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ISIS is Crippled by a Tidal Wave

Updated on March 23, 2016

Operation Tidal Wave II vs. ISIS-Daesh

It seems like forever that President Obama has been tiptoeing around the ISIS issue, nibbling around the edges when it comes to taking on the Islamic State of Hell. Obama has certainly caused much of the problem and allowed this cancer to grow and grow from its early days. Sort of like a patient who simply refuses to believe they have cancer and thinks God will intervene to save him. I mean, Miracles from Heaven are real (just watch the movie by the same title) but God has plagued the West and America with some sort of reluctance, while evil forces are unleashed upon the Middle East.

However, President Obama’s strategy is to pinprick to death ISIS wherever they are. It is the minimalist approach and most cost effective, but it takes sooooo long to see results. Americans are impatient! Impatient because we have the capability to end it far sooner, yet, this president takes the other approach.

Finally, he approved Operation Tidal Wave II, which is a more aggressive airpower strategy specifically continuing to hit ISIS most valuable asset: oil. Why did it take so long for this? Obama’s reluctance. Finally, he saw the light and since last October, American and other jet bombers have continually targeted ISIS oil tankers (that take the oil to ports) destroying over 300 of their 400, oil field rigs (that pump out the oil) and related oil equipment. The continued pinpricks have severely cut the revenue that ISIS\Daesh made by 30%. Before the operation, they averaged $50 million a month made from Syria’s oilfields. In addition to the oil, the aircraft have been destroying the cash reserves of ISIS where hard currency is kept (mostly in warehouses and banks). Most of these are in Mosul and in just two such strikes, estimates are than some “tens of millions” up to a billion dollars in bulk cash were destroyed. Airstrikes continued to hit four more sites and banks including the Central Bank, which is the bank that surrendered $400 million to ISIS when Mosul was taken in 2014.

Then, there is the oil prices which are very low globally, forcing ISIS to sell what it can at even lower prices to attract buyers. The Iraqi government employees who work in ISIS controlled territory have stopped getting a salary from the Iraqi government and no longer can pay the ISIS taxes that contribute to their finances. ISIS is finding that the income from high taxes and extortion are nowhere what is needed. Thus, it has forced cost cutting. The worst is that all of its 18,000 fighters received a 50% reduction in pay (although, sex slaves help defer the pain).

Tidal Wave is not a Tsunami or even a tidal wave, it’s more like heavy rain causing significant problems for ISIS and as life becomes harder, defectors will grow, and ISIS presence will diminish as it already has in Syria and Iraq. Their export to Libya has only a few thousand fighters and limited to the eastern part because other groups oppose them. ISIS is more like Hitler’s V1 and V2 rockets that did little real damage but terrorized the London area. Their propaganda, beheadings, and bombings project an illusion that some massive army is coming even though Tidal Wave is making it harder and harder for Daesh.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Yes, Putin has also helped a great deal!

    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      You have rightly brought out the role of Obama in giving leash to ISI, yet you should have mentioned the Russian role. Frankly it is the Russian Bombing that has done the trick.


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