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ISIS Executes Bird Breeders for Being Anti-Islamic

Updated on January 24, 2015

It is a popular hobby of many Iraqis in Diyala under the yoke of the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL, or whatever you wish to call them. Clerics have issued fatwas, religious orders, forbidding this hobby because it interferes with daily prayers. But, many feel the real reason is ISIS needs more young men to fight and because many are turning to bird breeding to make money with by selling them at markets. ISIS have been arresting many teens, killed their pigeons, and have executed many of them if they refuse to fight for them. Many have refused and they were killed on the spot with a bullet to the head. Some of the arrested bird breeders have also been held for ransom. The more wealthy Iraqis have a choice to save their loved one: pay $1800 or bury him.

As it was in the early days of WW2, when Nazi police suddenly raided Jews in the home and taking them without warning to camps, leaving everything you have and love behind in the home, ISIS does the same. Once they learn of a person breeding birds, the seize him on the spot and to be tried under Sharia law according to their interpretation. The "trial" is much like those conducted by the Nazis, that is, you have no defense to speak of. It is predetermined and the only choice is death or fight for them, if they need you.

Since farming in these areas is very difficult due to war in ISIS controlled areas. There is also a lack of farming resources. Farming is how many make a living and since many cannot, they turn to breeding doves and pigeons. They sell them as pets and food.


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