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Updated on September 28, 2009

world peace.

News that Iran shot one of the longest-range missiles in its arsenal a day or so ago, should not come as a surprise to most people, owing to the "great disconnect" between its president, Ahmadinejad, and the "grand command" of Ayatollahs who were in control in his country.

In that, while he was in New York, pleading for leniency, by the nature of his speech at the United Nations, plans were afoot to exacerbate the controversy that was currently existing between the International community and Iran; and that was to stop the enrichment of uranium, which could lead to making a nuclear bomb.

That meant, the regime was "hierarchical", with the religious leaders at the top, and the military command sat under its control, while the political groupings were powerless in the decision making of any significance and therefore the last to know what the mullahs were up to.

It showed categorically that Iran was refusing, and would refuse, and continue to refuse, to listen to the rest of the world, so long as its intent to acquire a nuclear bomb was concerned.

What it would do with it was, however, not hard to guess; and that was to attack Israel, as it (Iran) has already made perfectly clear.

Yet, attacking Israel was not going to be easy at all, because Israel was soundly prepared and ready for any eventuality, knowing its position of being surrounded by enemy nations.

Therefore, "the game" that Iran was playing was extremely dangerous; and it should be of grave concern to everyone living on earth, because if that should happen, the whole world would be engulfed in a conflict that was not a necessity.

In other words, whether they (the people of the world) knew it or not, they would be affected, if Iran made any attempt to use a nuclear weapon of any kind on Israel. It would cause a catastrophe of enormous proportions, whose result would estrange every living thing from the existence of what was called "life on earth", as all humans have known it.

The warning by the United States, Britain and France should be taken seriously by all concerned, including the Iranian authorities, as it (warning) was not made in the spirit of the U.N. Resolution 1441, which some nations failed to follow up on. Only the U.S. and Britain took the necessary action and brought down a despot who was a threat to world peace.

Take heed, Iran. You have been warned.


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