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Updated on November 30, 2011

Should there be peace between the two?

Iran's insistence on getting the "bomb" defies the minds of ordinary folks like you and me. It (Iran) is actually an arid country, and it practically has no enemies that anyone can think of; so, why arm itself with a dangerous weapon?

It says that it needs nuclear power for peaceful purposes, but by every single report of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), the country is having alternate plans to build a nuclear explosive.

A report of that nature has prompted the United Kingdom government "to sever ties to the Iranian banking system and parliament, the Majlis," and that has annoyed the Iranian authorities so much, so that they had to take some kind of action; hence the order of an attack on the British embassy in Tehran yesterday.

The report emphasizes that Iran is dead serious in acquiring a nuclear bomb; and if it continues, as it is still doing, the outcome cannot then be stopped.

It (report) is citing "credible" evidence that "Iranian scientists had experimented with a nuclear warhead design and could be continuing to do so."

That triggers an alarm to the rest of the world that Iran is close to springing a surprise on whomever it wants to; and particularly, on Israel and even the United States.

United Nations resolutions and sanctions, however tough they may be, have not soften the will and the determination of Iran in its acquisition of a nuclear device. Therefore, shouldn't there be another way to prevent that? For if the world should wait longer than it should, the inevitable would happen.

Iran has become a threat, not only to itself, but to the whole world. They (meaning the authorities) have broken an International law, which was governed by the Vienna convention, that any embassy grounds were part of the foreign country that owned or occupied those grounds, for reasons of bilateral relations. The attack has, therefore, pitted Iran against the world.

Now, it is the British embassy, and then, as events in history tend to repeat themselves, and likening it to the seizure of the U.S. embassy in 1979, it will be America's turn again; and on and on it will go.

What must happen next is anybody's guess. However, what the world needs now is peace.


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