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ISIS Got Falaised

Updated on June 30, 2016

How often does history repeat itself? I guess more often than not in all sorts of ways. Finally, the Coalition airforce in Iraq reamed the terrorist group ISIS that has been plaguing the region for years.

But, in August, 1944, the Americans were fighting another war in France and slowly slogging their way across against Nazi terrorism. When the front lines broke, the Germans, like ISIS, found themselves is a precarious situation that might surround the German army. The Germans decided to make a race to the Seine River for a defensive line, as many did, the vaunted SS troops fought a delaying action. With total air dominance, the Allied airforce sent massive amounts of fighter bombers to attack the fleeing German army that was tied to roads, due to terrain. The result was a massacre with thousands of men and material destroyed that littered the roads.

In two days after the Battle of Falluja (2016) was over and ISIS defeated, American and Iraqi aircraft caught and destroyed 175+ vehicles attempting to flee the area with troops and others in two convoys during the night. ISIS seemed to have forgot that there are “eyes” at night in drones, either that, or they were desperate to save resources like the Nazis were in 1944. In either case, the result was the largest mass kill zone. A relief organization was caught up in the mess and some eyewitnesses state that ISIS had 450 vehicles in the convoys that were forced to stay on roads. The convoy was seven miles long, which made easy target practice. As many as 250 men were killed during the strafing runs made by Iraqi Mi-24 and Mi-28 gunships and prop aircraft. American and others aircraft took out 55+ of the vehicles using missiles with night vision. ISIS also lost 1800 men during the Falluja battle.

The convoy attempted to move secretly at night through an area of Sunnis, and reports suggest the ISIS had made a deal with them to allow them to pass without warfare. Although Sunni leaders agreed, they did not keep it. As soon as the ISIS vermin started to move through the Sunnis attacked and told the Iraqis about the convoy.

This is how ISIS got Falaised.


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      perrya 19 months ago

      Thanks! Keep Reading..

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      Norma Lawrence 20 months ago from California

      Your article was very good. You had a lot of good information and it was interesting reading. Keep it up. Thank you for the share.