddy Scam.

4 ) Sukhna land Scam – Darjeeling-Lt. General Awadhesh Prakash court martialed by the army on corruption charges.

5 ) Vasundhara Raje Deendayal Upadhyaya Trust land Scam.

6 ) Austral Coke scam – INR10 billion - US$170 million.

7 ) Gujarat's VDSGCU Sugarcane scam – INR187 million - US$3.1 million.

2010.Only 6 Scams.

1 ) Andhra Pradesh Emmar Scam – INR25 billion - US$420 million.

2 ) Karnataka Land Scam.

3 ) Uttarakandh Citurgis Scam.

4 ) MCI Bribary Scam - Ketan Desai Charge Sheeted.

5 ) Uttrakhand Citurgia land Scam.

6 ) Chandigarh booth Scam.

2011.Only 20 Scams.

1 - Bellary mining Scam / Belekeri port Scam.

2 - Tatra Scam – INR 7.5 billion - US$120 million.

3 - LIC housing loan Scam

4 - NTRO Scam – INR8 billion - US$130 million.

5 - Goa mining Scam.

6 - Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Scam – INR32.07 billion - US$530 million.

7 - Himachal Pradesh HIMUDA housing Scam

8 - Pune housing Scam

9 - Pune land Scam

10 - Orissa pulse Scam – INR7 billion - US$120 million.

11 - Kerala investment Scam – INR10 billion - US$170 million.

12 - Mumbai Sales Tax Fraud – INR10 billion - US$170 million

13 - Maharashtra education Scam – INR 10 billion - US$170 million

14 - Maharashtra PDS Scam

15 - Uttar Pradesh TET Scam -Former Director of UP Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad Sanjay Mohan is Prime Accused.

16 - Uttar Pradesh MGNREGA Scam

17 - Orissa MGNREGA ScamIndian Air Force land Scam

18 - Bihar Solar lamp Scam – INR400 million - US$6.6 million.

19 - B.Kashyap – EPFO Scam – INR 1.69 billion - US$28 million.

20 - Assam Education Scam.Pune ULC Scam

21 Bribery Scandal - No Data.

2012 - 40 Scams a Record of Each States Competition on Scams.

1 - Granite Scam in Tamil Nadu – Loss of about 160 billion - US$2.7 billion...At present the matter is under the scanner of investigating / intelligence agencies of India..

2 - Highway scam – INR160 billion - US$2.7 billion.

3 - Kinetic Finance Limited Scam – Banks lost about 2 billion (US$33 million)..At present the matter is under the scanner of investigating / intelligence agencies of India.

4 - Ultra Mega Power Projects Scam – Central government lost 290.33 billion (US$4.8 billion) due to undue favours to Anil Ambani-led Reliance Power.s

5 - Forex derivates scam – INR 320 billion - US$5.3 billion.

6 - Service tax and Central Excise Duty Fraud – INR191.59 billion - US$3.2 billion crore.

7 - Maharashtra stamp duty scam – INR6.4 billion - US$110 million.

8 - Maharashtra land Scam.- NoData

9 - MHADA repair scam – INR1 billion - US$17 million

10 - Ministry of External Affairs gift Scam.

11 - Himachal Pradesh Pulse Scam.

12 - Flying Club fraud – INR1.9 billion - US$32 million.

13 - Andhra Pradesh liquor Scam.

14 - Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association Scam – Approximately INR 500 million - US$8.3 million.

15 - Jammu and Kashmir PHE Scam.

16 - Jammu and Kashmir recruitment Scam

17 - Jammu and Kashmir Examgate Scam.

18 - Jammu and Kashmir Dental Scam

19 - Punjab Paddy Scam – INR180 million - US$3.0 million.

20 - NHPC cement Scam.

21 - Haryana forest Scam.

22 - Girivan (Pune) land Scam. (not to be confused with Pune land Scam which came to light during 2011)

23 - Toilet scam.

24 - Uttar Pradesh stamp duty scam – INR1200 crore - US$200 million.

25 - Uttar Pradesh horticulture scam – INR700 million - US$12 million.

26 - Uttar Pradesh palm tree plantation Scam – INR550 million - US$9.1 million

27 -Uttar Pradesh seed scam – INR500 million - US$8.3 million.

28 - Uttar Pradesh elephant Memorial scam-INR1400 crores.

