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IS Mostly Driven From Ramadi.

Updated on December 29, 2015
US Soldier Stands Guard In Baghdad.
US Soldier Stands Guard In Baghdad. | Source
Iraqi Flag Raised By Iraqi Forces in Ramadi.
Iraqi Flag Raised By Iraqi Forces in Ramadi. | Source

Ramadi Not Out Of The Woods Yet.

The Iraqi flag was flying in various parts of Ramadi today as Iraqi forces have re - taken big chunks of the city that were taken by Islamic State in May this year. The capture of Ramadi 55 miles or 90 Kilometres west of Baghdad was a humiliating defeat for the Iraqi army and many in the West were wondering what stuff the Iraqi army was made of after the US and UK and others had invested time and money in training and equipping the Iraqi armed forces to battle Islamic State itself instead of relying on Western forces which is also the scenario in Afghanistan with the Taliban.

The re - capture of Ramadi in Iraq's Anbar Province was backed up by Coalition air support and a spokesperson for the Iraqi armed forces said it was great that most of Ramadi was back in government hands but they were not going to say Ramadi was back in government hands fully until an official announcement was issued by the Prime Minister's Office.

However in some areas there is still Islamic State resistance but apparently the Islamic State ability to fight the government forces is weakening. At first government forces were reluctant to enter part of the city as Islamic State forces had booby trapped these areas using anything they could get their hands on to make these explosive devices which would obviously endanger any government forces but also the civilian population who have been living a hellish life under Islamic State rule.

But Iraqi bomb disposal units went in and gingerly made their way through these areas and made these areas safe.

There is no real body count on either side as yet and can figures of casualties either dead or wounded be trusted in the fog of war.

The question now comes into play can places like Mosul be re - taken, the scenario that comes to mind with government forces gradually winning back towns and cities from Islamic State is the scenario in WWII where American forces gradually re - captured and liberated islands in the Pacific which took time and effort and American forces were faced with fanatical Japanese resistance but time was not on Japan's side and so the Americans though they paid a terrible price in men and material eventually overcame the Imperial Forces of Japan. So the Coalition and Iraqi forces in Islamic State are facing a similar fanatical enemy but just like the Americans of long ago they will hopefully succeed in defeating Islamic State as Islamic State forces just like the Japanese back then are on the back foot.


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