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Iran Nuclear Program Draws Tension In Middle East

Updated on October 3, 2014

Friends Become Foe

Iran's nuclear program was initialized with the help of United States Of America during 1950s in the regime of Shah of Iran. The Shah of Iran was sitting on one of the largest reservoir of the oil. He considered oil to be so priceless, that it would be a fool's call to burn it without any cause. he envisioned of producing nuclear electricity of around 23Mw. The cooperation of USA continued till 1979, when during that period the change of regime took place and the new government of Ayatollah consideredthissort of energy is forbidden in Islam. Still, some amount of nuclear research did take place during Iran-Iraq war and post Ayatollah death. Over the years, the nuclear research has been significant in Iran to cause a definite doubt of producing a nuclear weapon, which Iran is continuously denying.

Iran nuclear programme aimed at civilian purpose, is considered a threat by the west

After the revolution of 1979, Iran headed to start many new projects to build the nation's self reliance backed by its oil rich exports. One of the projects that drawn the world's eyes on Iran was its uranium enrichment program( nuclear program) , which Iran says "only for civilian purpose". United states and many other countries imposed sanction on Iran in 1995 on the firms which deal with the Iranian regime, to stop its uranium enrichment program. But Iran , defied the world and continued its ambition to get success in its nuclear program.

In 2006, security council of the united nation imposed sanction on Iran in the field of oil, gas, petrochemicals and any other goods made from oil and gas. Thus, tried to break the export market of Iran and its financial growth which is heavily depended upon the exports of oil and gas.

Over the years, many officials from the International Atomic Agency and the United Nations have inspected Iran's nuclear site with almost no evidence of any link towards military of its uranium enrichment program. However, United States still presses for more wider inspections and investigations. We can see there is persistent conflicting views in United States itself, as Obama administration still accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapons , on the other hand the director of the national intelligence James Claper testified himself in 2011, that he is highly confident that Iran has no such program to develop nuclear weapon.The process of uranium enrichment is a highly advanced technique required highly skilled people. This process is also used in making of a nuclear weapon, because of this west, especially united states doubt the intentions of Iran nuclear program.

However, fresh talks are underway at the level of united nations. Iran is confident of making the program a success and says it is the right of Iran to build its nuclear program for civilian purpose and no outer authority and can stop it by doing so. At times Iran has even threatened west of dire consequences, if west consider for any military action on Iran.

Sanctions On Iran
United Nations have imposed many sanctions on Iran over the years to cripple Iran economy.The security council of the united nations have following resolution:

(a) United Nations Security Council Resolution 1696 passed in July 2006 asking Iran to stop its uranium enrichment program and any reprocessing activities of nuclear particle or otherwise it will impose sanction.

(b) United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737 passed in December 2006 which made mandatory to Iran to stop its all nuclear power and uranium enrichment process activities. It also says to cooperate with International Atomic Agency to come in lines with NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty). This resolution also aimed at freezing of accounts of key individuals and companies related to the nuclear program.

(c) United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747 passed in march 2007 which expanded the arms embargo on Iran and freezes the assets of Iran.

(d) United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803 passed in march 2008 which asks the United Nations member countries to monitor the activities of Iranian ships, aircraft, individuals and banks involved in the nuclear program through their territory.

(e) United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929 passed in June 2010 which bans Iran from participating in the activities related to the ballistic missile. It also freezes the accounts of individual and the companies related to the nuclear program. It widened the arms embargo and banned the servicing of Iranian vessels and ships involved in the movement of nuclear material for Iran. This resolution also asks the member countries to closely the monitor the activities of Iranian banks and prohibits the member countries banks to be in any contract with the Iranian back and financial institutions.

Many other countries have separately taken initiatives in an effort to put pressure on Iran so as to stop its uranium enrichment program.

Australia have imposed ban on the movement of individuals and companies on its territory involved Iran's nuclear program.

India banned the export of all item, goods, material , technology that could contribute to the success of Iran nuclear program. However, India imports 12% of oil from Iran.

Japan and South Korea imposed ban over hundred of individuals and companies involved in Iran nuclear program. It further presses to decrease the oil dependency on Iran under 10%.

Effect of Sanctions on Iran Growth

All these sanctions have taken a toll on Iran's economical health. These sanctions have brought difficulties to the Iran 500 billion dollars , oil dominated economy. Many companies have withdrawn from Iran due to lack of goods and material required in oil and gas fields.Moreover, Iran is not allowed to follow international payment system which has depreciated its currency over 60%. The data shows there is decline in the oil exports over the years, which is clearly due the sanctions imposed on Iran.

Medical and pharmaceuticals products do not come under the sanction. However, Iran has a crisis of drugs for the treatment of around 30 diseases.Some agricultural products also come under these sanctions which has reduced the productivity of Iranian agricultural fields.

All these sanctions have crippled the economy of Iran, but the country is determined to go ahead with its nuclear program to undermine United States growing interference in middle east, specially in countries rich in oil and gas reserves.

Many individuals, consider this a tactic by United States to control the economies of oil rich countries in middle east. As the leading economists around the globe consider the oil and gas market as the biggest market of the world which is worth trillion of dollars and has the power to control governments.The new elected president of Iran Rouhani calls for complete destruction of all nukes present in the world and urges Israel to join NPT(Non Proliferation Treaty). Earlier Obama administration has shown interest in direct talks with Iran outside the multilateral meetings which has no success since June 2012. In the meantime, Iran has claimed it has launched a rocket into the space with a monkey on board. Many analysts claims it as one of the trials of Iran ballistic missile program.Meanwhile, United States wants to match the influence of Iran in Syria. All these sanctions and international pressure is not only to stop Iran nuclear program but also to control the country's oil market spread around the globe. Many observers claims it is the strategy of west to control the oil and gas reserves of middle east which is providing around 65% of world's oil and gas needs. This is remarkably one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.We can see United States strategy right through the gulf war , bombing over Iraq, threatening of other oil rich countries like Syria, turkey. Iran has already announced that any west propogated military action would bring unrest in the whole world.


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