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ISIS Prepares to Strike West

Updated on September 21, 2014
ISIS plan
ISIS plan
Lebanese Army
Lebanese Army

The old American saying of "Go West young man, go West" for success oddly applies to ISIS today. They have already seized a town in Lebanon of 120,000 from Hezbollah, Iran's proxy against Israel. They have infiltrated into the country and are very strong in Tripoli despite the presence of Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army. Many churches there warn that Christians will be slaughtered.

Now, intelligence and Syrian informants confirm something worse: the 6000 Islamist fighters that moved into Southern Syrian and on the Golan Heights thought to be from the al-Nusra al-Qaeda affiliated group that clashed with Israelis were actually ISIS fighters. The Free Syrian Army, who are now receiving aid from the USA, indicate that ISIS is preparing for a future advance into the Golan, an area that contains defenseless UN troops you were released in Turkey. The Israeli army sits on the other side of the buffer zone on the Golan. According to the FSA. ISIS is going into the poor villages in this southern area of Syria to bribe to get support from locals when the time is ripe. Locals have been promised food, fuel, clothes. This part of Syria is dirt poor and demolished from three years of war.

ISIS has made it known that its caliphate will spread to the borders of Israel and Lebanon. ISIS has been creating numerous sleeper cells in this area for when the time is ripe. Of course, Jordan has already clashed with ISIS a few times when they tried to cross.Their greatest gains are in Lebanon, because Hezbollah is Shiite, as is Iran. Lebanon is a mix of Sunni, Shiite and Christian, so ISIS is exploiting this.

Where is Turkey in all of this? Well, ISIS recently released over 40 hostages of the Turks and others after its PM negotiated with them. The PM refuses to tell the media what the terms were, however, the suspicion is great because Turkey has refused to attack ISIS. Has refused to shut down the entry and exit points along the border where ISIS gets its recruits crossing into Syria and goods they buy. What makes this worse is Turkey is part of NATO.



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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      Thanks and agreed.

    • profile image

      teamrns 3 years ago

      This aft/eve it was reported that air strikes began in Syria. I know that this country is war weary, but ISIS is already in the West: Why do some want to wait to commit troops to when they go to the grocery store and see the butcher-butchered? Let's fight them there, before they bring their WAR ON US-here!

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 3 years ago from USA

      The US is preparing to strike west not ISIS.