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Updated on January 5, 2012

"Buyer beware".

The hooray coming from Iowa yesterday, was for Mitt Romney winning the caucuses there, by those who have been thinking that a person with a Wall Street background would be a suitable candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

According to them, the present political and economic atmosphere of the country demanded a new face in the White House, as President Barack Obama has managed to anger the business world by his policies, some of which were restricting corporations and big enterprises from making extraordinary profits, and filling the bank accounts of investors, who refused "to pay their fair share in taxes."

The Obama administration was "anti-business", those people have maintained, and so, he must go. WHAT?

Yes, the Obama Wall Street reform has infuriated banks and financial institutions, so much so that, he must be removed, as the following quote indicated:-

"The Obama Administration has made Wall Street reform a top priority since day one, and it will now become a reality. Wall Street Reform will hold Wall Street accountable, protect and empower American consumers with the strongest consumer protections ever, increase transparency in financial dealings -- including in the derivatives market -- and end taxpayer bailouts once and for all." (An Internet extraction).

...and the other reason was that, while profits, and therefore dividends, were growing steadily, year in and year out, the average salary and wages of the American worker became stagnant.

In other words, the reform aimed at bringing parity to the workplace, in terms of income. (Tell me truthfully; does your boss want you to have a pay increase every year? Hah, Hah, Hah!).

So, there you have the gist of the reason for the hoopla and the media frenzy coming from Iowa; and the objective of it was to replace a popular leader with a banker, just to suit the whim and caprice of a small section of society (1%).

Obama was doing all in his power to rebuild a viable middle class, that has historically made the American economy strong; for if that class of people was allowed to go broke, the same would be for the standard of living of millions of citizens to be devastated. That would only leave the country in a bad situation, as we now saw it. A slow economy, coupled with a high unemployment rate.

Therefore, let the voters be aware of "caveat emptor" (Latin for: Let the buyer beware).

The result of Iowan Caucasus voting, or that of any other primary, must not be permitted to replace or sway the true feelings of the people.


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