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India Who Rules-(Police - Part 23.)

Updated on February 21, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Do We Respect Police or Fear.

Honest Police Lady of India.Mrs.Kiran Bidi she was Chief of THIHAR JAIL and the DELHI POLICE arrested her in the morning saying she was a threat to country and released her in the evening saying she was FREE TO GO.
Honest Police Lady of India.Mrs.Kiran Bidi she was Chief of THIHAR JAIL and the DELHI POLICE arrested her in the morning saying she was a threat to country and released her in the evening saying she was FREE TO GO. | Source

Cane Charge.

Police Cane Charging Public.
Police Cane Charging Public. | Source

You beat him I beat you.

Respect the Police.

Who so ever rules India it will be ruling from the bottom with or with our any reason or regard to people who choose them to rule.They rule with a law - the law is the Police who make us obey law by a CANE,TEAR GAS,WATER CANNON or GUN.The police are not the Law Keepers but a LAW unto themselves in many situations.while there is LAWLESSNESS. Who and how lawlessness crops up is known to those who do not create it and unknown to those who create it for the sake of money.We all know how people from rural unemployed youth is paid to come at appointed places make a situation as required by the people who drag them to make the Drama to end in tragedy to few and injury to many.How many people have died in such avoidable lawlessness from the day we started satyagraha till date in India will be perhaps very much higher than people who died in the second world war.How many who should be in their homes are still rotting in some jail in some place just because they were in the wrong place at the right time.The police will become helpless after they put the guy in jail.The law of the country does not permit the police to pardon those who find that they have the wrong guy in the wrong place and let him go.A snake and ladder LAW.

I respected the police 50 years ago.My uncle was a sub inspector of police at that time.As a high caste Hindu and a police officer he was respected at that time.It was a uniform that the colonial rulers made the police wear to make them and keep them in low profile while they were dressed in a very high attire so very awesome to look.They had the white skin to add to that dress and look.We might have those pictures in police academy now.As we turned our self Independent after our Independence it was a change slowly from foot to head.It was half pant police with heavy boot and highly wrapped up to knee from the ankle and with a belt so big you wont have it on your horse.Sure they were fine and they kept their shape.Today's police are well dressed with a pot belly on many that is looks so ugly in such a costly dress for which the tax payer has to pay.

Every Chief Minister of every State keep the POLICE under their control.

The Govt of India also keep their own police,the most powerful CBI.

The whole of INDIA has police that keep the law & order to RULE INDIA.

I do not see one police man in my village,it is ruled by our respected PRESIDENT.


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    • profile image

      S.K.G.RAO 6 years ago

      Dear Binaya,

      Thanks for your comments.The pictures I get from google search are not found very easyly so I go there.I also take pictures and use.However if they do not mention copyright and say MAY BE COPYRIGHT than I use them.If you can help me in this regard I will be pleased.I cannot write like you,as I am a Textile Engineer,I write to spend my time.I stay in a village.

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      As a neighbor, I have always taken interest in India's politics and social conditions, because it so much affect Nepal. A point of advice, I have been told that attributing images to Google is wrong, Google is a search engine and most of the images that show up on Google are protected.


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