29 - Uttar Pradesh LACCFED scam.

30 - Patiala land scam –INR2.5 billion - US$42 million.

31 - Tax Refund Scam – INR30 million - US$500,000.

32 - Bengaluru Mayor's fund Scam- No Data.

33 - Ranchi real estate Scam.No Data.

34 - Delhi surgical gloves procurement Scam - No Data

35 - Aadhar Scam- No Data

36 - BEML Housing Society Scam.-NoData

37 - MSTC gold export scam – INR4.64 billion - US$77 million.

38 - TIN Scam- No Data.

39 - Haryana Forest Development Corporation Cash Scam.

40 - Nayagaon (Punjab) land Scam.

2013, Only 19 Scams.

1 - Vidarbha Singh Bribary Controversy - 2.4 Crores.

2 - Madhya Pradesh Pre medical test Scam.

3 - Madhya Pradesh wheat procurement scam- 4 crores-Payments worth 4 crores have been made for fake wheat procurement from farmers.

4 - Madhya Pradesh- IAS couple Arvind Joshi and Tinoo Joshi disproportionate assets case.

5 - Gurgaon Toll plaza scam-operated by DSC Ltd.

6 - EPFO(Employee Provident Fund)scam.

7 - Haryana seed scam-5 crore

8 - Directorate General of Civil Aviation-DGCA 'free ticket' Scam

9 - LTC(Leave Travel Concession) Scam.

10 - Radia tapes controversy.

11 - NSEL Scam-5500 crores.

12 - Railway iron ore freight scam-17000 crores.

13 - Uttar Pradesh illegal and mining.

14 - Vodafone tax Scandal - involves Rs 11,000-crore tax dispute case in India. There were corruption charges on Kapil Sibal because of Law ministry's U-turn to agree to conciliation in Vodafone tax case

15 - Railway promotion scam - CBI booked Union railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal's nephew for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 90 lakh from a Railway Board member.

16 - 2013 Indian Premier League spot-fixing and betting case-Sreesanth,Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan were banned for life from cricket.

17 - 2013 Kerala solar panel Scam

18 - Odisha Land allotment Scam

19 - 2013 Indian helicopter bribery Scandal.

2014 - 25 Scams Only.

1 - SmartCity, Kochi scam- JV between Government of Kerala and TECOM Investments a subsidiary of Dubai Holding.

2 - Leader Of Opposition in the Goa state assembly and ex Chief Minister of Goa Pratapsingh Rane Bribery case.

3 - Haryana& Rajasthan illegal mining in Aravalli Range mountains.

4 - Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority or SJDA Scam,West Bengal-200 crores.

5 - Reliance Jio spectrum Auction Rigging Scam.

6 - Odisha Industrial land mortgage Scam-52000 crores.

7 - The National Herald (India) Land Scam.

8 - Madhya Pradesh Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal Vyapam multiple scams.

9 - Madhya Pradesh state Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister Gauri Shankar Chaturbhuj Bisen disproportionate assets case-2000 crores.

10 - Hari Kumar Jha,1987 batch Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer,disproportionate assets case-15 crore.

11 - Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) unaccounted cash case-34 crores.

12 - Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA)discretionary quota plot Scam.

13 - Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia Land Grabbing Case.

14 - Madhya Pradesh State Joint Director-Industries,R.C. Kuriel, disproportionate Assets Case.

15 - Mayank Jain,1995 batch IPS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre, disproportionate assets case.

16 - Rajasthan Housing Board (RHB) arbitrary lease allotment of property.

17 - HPCA illegal land allotments scandal-Prem Kumar Dhumal and Anurag Thakur have been chargesheeted in HPCA Scam.

18 - Indian Railways-Railtel Corporation of India mobile Scam.

19 - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Rolls-Royce Defense Scam-10,000 crores.

20 - Air India Family Fare Scheme Scam.

21 - Bokaro Steel Plant recruitment Scam.

22 - Gujarat arbitrary land allotments Scandal.

23 - Kribhco and fertilizer giantYara International Fertilizer fraud controversy.

24 - Delhi Jal Board Scam-10,000 crores.

25 - Indian Railways "emergency quota" tickets Scam.

2015 - We have to wait and see what happens.

The Man who thundered the way to the top.

Some one interested can calculate our FD.

Scams so better be careful.Mr.Prime Minister.


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