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ISIS' Next Target: Italy, the Nation With Blood of the Cross

Updated on February 18, 2015

America had its 9\11, France had just had theirs, Britain had theirs. The recent ISIS expansion into the Sinai (east of Egypt) and now Libya (west of Egypt) has sent shivers down the Egyptian government, home to millions of Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood. Boko Harem has been aligned with ISIS in Nigeria and controls a large part of it. But, as ISIS takes a greater hold in Libya, its leader has openly stated and warned Italy they are next.

The Italian embassy in Tripoli no doubt be first. Italy only has 5000 troops that could be deployed. It slashed its military spending by 40%. The Italian Ambassador in Tripoli stated that before Italian troops would battle the Islamic State, the United Nations would have to. But Italy receives the bulk of illegal immigrants from Libya and other North African countries and has increased by 65%. The first Italian island is only 109 miles and Sicily 300 miles from IS. Over 170,000 tried to get into Italy.

Italy has only 500 police trained for anti-terrorist activities. Italy has a policy where there rescue immigrants trying to make the crossing when in danger and just recently, smugglers and the Italian Marines battled for control of a ship carrying them after rescuing the immigrants. But it would so very easy for ISIS members to infiltrate, posing as fleeing immigrants. Since Italy attempts to rescue ships in dire, another concern is that a terrorist attack could occur during this attempt.

The Islamic State is open about taking Italy. In their October issue of Dabiq, they openly state in coming to Rome to remove the Pope. Many think it is an impossibility, but as more and more radical Muslims join ISIS in their war against the west, Italy is nervous. Its government is totally new, its president untested, the whole thing could collapse. Remember, just last year, President Obama said ISIS was a JV team and they were just in Syria and Iraq.

As a precaution, Italy has told all its citizens to leave Libya except those working for Italian oil refineries.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      Everyone is a target for ISIS!

    • profile image

      Lee Cloak 2 years ago

      Interesting hub, I've never thought of Italy as being in the firing line, very informative, thanks for sharing, voted up, Lee