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Updated on January 9, 2012

Many think it is.

Most Americans are very happy that the unemployment rate is going down, and that the country's slow economy is showing signs of improvement.

All that goes to prove that President Barack Obama's economic policies are having the right effect on the economy, and that the employment rate is also picking up, as 200,000 individual people are hired just in the last few weeks.

If the trend continues, he will be favored for a second term reelection come Nov. 2012, and that will not be for his likability, but for working so hard to put the economy back on track, and being able to smash unemployment numbers into smithereens.

His opponents running in the Republican Party's nomination race should commend him for a job well done (although, he was still at it, and so it was unfinished), but instead of that, they were criticizing him on the campaign trail, which he has not been able to join, because of the enormous amount of responsibility that he was shouldering as president.

The front runner in that race, Mitt Romney, was saying that governments did not create jobs, and only the private sector and individual entrepreneurs did; but at the same time he was saying that he was the one, who knew how to create jobs, because of his Wall Street experience. Thus giving the impression that Obama was not serious about his recent "American Jobs Act" proposal or it was all hogwash.

Another candidate, Rick Perry, was always alluding to his efforts as governor of Texas to have made that state an economic paradise, and it was number one in job creation in the country. He would do the same to bring the country's high unemployment rate to a minimal, if he became president.

So, which should the public be subjected to, that governments did or did not create jobs?

The aim of those politicians was to build oil platforms all around the United States; an idea that many environmental scientists have condemned. Also that in addition to damaging the coastline of America, offshore drilling would present health hazards, pollution and even accidents, just as the one in the Gulf of Mexico last year, which killed several workers.

Obama's foreign policy is on the move to attract friends to the U.S., and even the Taliban in Afghanistan is considering coming on board. The war there will stop, allowing many families to see their members, who are now in the military and defending the country against terrorists, again.

Iran that is threatening to have nuclear weapons is being discouraged, to turn to doing something better, with the natural resources that it has, for its own citizens; and that is due to a U.N. resolution sponsored by the Obama administration, which is making such a turn around possible for that country.

Therefore, if the economy, on the home front, is also doing alright, and the country (U.S.) is moving in the right direction, what are Obama's opponents talking about?

New Hampshire is a great state and the people are very hospitable, but the primary there tomorrow must not change anything for them, that the country is presently in good hands, though the Republican candidates will be telling them differently.

Moreover, if the people in that state can point out one person among the Republican candidates, who will be able to do what the Obama administration has so far achieved, it will be considered as a miracle or even untruthful. Why? Because, none of them can do it.

In spite of a U.S. Congress that was determined to bring down Obama personally, he was now on the verge of the parapet in announcing that the state of the Union was strong, come January next year.

He, Obama, is going to be able to do that, not because of his charisma. He will do so for his bold ambition to get the country to go forward economically, politically and socially, with opportunities of advancement open to all members of American society.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      To realize the job numbers are not acurate, all one need to do is read the actual report. Obama has done a horrible job, problem is the Repubs are not putting anyone up there the country could get behind other than my guyt Huntsman. But he will not make it much longer. Shame because he is by far the most qualified to be President

    • Stigma31 profile image

      Stigma31 6 years ago from Kingston, ON

      Just so you know I am not American and do not live in the states. I do think Obama is a great leader as well. But the US econmy and unemployment is still very poor. There is always a big surge in jobs in December (retail) and soon most of them will be unemployed again. Unemployment rates at the end of February are always a true test to the year to come. As for the Republican reputing everything, that is true to there course. Every opposing party will try to rebuke anything the other parties are doing. Unfortunately, that is true throughout the world. The world econmy is far from on track, we are talking several more years of hardship. Obama nor anyone else can fix that. But hopefully we all will do the best we can. Voting up!