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IRS' Targeting Of The Tea Party...

Updated on May 25, 2013

IRS’ Targeting of The Tea Party…

There are events taking place in the United States that seem to mirror those that have happened in the most heinous of dictatorships… and, moreover, the irony is that it is being done by folks from the Democratic Party. The latest of these happenings have to do with the IRS’ targeting the Tea Party or any groups that had the words ‘Freedom’ or ‘Constitution’ somewhere in their respective names. To paraphrase the great essayist George F. Will, opining on this subject, could you imagined if under the Bush administration, the IRS had targeted groups that had in their names the word, ‘Progressive.’ The media would have been up in arms, legitimately so, and notwithstanding the media’s Democratic bias. This blatant disregard for fairness and of punishing people and groups for ‘speech’ - especially in an IRS that supposed to be neutral in carrying out its duties - is shocking and, yet, I am not surprised. We have stood by while the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party as a whole, assisted by most in the media, engaged in acts others would be condemned for.

These less than civil acts start small and morph into malignant cancers like the political targeting the IRS is currently being accused of. Cases in point: not too long ago, we watched, as so called pundits on the Democratic Left, called former Secretary-of-State Condoleeza Rice all sorts of pejorative names … simply because she was employed by a Republican administration. The Political Correct Police and the Feminists who are normally rabid in defending Left leaning women for any perceived slight, basically, gave those berating Miss Rice a pass because the tacit belief is that they have carte blanche to do so to any Republican… and when they are called out by those of us with a sense of fairness and objectivity, they are given the refuge cloak of ‘satire’ like in the case of the comedian Bill Marher.

Other evidence of this disturbing behavior that has given those who engage in this type of bias and that provided the atmosphere circulating in the IRS… is what was done to Governor Palin and her extended family during and the aftermath of her quest to be Vice President... again, simply, because the Left did not see eye to eye with Governor Palin's politics… I can go on and on to discuss this issue from the gloating done by some on the Left when President Bush, the younger, Press Secretary, Tony Snow, died prematurely… and lest I forget, this boorish phenomenon has migrated across the pond to England too... manifesting in the despicable behavior, on the part of Left wingers, we saw displayed when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died... incidentally, the last time I checked, the stats show that everyone dies, and believe it or not, even Far Left Democrats....

President Obama will now come out and condemn those in the IRS who targeted the Tea Party and others - but he does so because he is saving face; the damage has already been done, which has benefited the Democrats. Why was the Tea Party and others targeted by the IRS… isn't it because they thought, rightly or wrongly, that the country was heading in the wrong direction… and, at the helm is President Obama. But like water off a duck’s back, President Obama will probably not suffer the consequences for the breaches of the public's trust without any blame placed on his Administration… but sooner or later, the bias and the cult of personality scales that are plaguing and blinding many of us in our country will be removed and then we are going to see how divisive and venal this President's administration has been....

I find it strange that many who called themselves Democrats are now the modern day fascists... doing all that they can to prevent speech that does not walk in lock-step with their ideology. Try being a visiting professor to any of our major universities… giving speeches against Abortions, Gay Marriage, Global Warming, or the United Nations. The truth is that those like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will always be targeted for what is tantamount to chilling their free speech, just like how the Tea Party and others were… and though President Obama and the Democrat Party are now going to wax poetic that the IRS was wrong… we know that the former wished that the latter would have gotten away with it… since the IRS was, in essence, and apparently, the Democratic surrogate during the recent elections. To those on the Democratic Far Left who giggle and gloat when ‘bad things' happen to Republicans… to quote Bob Marley, “…When the rain falls, it don’t fall on one man’s house top... remember that...” and also the very Christ says that when it rains, it rains on the just and the unjust... (Matthew 5:45).


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      Thanks... right you are concerning our pending healthcare scheme....

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 4 years ago

      This is the same IRS that will run our healthcare or should I say ruin our healthcare. Head for the hills!